Yo, it's been a while :) A VERY VERY LONG WHILE BUT ANYWAY

Bad news guys, sorry, I'm not continuing this story.

No, this isn't a joke.

I'm staring fresh. Soon I hope.

So, I thought I wouldn't beat the bush dead, going round and round with apologies, but I am truly sorry really, but hey, think that I'm giving you an opportunity to work out what would happen yourselves! Yaaay!

Ugh, seriously, I've looked back on what I called a story and thought 'I really wrote this crap?' You have to admit, this 'story' and poorly written, have near impossible situations like Bella having every power known to man. No, just- no.

I will be starting ONE new story, ONE. So that I can get it under control and finish the thing before I go and write any more stories and lose control once again.

So yeah, I'll be deleting this crap soon, don't hate me, be patient. A NEW STORY WILL COME, I PROMISE YOU GUYS.

Okay that's it, bye :)

xx- Bianca