Chapter 1; Safe


I jumped out of the yellow Porsche and ran for my life, amazingly enough I didn't trip once, I made my way squishing through the red cloaks until I finally saw the clock tower, I had five minutes left, I pushed my leg faster forcing them to go faster even though they screamed in protest, I continued running faster me heart pounding out of my chest, I pushed furiously past the crowd and I looked up at the clock tower again, two minutes, I tried looking past the crowd but it was hopeless, I continued running on anyway until I finally saw a space between the crowds, I bolted furiously towards it and as soon as I got there I realized it was a fountain, I hesitated for a moment and I heard a little gasp next to me, I looked down to see a little girl pulling on her mothers clothes and pointing furiously, I looked toward where she was pointing and I found an alleyway with a person just on the edges, Edward.

"NO!"I screeched and without thinking I jumped into the ice cold water and pushed my legs even faster and faster, I finally made it to the other side and I was dripping wet, the clock struck twelve and it tolled loudly, I stopped just at the edge of the fountain to see Edward take a deep breath and I knew what he was going to do next

"NO, NO EDWARD DON'T!" I screamed, I quickly jumped from the edge of the fountain and I started pushing my way through the crowds again, finally I reached the front and the end of the crowds and I saw Edward just about to take the step which would destroy his existence forever

"NO!" I screeched again and I bolted forward once again slamming into a cold stone wall, his arms caught me in surprise and I collapsed in them trying to catch my breath

"Edward, move, MOVE!" I struggled and I tried to push against his chest to force him backwards, useless, he stared at me in shock

"EDWARD! IM NOT DEAD NOW MOVE!" I screeched trying to break him out of his trance, nothing

"impossible" he murmured, I gasped and nodded furiously

"yes, impossible, IMPOSSIBLE TO REVERSE DEATH IF YOU DON'T MOVE RIGHT NOW!" I screamed in his face, I didn't care, I so wanted to slap him right now, but I knew it would just hurt me, he blinked once and looked over his shoulder, he suddenly growled and yanked me from the opening of the alley, he got into a protective stance in front of me

"Felix, Demetri" Edward said as calm as he could which wasn't much

"I don't think I will need your services after all" he said in a much calmer tone, I peeked under his arm and saw two hooded figures standing not very far from Edward and I, one was taller than the other and I couldn't tell them apart

"let us take this to a more suitable location?" the shorter one hissed, Edward growled but kept calm

"of course, but the girl goes free" he said sternly

"no, no, bring the girl" the other one said, I scowled softly even thought I so badly wanted to walk out behind Edward and yell 'HELLO?! 'THE GIRL' HAS A NAME YOU KNOW!'

"I don't think so Demetri" Edward replied, even though I wasn't an empath, I knew Edward was fuming

"we have rules so obey Edward" the shorter one, Demetri I guessed, said back with authority and anger ringing in his voice, suddenly Edward growled again and so did Felix and Demetri, they both got into a protective stance but straightened up quickly, Edward whipped his head to on side

"come now, behave, boys, no need for a fight" I pixie voice said, Alice came skipping beside Edward and she look at ease, I looked back to Felix and Demetri who had now taken their hoods off, Felix, I guessed again, was the taller one and he looked stern but a hint of childishness painted his face and sort of looked like Emmett, Demetri, on the other hand, his blonde hair was a little longer than Felix's but still short and he was by far much more serious then Felix

"if you haven't noticed, were not alone" Alice chided turning to face the entrance to the alleyway, there were a lot of people staring at us waiting for what was to happen next

"enough" a stern voice said, we all turned our head to see a dark figure coming our way, the figure was very small, smaller than Alice, it also had a hood on so I couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl, the hood was finally lifted and I could now see the angelic face that was by far to pretty to be a boy, red eyes and all

"Aro has demanded to see you, all of you" she said sternly at us and she turned to walk away, Felix gestured for us to go first and I followed Alice going into the depth of the alley, Edward kept close beside me

"Alice, I guessed Im not surprised to see you here" Edward sighed, Alice still skipping in front of us shrugged without turning

"well it was my fault, I had to set it right" she said conversationally showing not much interest probably because of the two following behind us

"so what actually happened" Edward said in the same tone but there was a hint of interest in his voice

"long story short, Bella's alive" Alice shrugged

"no, really? You would've never known" Edward said with obvious sarcasm in his voice, I listened in shock, Edward was never the one for sarcasm

"dummy, I wasn't finished" Alice spat at him, I was in complete and utter shock, first, Edward uses sarcasm, second, Alice actually said 'dummy', Im dreaming right?

