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"It's a yes." I stated softly as he placed the ring on my finger, right where I would keep it until the end of time. Even after that if I had a saying on the matter. I looked into his eyes as we kissed again, my heart full of bliss; full of him. As we kissed again I was faintly aware we weren't going to make it to his house for quite some time.

The hours passed quite rapidly while we were pleasantly occupied on the forest floor while sporadically in the back of my mind I heard a small voice that reminded me we would be missed. It was good it was such a tiny voice for I repelled it relatively easily, even though I could bet anything that I would have ignored even the cursed ones had they broken free and returned to extract revenge; I simply couldn't concentrate to anything but Edward lately. And, even though I knew we truly had all the time in the world now, I didn't feel any urge to stop being so concentrated on him. And, in all truth, I didn't care to mend my inability of concentration in the least.

About three hours after Edward proposed we were laying down in each others embrace on the tall green grass of the forest staring at the now clear, star filled skies above, through the tree branches. Having made sure no sentient being was anywhere near and feeling carefree for the first time in what seemed to be ages, we had lifted any concealment and the light emanating from our bodies spread a soft luminescence around us. I had the silliest smile on my face but didn't really care at all. Truth be told, it really helped that Edward's face expression mirrored mine.

"So?" He asked taking his gaze from the skies back to me. His lopsided grin was back in place and I had to hold myself back so that we could hold a normal conversation during the next hour.

"So, what?" I asked staring back at his eyes.

"Do you think they might be looking for us?" He asked chuckling lightly, extending his arm to place a strand of my hair behind my ear.

"They might." I stated still unwilling to make a move to stand up and out of his arms.

"And what do you propose we do about that?" He asked again in a slightly amused voice, steadying himself on one elbow as to be able to see me better, his hand cupping my cheek. I leaned into his touch and looked at him feigning surprise, giving him my best shot in radiating innocence by making my eyes look as wide as possible while I asked in a small voice;

"Do we have to do something?" I had expected him to laugh at my antics, roll his eyes in exasperation or something similar. Instead I saw his eyes darken with desire and my ears caught the small rambling sounds coming from the back of his throat and some place deep inside his chest. Once he spoke the words came out deep and husky;

"Love, if you keep looking at me like that I can swear to you, as a matter of fact I do swear it, that we won't move from this spot come what may." And seeing that look in his eyes I couldn't find it in me to move whatsoever. So I did what came naturally; I edged closer and placed a soft yet demanding kiss on his lips, purring with joy as he kissed back.

Soon his body was covering mine and his hands were travelling up and down my body, touching and caressing me, having once again picked up on that rhythm that thrilled me to the core. Just when the rest of the world had started fading to gray once more, a soft pull on my mind brought me, quite unwillingly, to a halt. This time Edward did roll his eyes having felt it too.

"Mom?" I asked in my thoughts sensing her presence tugging my consciousness. I felt the mental equivalent of a relieved sigh as my mother's thoughts chorused in my head.

"Bella, Edward!" She breathed out softly. "Finally! Your father and I have been looking for the two of you over the last two hours! You have completely blocked us out!" I felt a small pang of guilt at her words; thought they all knew we couldn't get hurt my parents had been locked away from me for so many years and Edward's family had just been through an ordeal themselves. Edward shared my feelings and yet either of us could regret the time we had just spent together. He had proposed for crying out loud and, above all, we needed that time alone.

"We're on our way mom." I assured her, Edward nodding in acceptance, rising up to gather his clothes from all around.

"And do apologize to the rest on our behalf." He added.

"No need to apologize, just hurry up; Ouranos, Carlisle and Emmet are all but organizing a manhunt to search for you. Esme and I are doing our best to hold them back." My mother said in a jovial tone as her words started painting an odd mental picture in my head; one that my dad, well both my dads, and Emmet came looking for us, finding us in a rather compromising position. Edward who was sharing my thoughts paused for a second to share a panicked glance. He resumed the search for his clothes in double speed.

