This is something I typed up awhile ago and I just never had the courage to expose it to the outside world but I've gotten over my fear (I stick my tongue out at you fear and laugh)

Okay so this may turn into a series of POV's in which each team member thinks about Brennan. That's only if you guys like it of course!!!



She's the only one of us who will admit she's broken. Of course, she wouldn't say broken because to her it literally means broken as in pieces or some such.

But as I watch her from the balcony, content and at peace with the silence, I realize she is our reason. Our heart.

Most people would respond that Seeley is the heart and she's the brains and they'd be wrong. She's the reason we are all here doing what we do. Angela's words echo in my head "She cares too much."

And she does, when the rest of us have packed up exhausted and gone home, she's here working going through case after case in limbo. She gnaws on an unsolved case until she unearths the answers.

When the rest of us have come to a dead end, worn out, frustrated, and ready to give up she stands strong determined to find what we need to move forward. So, we take turns watching her.

We do what we can for her, making sure she has coffee, fuel, anything she needs because we know she won't leave.

As I watch her and stare at Beaver's bones I realize we are a family. We are a family of broken people come together because of one woman understood by us alone. We are all changing but nothing will ever alter the fact that we are a family. She holds us together and Seeley holds her together as she, in turn, holds him.

Our hearts belong to her and her heart belongs to us. To us she is our heart and Seeley is our brain to the outside world. And together they create a whole that is our family's center, if we ever lost one our world would crumble and obliterate. Our world was cracked once when we lost Zack but our center held so we survived.

I watch her from the balcony, waiting for her to call out having faith that she can make the skeleton talk. She has changed so much from the woman I met two years ago. I disliked her with a passion then and now, well now I'd have to say I love her.


Well IDK if it was any good but I enjoyed writing it!!!!!!!! Smiles and hugs to all the beautiful people out there...the ugly ones too I guess lol jk no one is ugly just...different in appearance lol :)