"anyway, in summary, she did jump off a cliff but it was apparently 'just for fun' she's told me" Alice said mimicking my voice perfectly, we reached the dead end of the alley, I realized the small one, Jane, wasn't anywhere to be seen, Alice didn't stop like the rest of us and walked straight to the wall, she suddenly disappeared into blackness and I took a step forward worried, Edward held my arm though and I turned to him in confusion

"she's fine" he reassured me, we walked to the spot where Alice had disappeared and I saw there was a hole just big enough for a person or vampire to fit through, I eyed it and turned to Edward, he answered my silent question, he nodded and im sure I looked panic struck

"it's alright Bella, Alice will catch you" he smiled at me, I sighed and looked down into the hole again

"Alice?" I whispered

"right here" she called back to me, her voice was coming from waaaaaayyyy too far down to make me feel the teensiest bit better, I sat on the edge of the hole and swung my legs down, I slid in slowly until I was only holding myself up by my arms, I slid off one cautiously and my other one slipped but I quickly grabbed the edge to save myself from falling, I heard a snicker from the surface and a growl, I swung my legs in front of me to expect a wall to put my feet on but there was nothing

"great" I mumbled and my arms were starting to give in but I didn't want to let go, I dangled there for a quick second when my fingers slipped

"whoa!" I said quietly as I fell but before I could finish stone cold arms caught me, I was definitely going to have bruises later

"when do you ever not believe the psychic Bella?" she asked setting me down, I sighed

"never Alice" I said sounding like a sulky child who was being scolded, Edward, Demetri and Felix silently landed on the ground and we made our way through a winding tunnel, we had been walking for 15 minutes at a human pace and I could tell Felix was getting impatient, I dragged my legs wanting to stop but I sort of knew they weren't going to let me, I finally saw a light which mean we were close to exiting this horrid tunnel, finally we walked into a nice lobby looking room

"Gianna, tell Aro were here" Jane said, I turned and I saw the receptionist Gianna, but she wasn't one of them, she was human

"of course Jane, your brother will come to take you there" Gianna said, suddenly a small figure like Jane except a bit taller, like me emerged from a hallway, he had his hood down and I could see that he looked like Jane but with brown short hair, I stared in wonder, somehow I couldn't look away from him. Jane walked up and kissed him on the cheek

"Alec" she said

"Jane" he replied smiling, I had to hide a gasp but I knew they could hear anyway, everyone except Gianna turned to me

"are you alright Bella?" Edward asked suddenly worried, oh crap….

"uh yeah…. Sorry foods coming back up" I said forcing a cough out, Felix and Demetri stepped back, Alice and Edward rolled their eyes

"do you need anything?" Alice asked me, I shook my head, no need to make a big thing out of it

"well, Felix, Demetri, I'm impressed, Aro sent you for one and you come back with two…and a half" Alec said looking at me, I locked eyes with him for one second but I looked away not because of the crimson that would scare the crap out of anyone, but because I knew that I looked for another second, I wouldn't be able to look away, THANK GOD JASPER WASN'T HERE!

"well, no need to keep Aro waiting for any longer, follow us" Jane said taking her brothers-well, I think it was her brother- hand, Edward held me close around the waist and pulled me along with him next to Alice, and to be honest, it felt sort of uncomfortable, not right, I repeat, THANK THE LORD JASPER'S NOT HERE! We made our way through a hallway and we came to a stop in front of two enormous doors, Alec stepped forward and knocked once

"come in" a friendly voice chimed, Alec and Jane pushed the doors open to reveal a enormous and medieval hall

"come" Jane commanded at us, we walked slowly into the hall amazed, well I was amazed but Alice and Edward looked as if they had come here a million times

