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Tempe looks so much like her mother, such delicate and beautiful features. She has her mother's piercing blue eyes that can curdle blood when necessary and a caring heart. She also has rock hard tenacity and a will of iron that rivals my own. And she knows how to take care of herself.

I regret that she no longer has the easy ability to trust.

I regret that she doesn't fit her previous name sake, Joy. As a child she was full of happiness and laughter now there is no unadulterated joy. She hasn't lost the ability to smile and laugh but true joy doesn't exist on a daily basis. I regret that my choices in life were detrimental to her.

For years I was worried that she was alone in the world. I had no need to worry, she found people that love her unconditionally.

The people surrounding her love her, especially a particular Special Agent.

Angela is the sister she never had, the influence that grounds her in the possibility of a world outside of the lab and science. Hodgins is the intelligent brother that irritates and teases her. Dr. Soryan is the responsible sister that tolerates the rest and keeps them grounded and focused, she provides my baby with an authority figure to rely on but doesn't interfere. Zack had been like her child or younger brother who she had been strict with but it was out of love of teaching him. He allowed her to be a role model and teach him the proper way to do things and encourage his knowledge. He will always have a place in heart and the others as well. Even the strange therapist Sweets watches over my little girl. They all watch my little girl and make sure she doesn't become like her bones, silent and lost to the world.

Booth…Booth is her world. There is nothing in this world that can keep her from him not the threat of death, not even science. She won't admit to any of that of course because it's not her nature.

I have a scientific view of life like my Tempe but I moderate where the science centers in my life, Temperance doesn't know how. Her skepticism in love and faith twists at my heart. But she loves and has love in her life even if she won't define it as love.

I watch her in wonder and adoration. My little joy is living her life in noble manner, and it makes me proud. She's hard pressed to trust me but I'm working at her, wearing her down little by little, and her family is helping me.


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