"In that case, thank you." I mattered before following Edward's example; my jeans were especially difficult to find. With some help from Edward I finally spotted them, relaying in the sense of smell more than anything else -who knew denim had a scent of its own? Before that moment I hadn't really taken the time to notice, what with all the new scents evading my senses- on a tree ten yards from where we stood.

"Now how in the world did they end up there?" I pondered out loud, causing Edward to slightly blush to my great delight. "Oh, I see." I added giggling. He fought back his blush and raised an eyebrow at me.

"At least I didn't tear anything to shreds." He pointed out. It was my time to blush as I looked at what remained of his jacket. "Not that I complain." He added, eyes darkening again. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply trying to maintain my sanity.

"Shouldn't we be going?" I managed to ask in a strained voice. "Anyways, we have some news to brake to them, don't we?" I felt him stiffen at my words and opened my eyes to find him wide-eyed staring at a point towards the house in fright. "What's wrong love?"

"Nothing." He reassured me after a slight pause. "I just figured out I have to tell your parents." I laughed merrily causing his brow to furrow. "I'm glad you're happy for my predicament."

"Predicament? Hardly! My parents will be delighted." I didn't know how I knew it, but I was certain; even if my father had some trouble stomaching the news at first, something told me that, once he thought about it, he would see the inevitability of our marriage. Then it was my time to panic as a thought crossed my mind.

"Changed your mind?" Edward asked in surprise.

"No, I'm really not afraid of my parents' reaction whatsoever." I responded trying to swallow my newfound anxiety.

"Then?" He asked but I couldn't find the words to describe the terror that had grasped me. And in the vice of my terror I had shut down our connection disabling him from knowing what was going on in my mind. "Love you're worrying me! You can tell me anything, you know that." He said in a sweet tone gathering me into his arms.

"As I said I'm not afraid about my parents' reaction but…" I stopped my whispering to look at him straight in the eyes "…But what do you propose we do about Alice?" His eyes widened a bit in surprise once again, clearly not expecting to hear what he had just heard. Then he laughed heartily as I mock slapped his arm. "Not helping Edward; she's going to organize a huge wedding and force me into trying a thousand different wedding gowns and probably, no, not probably, definitely abduct me and fly me to Paris or Milan or wherever in order to try all those gowns and she'll pout and beg and insist to leave you behind and…" At that point Edward stopped my rant by gently placing a finger over my lips.

"Why would she want me to stay behind?" he asked surprised once more.

"Because the groom can't see the wedding dress before the wedding?" I offered eyeing him closely. Nope, he didn't like the idea one bit. "So what do you propose we do?" I repeated taking in his thoughtful stance.

"Elope. I'm thinking Las Vegas and then the Caribbean." He answered. I found no trace of amusement in his voice and, even though I was tempted, truly tempted, to follow him anywhere he might led, I felt I owed it to my parents to see me getting married. Having opened my mind to him again, Edward nodded in agreement, holding me tighter in his arms. A few minutes later we reached a mutual and silent agreement that it was time to head back.

Not wasting any more time we sprinted towards Edward's house, the woods flying by as while we run. We reached the house sooner than I had wanted and, hand in hand, we walked towards the door. I made a move to knock but the door flew open and we found ourselves being pulled inside by a frantic Carlisle and an equally worried Ouranos.

"What took you so long?" My father asked looking at me to make sure I was unharmed. He appeared a little disheveled, his hair wind-swept, as if he had been running his hands through them while he waited. I held my left hand carefully behind my back so he wouldn't see my engagement ring, figuring it would be better to tell them first.

"You had us worrying sick!" Carlisle chorused as he gave Edward a once over, apparently checking for injuries.

"I'm fine dad." Edward assured him in a resigned tone, walking towards the living room. I giggled slightly and, after letting my father know I was fine too, I walked right next to him, still making sure the ring remained hidden from their eyes. The rest of our family was waiting there along with the Denalis who looked somewhat out of place. Alice jumped up and down in joy when she saw us causing Edward and I to tighten our grip on each other.

"There you are." My mother said closing in to hug us in turn, followed by Esme.

