Ten Things I Learned From Playing The Oneechanbara

Never shows this game to your girlfriend or mom, because they would be mad of the fact seeing you controlling a half naked samurai girl instead of the fact that they see a girl in bikini running around killing zombies.

A lot of gamers debated till the end of eternity when Jill Valentine wore a no bra tube top and a mini skirt at Resident Evil 3. But, everyone seems just fine seeing a girl with lot more revealing clothes in bloodbath.

Even though Aya wears a bikini while fighting, no one in the game series seems to care why or at least ask a reason. The reason of this 'phenomena' is currently unknown, but keep in mind if something goes for too long it would become normal. The series have lasted six games anyway.

Aya was actually planning to have a tan in Hawai during the first game, a tan in Mexico during the second, and a tan in Rio during the third. But because zombies were running on the loose all the time, she thinks why not have tanning and killing zombies at the same time?

The bigger mystery than "Why does Aya have to wear bikini when she kills zombies?" is "Why does Aya keep planning to have a tan all the time?"

Seeing how she dresses (to a degree) in the series, Aya prefers wearing red bikinis all the time. One should start wondering, did she get those bikinis just for killing zombies or for her daily clothes? Well, if you consider bikini as a cloth that is...

Despite being a real knockout at the age of 21, Aya looks like a tight virgin.

Aya uses a cowboy hat to cover her hair from the blood of zombies, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't wear her scarf for the same purpose.

Four Henchmen in The Oneechanbara Vortex prefer following a 300 years old granny who smells like pee rather than befriending three hot young girls in skimpy clothes.

Warning : A bikini doesn't offer you a proper protection when fighting zombies. But, does that make you look hotter.