Disclaimer; I don't own any of the Twilight characters. They all belong to Stephenie Meyer. However if she was willing to give me Edward I wouldn't object and I promise I would take very good care of him… No? Well at least I tried.

This is my second fanfic in general and my first one as far as Twilight is concerned. It takes place in New Moon, about two and something months after Edward left. It is not a typical; Edward leaves, Bella gets changed, story. Although Bella is not human in this fic, she is neither a vampire nor a werewolf nor a shifter. This is basically an idea that came to me while I was reading a book about ancient mythology… Well, I guess you will have to read and see. The pairings are still the same, but basically this is a story about Edward and Bella, so it is more BxE orientated. Almost all the story will be from Bella's point of view. Since this is my first fiction in first person, please tell me if some parts don't make sense grammatically and I will try to fix them. As always I hope you will enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it! (By the way, I really do love reviews!)