"It was about time; what have you been up to?" Esme asked her tone light as she smiled. Many similar questions came from all around the room while I held my hands crossed in front of me, waiting for Edward's signal.

"Excuse me everyone." He said loudly causing them to stop chattering. "Bella and I have an announcement to make." I took a deep breath and disentangled my hands, finally letting the ring in finger show. It was a mater of moments before all eyes in the room focused on the large, sparkling diamond. "We're engaged. We're getting married." His words were met with a stunned silence until;

"Really?" Emmet exclaimed breaking the quiet. At that my mother and Esme, who were right next to us smiled and, sharing another look of silent understanding as they had back in the forest, reached back for another hug.

"I'm so happy for you." My mother whispered at my ear, her voice becoming muffled as tears of joy filled her eyes. "For both of you." She added turning to Edward. Next in line to congratulate us was Esme and then the rest of our family one by one, Emmet smacking Edward hard on the back, hurting his hand in the process. Even the Denalis offered their congratulations, albeit a little numbly in Irina's and Tanya's case. Soon after that they left, insisting this was a family affair; they congratulated us again and Irina apologized, never making eye contact and then they were gone.

The only one left to congratulate us was my father who eyes us carefully from the other side of the room. Then, with a decisive smile, came closer and held me in his arms.

"I had guessed this would happen sooner or later; and though it happened on the sooner side, well, I get it. Congratulations my daughter." He stated, kissed me on the forehead and moved on to hug a very much relieved Edward. "Congratulations son." Edward's response was a bright smile of joy, as Carlisle moved to envelope him in another embrace.

"Oh Bella, I'm so excited!" Alice said bouncing at my side. "We're going to have so much fun planning the wedding!" And her eyes were already large in anticipation; I knew it was going to prove hard to tell her no. Edward pulled me backwards to his chest.

"Alice I warn you; there will be no kidnapping the bride. So if you want to go shopping you'll have to limit yourself to this country. Got it?" He asked in all seriousness and I wholeheartedly agreed. The rest of the room broke into laughter and even though I rejoiced in seeing them all so carefree, the threat called my best friend, aka my overexcited pixie sister and wedding planer still loomed ominous above my head.

"Oh, come on Edward! You're spoiling the fun! Bella can't walk down the isle wearing something off the rack!" Alice protested looking terrified at the prospect.

"You should worry more about yourself than me." I told her as an idea formed in my head.

"Why?" She asked her bouncing pausing for a second.

"Why?" I repeated in mock horror. "Now I wouldn't want my maid of honor to wear something off the rack!" Alice's eyes widened even more as she stopped breathing altogether.

"You mean it?" She shrieked and then jumped to hug me not waiting for an affirmation.

"Of course I do." She pulled back slightly and adopted a thoughtful look.

"And when will the wedding take place?" She asked. Now there's something I hadn't thought about.

"After graduation." Edward offered and I nodded in agreement; it made perfect sense. "Sometime during the summer; July perhaps?" I liked the idea of a summer wedding; an image of white sand came to my mind along with palm trees and sapphire waters. Yeah, I could do a summer wedding alright. I send my imaginary wedding site to Edward who smiled lovingly in return.

"Just Alice, don't invite the whole town, alright?" I asked hopefully and she nodded shaking her head.

"I guess all of us present will come and the wolves." She pondered out loud and I nodded in agreement; so far she was quite reasonable. "Anyone from your side of the family?" To that I turned to my parents.

"Oh, we have our guests alright; a long line of cousins, uncles and aunts." My mother said winking at me. "We just have to make sure to inform Aphrodite quite soon; she's bound to want an active role in the wedding. As a matter of fact we have to inform everyone quite soon; they might want to know we're back and all."

"Aphrodite as in goddess of love Aphrodite?" Rosalie asked in disbelief.

"Well she always loved to meddle with love affairs even if she technically controls the element of fire." My father explained. Rosalie and all the others still looked shocked. "If you act like that about Aphrodite you should wait until you meet our Egyptian part of the family."