"Edward! And Alice too! Oh and look brothers! Bella is alive! How joyous!" a vampire on a throne said smiling, he had jet black hair and looked pale, even for a vampire, in fact, if he were human he would pass as fatally ill and about to die in about ten seconds type of human, there we're two other vampires, Alice cocked her head to one side and the vampire that spoke earlier looked at her

"oh I am so sorry, your brother has told us a lot about you" he said smiling again

"this is Marcus and Caius and I am Aro" he said gesturing to the vampires on either side of him, Marcus had long brown wavy hair which very freakishly looked like mine, his long face showed no emotion except grief and boredom, Caius on the other hand looked pure evil, like he was born evil, he had blonde hair and always had an evil sneer on his face and his red eyes shone of hunger and despise (A/N; I don't know the plural for despise so im just going to put that in), Alec suddenly stepped forwardand bowed

"master" he said with almost reverence

"yes my son?" Aro said standing up and walking in front of Alec, Alec touched his hand and Aro looked deep in thought, after a minute Edward growled loudly

"no, absolutely not" he growled at Alec, Alec looked back at Edward and gave a feral snarl, Aro broke out of his trace and turned to look at me

"Bella? Alec would like to speak with you alone if you wish" Aro said in a friendly tone, Edward growled

"no, she will not" he chided

"Edward!" Alice and I hissed at him, Demetri and Felix smirked together

"dude, listen to those two, it's for the better" Felix said trying to hold in a laugh, Edward looked at Felix

"well Im sure she wouldn't-" he started but I quickly cut him off

"Edward, you will not make decisions for me thank you" I snapped at him, he was making me pissed and it's only been what? 30 minutes since we were back together?! Good Lord! I turned to Aro

"of course, Aro, Alec and I can talk" I said, suddenly a smirk crossed Alec's face and I felt the shiver that he sent down my spine

"lovely, Alec, escort Bella out please" Aro said turning to him, Alec smirked at me again and I heard a growl from Edward, I sent a death glare towards him and he stopped immediately

"come" Alec said brushing past me, I felt his hand brush mine and I almost shivered again but I held myself together, I followed behind him and I heard Alice quietly before I exited the hall

"nothing bad is going to happen Edward I've seen it" she whispered to him, he held the door open for me and I quickly slid past him, I heard the door shut and I suddenly felt a cold hand on my shoulder, I whirled my head around to see that it was Alec

"follow me Isabella" he said taking my hand, I tried to keep up as he quickened his pace, we ran up three flights of stairs with him always holding my hand, he finally slowed his pace and let go of my hand to open a door for me, he motioned for me to go inside,

I took a hesitant step into the room and saw that it was humongous, the walls were all made of stone and there was one giant window on the eastern wall, it had a huge four poster bed which I had a feeling no one used much, a very medieval dresser, it also had a sort of study area too with papers and books scattered on the long table and couch, it also had a very , very tall bookshelf that no possible way was a human supposed to reach the top, there was also another door which probably led to the closet or bathroom, I suddenly had a feeling that someone was watching me and I turned in surprise to see Alec only inches from me, I looked into his crimson eyes as he stared into mine

"Isabella" he said quietly his Italian accent coming out slightly

"yes?" I answered just as quietly, he stared at me with a serious expression but I could see a hint of amusement in his eyes

"Isabella, are you aware of your powers?" he asked, powers? What powers? I didn't know I had powers! I shook my head just incase my voice decided to betray me, he stepped closer to me and closed his eyes

"your blood, is so temping" he said, I rolled my eyes, I've heard that before

"yes I know" I sighed, his eyes suddenly snapped open and they were filled with mischief, uh oh

"do you know what else?" he asked me, I shook my head again not trusting my voice

"you would make an excellent vampire or even more a succubus" he said, I froze, me? Vampire? Succubus? What the hell? Wait a second… DID HE JUST SAY I WOULD MAKE AN EXCELLENT SLUT?!