"And why is that?" Jasper asked as I laughed remembering something my father had told me when I was still receiving my powers; it seemed so long ago now. Could it really have happened only a week and a half ago?

"Because they like to go around half transformed into animals; for example Ra usually has the head of an eagle. Of course only on official ceremonies and stuff." My mother stated matter-of-factly. "Only Set didn't, at least not during the last millennia." The silence in the room was complete; the only exception to the rule was Alice who was still pondering.

"That might be a problem, especially if you want to invite your human parents Bella." She said and I gasped; I knew I was forgetting something important.

"I will of course; I just believe that they better never find out I'm not their biological daughter. Are you okay with that?" I asked looking at my parents.

"Of course we are honey." My mother assured me. "They did raise you after all; it's only fair and besides we're thankful for all they did. The only problem is they can't be on both your weddings." To that I blinked, coming up with no answer.

"Both weddings?" Asked Edward for both of us. He looked at me perplexed yet I held no answer for him this time.

"Yes, both weddings; traditionally there is a specific ceremony for marriage between gods. It's not that different from a human wedding and technically a human wedding would be the exact same thing rendering the second ceremony a typicality but," my father said smiling "even if it will be just for typical reasons, you know given our status, it gives me the opportunity to walk my daughter down the isle." To that I could not oppose. So I would marry Edward twice; I could live with that. Alice was ecstatic;

"Two weddings?" She asked bouncing and twirling all around the room. "I get to organize two weddings? I get to organize two weddings!" She turned and gave me another bone-crushing hug. "Oh, thank you!" Then she neared my parents who received the same treatment. "And thank you too!" She exclaimed. "Oh, my! Two weddings means two wedding dresses, two maid of honor dresses, two everything! I have so much to do and only four months to do it!" She turned to me again "I'll keep you posted and enlist your help when I need the details for your god-style wedding; now go play with Edward. I'm going to check some wedding magazines I have stored in my room." And with that she left the room and her shocked family in a blare of movements. What had I gotten myself into?

"We like her." My parents said in one voice, causing everyone to burst out laughing.

"And speaking about you and Edward," Carlisle began "where exactly where you during the past three hours?"

"Now that's something I would like to know myself." My father added nodding in agreement. And I thought they had forgotten. Oups.

"Yeah!" Emmet exclaimed. "And didn't Edward used to have a jacket last time I saw him?" Then his eyes widened and a sly grin appeared in his face. "Oh, now I get it…" Next thing he knew he was completely soaked with cold water, a polite gesture from both me and Edward. "That's starting to get so not cool." Emmet muttered as everyone but my dad laughed.

"On second thought I don't want to know." My father resolved, slightly pouting. "And I wish to never talk about that subject again. Ever." That statement only made everyone laugh louder as my father sulked walking next to my mother who patted him on his shoulder; it only made him sulk more since she hadn't stopped laughing at the time.

The rest of the night passed with laughter and I even got around to play a game on Wii against Emmet. After I wan he kept bugging me for a rematch. Alice made some sporadic appearances showing me magazines filled with dresses and flowers; I just nodded from time to time. I had a private conversation with my mother sometime during the night over something that I remembered she had said in the past, noting to share the information with Edward once we were alone.

In the morning light Edward and I temporarily bid our family goodbye, as we had to break the news to Charlie; after his first shock at seeing Edward and an attempt to throw him out of the house, he agreed to sit and hear us out. Knowing he couldn't tell the truth Edward opted on saying that he always loved me and the extent of how strong his feelings were scared him so he decided to go. Most of the rest was the truth; he explained he was miserable while he was away, that he couldn't do anything without thinking of me and that he still loved me. By the time he got around to tell him we were to be engaged the sincerity that rang in each syllable when he spoke of his love for me had placated Charlie enough to agree; his terms, after we explained we would wait until after graduation were going to college -something that I hadn't thought in a while- and tell Renee. She was shocked, but did admit to have expected it.

Afternoon found us near the reservation; we had opted on thanking the wolves in private, since I was still feeling guilty for lying. Edward came along partly because he had always wanted to see the reservation in person but mostly because he simply denied leaving my side.

I knocked on Jacob's door and we took a step backwards waiting for a response; Billy was the one to open the door. His eyes widened in surprise when we greeted him.

"So, a goddess huh?" He asked.

"Yup." I stated not knowing what else to say.

"And a princess?"

"Don't remind me." I sighed as Edward laughed gaining a grin from Billy. "Is Jacob around?" I asked noticing I couldn't hear his heartbeat in the house. As a matter of fact I could only hear a bunch of levitated heartbeats somewhere west from Jacob's house along with a single human heart.

"Nah, kid's at Emily's place. Just around the corner; he's there along with the whole pack." He said and pointed towards the direction of the heartbeats.

"Emily?" I asked remembering the name in Sam's thoughts. "Sam's imprint?" Billy looked at me surprised.

"You really are a goddess aren't you?" He asked in wonder. In response I simply allowed my eyes to shine golden instead of the brown I used to conceal my identity. He chuckled and we waved him goodbye. Emily's house turned out to be quite isolated so, ensuring the only ones in the area were the wolves and Emily let our normal shine on and walked towards the house; we heard laughter from inside that stopped as they caught our scent and Edward knocked the door. Jacob was the one to answer.

"I hope we're not interrupting anything." I said as Jacob moved over to let us in.

"No we just finished eating. Come in." We moved inside the house making them all a little startled with how we looked.

"Oh come on guys! I'm still the same Bella that made you dinner last week remember?" I asked smiling, relaxing them a little.

"And I'm still the guy you wanted to hunt down and burn to pieces." Edward added joyfully. "But I rather you would forget that." He added causing them to laugh, breaking the ice for good. I silently thanked him as the woman who I guessed was Emily moved to greet us; she was slim, tall and beautiful if you excepted the scars on her face; scars that seemed very much like werewolf claw marks.

"Nice to finally meet you." She said looking appreciatively at Edward. Something told me I would never get used to that even after a thousand years. "I'm Emily."

"I'm Bella and that's Edward." I said trying to keep my possessive feelings over my fiancée at bay. That was when Leah noticed the ring on my finger.

"You're getting married?" She asked in shock. I nodded yes and Edward simply smiled.

"Didn't lose any time did you?" Sam said congratulating Edward.

"I don't believe you can blame me for hurrying." He responded chuckling lightly, his velvet voice putting a smile even on Leah's and Jacob's faces.

"Believe me Edward, none of us is." Embry said laughing too.

"And especially not me." Sam added pulling Emily in for a hug, kissing her scars adoringly. I could feel the love shinning through them although it was somewhat tainted from an underlining wave of guilt from Sam; with a start I made the connection. Sam was the one responsible for Emily's scars. Suddenly, an idea was born in my head. I turned towards the table and saw a knife; I grasped it faintly noticing everybody was staring at me.

"Love what are you doing?" Edward asked bewildered.

"Have I ever told you our blood has healing properties?" I asked Edward through our connection. "I understand we can't use it all the time, but everyone here already knows what we are. Plus, I owe it to Sam." Edward looked confused for a second until he made the connection too. Then he smiled encouragingly as I lifted the knife. I somehow knew exactly what to do as I tightened my grasp on the knife and cut a thin line on my left hand. I heard everyone gasp as the shinny gold liquid that was my blood oozed and pooled in my palm.

"Bella what are you doing? I thought you couldn't get hurt!" Jacob exclaimed as everybody gasped.

"I can't." I answered cryptically as I moved towards Emily. "Trust me." I simply said and, on pure instinct, touched her scarred cheek with my palm. The moment I moved away, the blood that was left in my palm withdrew back in my hand on its own and the wound disappeared as if it was never there. Instantly I felt that spot was indestructible once more.

At the same time the blood I had left on Emily's cheek started concentrating over her scars, shining slightly white. Then a thick white smoke started emitting from the scars and a strong scent of flowers, my scent, spread in the room. I noticed that the knife with which I had cut my hand, and as a result had some blood on it too, was also covered in smoke as my blood seemed to evaporate. When the smoke dispersed another round of gasps echoed in the small room. Emily's face was left beautiful and unmarred like it was before she was injured.