"are you calling me a slut?" I spat at him, he suddenly burst into laughter, I jolted backwards a step putting my hands on my hips

"excuse me!" I said, I sounded like a parent scolding a child for saying a bad word, his laughter finally died down and he walked up to me again

'no Isabella, I have a feeling that you would be a very special vampire and when I said you would make an excellent succubus I mean.. you blood isn't only tempting" he said eyeing me over, he suddenly looked into my eyes again with that 'I am dead serious so take it as a joke and I'll kill you' look

"Isabella, you are beautiful and you know it, I am giving you this because I feel that you should live for more than one lifetime but I know for a fact that Edward wouldn't let you, you must keep it a secret, not even the guard knows" he urged me, he raised his hand and put it against my shoulder, I suddenly felt an electric shock run through me, I tried to step away from it automatically but I couldn't move, I suddenly felt something eating at my heart but I didn't scream, I couldn't take it anymore, my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I fell forward for Alec to catch me.

"Bella, your ok now, your Edward has been waiting for a while" Alec whispered in my ear, I opened my eyes and felt that I was different, I stood up straight and turned to look at Alec

"what did you do to me?" I asked, I realized there was something different in my voice but I couldn't pin it out, Alec smiled at me

"Bella, I gave you what you wanted, well kind of" he shrugged, what the hell?

"uh a little explanation please?"

"Isabella, you have always wanted immortality yes?" he asked, I nodded cautiously

"well, your not quite Immortal and yet not human either" he said, I stared in shock, oh shit, I AM SO DEAD-well, not technically- WHEN EDWARD FINDS OUT! Wait a minute what did he mean not immortal and not human either? I guessed he sensed my confusion so he took me to the dresser, I stared at myself in the mirror and I didn't believe what I saw

"your skin has paled but not so much for humans to notice, vampires will notice only if they really pay attention, your eyes have also darkened a shade" he said, I touched my face, he was right, my skin had gone paler and my eyes did darken

"the change will become more pronounced but it will take some time so don't worry about your Edward noticing in fact, I think he was more interest in his 'sister' to be honest" Alec admitted, I spun around to him

"what?" I asked slowly, Edward couldn't possibly…..

"Bella, Im a vampire, even the whole guard noticed that Edward was shooting glances at Alice frequently" he said

"anything else you might want to add while I break?" I asked my voice shaking, he looked unsure for a moment

"there's more?" I asked him, he nodded

"Marcus told me…that Edwards love for you has gone almost completely and his love for Alice well, it's stronger than Marcus has ever seen" he said looking at me sympathetically, I waited for the tears but they never came

"w-why am I not crying?" I asked my voice shaking

"another change, vampires don't cry" he said coming up to hug me

"I am so sorry Bella" he said, I hugged him back, even though I barley knew Alec, it seemed as if I was safe with him.

APOV (Alec)

When I told Isabella about Alice and Edward…it was just heartbreaking to watch her expression, automatically I hugged her and somehow even though I didn't know her well, I felt like she would belong here, with me.


When my son asked if he could talk to Isabella it almost seemed as if he loved her, I heard Marcus gasp quietly

"brother, look" he said to me quietly, I turned around and took his hand. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.


I was sitting bored out of my mind until I suddenly felt such a strong connection coming from upstairs that I have never felt or seen before, I gasped quietly but no one except my brothers noticed

"brother, look" I said quietly to Aro offering my hand, he took it and found what I was sensing, he finally came out of my thoughts and looked at me in amazement

"could it be……." He trailed off, everyone heard that

"what is it master?" Demetri asked bowing in front of us, suddenly we heard two pairs of footsteps coming our way and we all knew who it was.


After Alec had comforted me he told me everything about my change, apparently my skin would pale, my eyes would darken, I would be faster, I would be able to tell who is telling the truth or not, Alec says it is an extra gift, I would have vampire vision, I would become more graceful, I would be stronger and my attitude would change faster than anything else, try remembering all that!

"come on, we better go" Alec said, I took his hand and we ran down the stairs together, we were at the doors again, the doors were already opened so we slowed our pace and walked in calmly, I looked around the room and saw Edward glance one at Alice before he looked and smiled at me, Alice was beaming, Demetri and Felix looked confused and Aro was smiling at Alec and I, I realized Alec and I were still holding hands and I let go unwillingly and went to stand by Edward and Alice, I caught Felix wagging his eyebrows once at Demetri and I glared at him

"well now that we are all here I believe we have a matter to discuss , Edward" Aro said looking at Edward, oh this should be fun.