She lifted her hand to touch her cheek and, once she did, tears flowed down her eyes. She looked at me unable to speak, but went to hug me nonetheless. Sam was next in line.

"Thank you." He simply said, unable to find better words. And, in all truth, he didn't need to.

"How can I ever thank you enough?" Emily asked between sobs.

"I believe you just did." I said smiling at her. "Besides, that's what friends are for." I added repeating Jacob's words from last night. Suddenly Seth applauded and was soon followed by everyone else, including Edward. I blushed furiously as he came to hug me.

"Have I told you I love you lately?" He asked teasingly.

"I believe it was mentioned." I answered in the same tone.

"That's not good enough!" He declared with fervor. "I believe I'll just have to tell you again; I love you." And he kissed me. I was fairly aware of the wolf whistles around but I didn't pay much attention. Half an hour lately we were ready to go. We wave goodbye and moved outside the house, Jacob accompanying us. We walked together for a while until we reached the forest line. I turned to hug Jacob goodbye and then I saw it;

A beautiful young woman, not more than eighteen years old, was standing beside a small crystal lake I had never seen before, surrounded by woods. She was almost as tall as me and was wearing a white summer dress that flowed around her in the slight breeze; I could tell she was a goddess from the white and gold light surrounding her.

Then I started noticing different things; for example her long hair was bronze colored, the same shade as Edward's. And in a few seconds, when she opened her up to then closed eyelids, I saw golden eyes, my golden eyes, shining on her face. And then I saw my nose and lips and cheekbones on that woman's face; and then I knew.

Before I managed to say something she smiled my way. I tried to move forward but stopped when a man passed me by. He was really tall and built, with dark skin and, quite obviously, a god. His golden eyes looked at the woman adoringly before he lifted a hand to caress her face; I almost didn't realize I was looking at Jacob.

The vision faded and I was left in shock turning to Edward who was equally frozen in place, staring at me with wide eyes. Now that was unexpected. Jacob was left staring at us worried.

"Is there something wrong?" He asked when a minute elapsed and we hadn't uttered a word. Somehow I found my voice again.

"No, nothing is wrong Jacob." I muttered looking at him dazed. "Just a vision of the future."

"Well okay." Jacob said, probably thinking we looked like that after every vision. "I should be going; see you around!" And with that he turned and left, leaving us behind to stare his retreating form.

"Let's go to our meadow." I stated mechanically and Edward nodded numbly; we ran as fast as we could and reached the meadow in record time. The yellow grass was still the same as it was a little over a week ago but I didn't notice. I just plopped myself unceremoniously on the ground dragging Edward with me. A few minutes passed in silence as we were lost in our thoughts. Edward spoke first.

"Do you think that the woman was…"
"Our daughter?" I finished his sentence for him. "Yes, I believe she was." Suddenly, in a flurry of movements he turned at me frantic.

"Bella are you…?" he seemed unable to finish his question but I smiled reassuringly.

"As a matter of fact I'm sure I'm not." He just kept staring at me; I explained. "Last night I spoke with my mother and asked her about that. She had once told me she and my father had decided to have a child only eighteen years ago and I was curious how that hadn't already happened in the past since, well, since birth control wasn't that evolved back then. She said it works somehow like our powers; first of all no goddess can have a child unless she has found her soul mate and no god can father a child unless he has found his. And even after that they only have a child when their ready and have consciously chosen to have one." I waited until he comprehended what I had said.

"So that vision might come from anytime in the future?" He asked.


"So, our daughter and Jacob?" He asked his eyes widening.

"I admit it will be weird." I said pondering the whole situation. "But you must acknowledge she could do far, way far, worse. And besides, we won't really have a saying on the matter." I reminded him. We fell into silence for a few more minutes.

"A daughter." He finally said reverently pulling me in his arms. "I had never thought about it, after all those years as a vampire but now… Wow." He added chuckling in utter bliss as I joined him. I knew I wasn't ready for a child just yet but the prospect of a family with Edward just didn't seem as intimidating as I thought it would. We spent that night in our meadow.

Next morning came faster than I would have wanted, but I rejoiced in seeing my parents. We had agreed not to share our vision with anyone so the morning passed in perfect family harmony with the notable exception of Alice who had bought a tone of new wedding magazines and jumped around with giddiness in every new dress she liked.

Sometime in the afternoon my parents decided to start spreading the rumor of their return around; with that purpose they left till nightfall. Edward and I retreated at my house. It was around four that my phone rang; surprisingly it was Angela. There was some kind of party at Tyler's and she said I was invited. I said I wasn't sure I was going to make it and after some pleading, we hung up.

"You know love, I actually think we should both go." I stared at him in disbelief; had he just said what I think he did? "No, really, I do. It will save us a lot of surprised stares and gossip tomorrow at school." Right; school. There was that too.

"I don't know; they're bound to gossip once they found out we're engaged." That and I didn't want Edward near those crazed girls from school.

"Still, they will have a warning. Besides, I want those deranged boys from school to know we're engaged." He sounded terribly possessive and to boot that he pulled me closer, which was quite an achievement on its own. I laughed at his antics.

"Really Edward, there's no comparison. And I love you." I stated and turned to kiss him; still the idea of letting every girl in town know he was mine was quite appealing. Before I knew it he had flown back to his house to find something to wear as I was searching my closet for a dress Angela has persuaded me into buying. I bought it believing I would never wear it, but it was perfect for what I needed it. I heard Edward flying through the window as I finished styling my hair. I stood out from the bathroom to welcome him back only to find myself staring;

He was wearing black pants and a white shirt paired with a black vest and a black jacket. His shirt's top two buttons were undone and I suddenly felt the urge to take the whole thing off him. The party could wait. He was the one to break the silence first.

"You look..." He started and walked to me like a man in a dream. "You look just… perfect, breathtaking, divine… beautiful." He whispered between kisses. His hands roamed downwards over my black dress; it was really fitting and made out mostly of lace, made in a way that, even though covered my body, allowed some cleavage and my waist to show clearly through the black lace. I had done my hair up leaving a few strands of long silky hair fanning my face. I had no jewelry on but my ring. "I will have to fight your admirers off all night." He said placing his forehead on mine.

"At least it will keep you occupied while I'll be busy chasing your fan club away." I said sighing. He chucked and took my hand. That was when I noticed he had brought a small suitcase with him. I looked at him questioningly and he shrugged his shoulders saying;

"I spent so much time here I figured I should have some of my clothes with me just in case something, like this party, shows up. Plus it would save me the morning trip back to my house before school" I smiled and kissed him again as we made our way towards the garage.

We reached the party fifteen minutes later and forced everybody to silence the moment we walked in. Pretending not to notice, I neared Angela and greeted her, Edward doing the same. I was right in my estimation that I would have to fend off angry fan girls all night and Edward was right in his estimation that he would have to keep my so called admirers at bay.

Lauren and Jessica seemed to try to take Edward from my side as, now that he was spared the temptation of human blood, was more talkative, even if still somehow distant. That of course only worked as magnet for more girls to gather around him. It took all my strength to convince myself mass murder was indeed a bad thing.

The news of our engagement hit them like a bomb shell and my ring was openly stared at. We left the party sooner that most of the guests, inwardly laughing at their faces as we made our exit. If anyone had told me a year ago, I would have never believed gossip would leave me so much uninterested. I even found it amusing now that Edward was here.

We reached my house around twelve and hastily made our way towards my room. A part of my mind wondered at everything the future had in store for us. There was going to be a wedding in the future, two to be exact, my family happy and whole at last, my friends and somewhere in the future a daughter and so many other things, small or big, still unknown to me. But most importantly there would be me and Edward, finally together with nothing clouding over us. And as we kissed I knew that was all I wanted, all I needed. Now and forever.

-The End-