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Never forget

Bella's POV

It has been 87 long and rememberable years since that day my life changed forever when the "Cullen's" decided to leave Forks. I could never forget or forgive any of the Cullen's the pain they had caused me to go through when their son "EDWARD CULLEN" decided to tell me that he and his family were all leaving Forks and the truth about how he really felt about me.


"Bella, I don't want you anymore."

"Because I'm… tired of pretending I'm in love with you"

"You're not good enough for me, Bella."

"You was only a distraction for me"

"I promise that this will be the last time you'll see me or my family. We won't be coming back"

~End Of Flashback~

For months after that day in the forest it was like my life had ended, I would stay in my cold dark room curled up for hours in the middle of my bed crying from all the promises they had made and broken, the lies they all had told, the pain and hurt they had caused me when they had left. I hated how I let myself believe that someone like me could be welcomed and loved into the Cullen family, I felt used only a distraction a mere human toy for the Cullen's and I hated them for it. I felt nothing anymore, empty they had killed me from inside, I was like a walking zombie, I wouldn't even talk to Charlie or Renee unless they started the conversion first, and only then I would just nod or only speak when I really had to. I was miserable I wouldn't even leave my room unless to eat or drink, go to the bath room or when the dreaded time came in the mornings when it was time to go to school.

At school I would sit alone in class just keeping to myself, when it came time to go for lunch I would find table in back of the cafeteria so I could hide and let my sorrows take me over. I wanted to be left alone from my friends, because I didn't want to be pulled into any of their little conversions or didn't like to see their stares they would be giving me if I wouldn't reply when they would talk to me. When my friends tried to talk or comfort to me I would just ignore them trying not to notice they were there. After about 2 months they all got the point and gave up trying to help me, I had lost all connections to my friends and was all alone. That's how I wanted it to be, I wanted to feel all the pain, I wanted to turn that pain into hate, I just wanted to die and leave this fucking life behind.

Then one day Charlie invited Billy and Jacob over from La Push to visit so they could watch a ball game on TV together. Charlie thought it would be a good idea to invite Jacob around to see if he could spend some time with me instead of me being left alone how I wanted to be left. Charlie wanted Jacob to see if he could talk me around into probably going to La push for a day to Jacob house so I could out of the house instead of being curled up in bed all day.


"Hey Bella, can I come in please I would like to have a talk with you…Bella are you there" I heard Jacob ask when he knocked at the door. I sat up in bed wiping away my tears trying to hide them and quickly running my fingers through my hair trying to make myself look a little decent.

"Hey Jacob, sure come in" I replied back Trying to hold back my tears.

He opened the door slowly with a huge smile and walked to my bed side and sat down next to me. I could see he was trying to figure out what to say next without saying something that would hurt me, I decided I wouldn't break the silence and waited for him to speak.

"Bella, you can't just waste your life like this anymore, the cul…" He paused as I flinched at his words. "I mean "they" are not coming back. You have to stop this Bella!! Can't you see all this is hurting Charlie and other people around you seeing you like this? Charlie can't stand watching you go through all this pain he thinks his losing you he doesn't know how to help you Bella." He continued looking into my teary eyes. I knew I was hurting Charlie it wasn't like I was meaning to.

"Don't you think I know that Jacob, do you really think I want to feel like this? It's not like a switch I can turn it off and on they hurt me Jacob and it feels like I am dead and all I'm left with is all this pain" I said crying and lent into his shoulder. I could feel his whole body tense with my words.

"Bells don't say that it's ok, I didn't mean for it to come out like that" He said wrapping his warm arms around me

" it's ok Jacob, I don't feel like talking about this it hurts too much, it only makes things worse" I said crying. I lifted my head a little to see his face I could see it was riddled with pain seeing me like this and his black eyes filled with anger from what the Cullen's had done to me.

"Bells please stop crying, I hate seeing you like this" he said hugging me a little tighter.

"Let's just talk about something else how is that car going that you're working on" I replied sobbing trying to bring up a different conversion.

"Oh my 1986 Rabbit" he replied with a slight grin "it's going good!! Dad came good with his promise and it's almost done. Why don't you come down to La Push tomorrow and have a look. I'm sure it would make Charlie happy to see you out of this room, you can just sit and watch me work on my car you don't even have to act you like it" he said with a smile.

"Ok Jacob ill come over tomorrow, I guess it would give Charlie some peace of mind seeing me out of the room for the day" I mumbled. Not wanting to hurt him if I said no.

"Sweet Bells who knows you might even enjoy yourself" He said with a wide grin going from ear to ear. We heard Billy call to Jacob the game had finished and it was time to go."Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow" he said giving me another hug and got up to leave the room.

"Ok bye Jacob" is all I could get out.

"I'll see you soon Bells, sweet dreams" he whispered closing the door I turned over letting the pain and darkness take me over again.

~End Of Flashback~

Over the next few months Jacob and I become close friends. He pulled me from the darkness and I was starting to feel normal again even started to laugh from time to time. Jacob was like my personal sun we done everything together. I started doing a few outdoor things I never would have done before but with Jacob I felt safe and it gave me the high I needed to fill the hole in my chest that caused me the pain. We went motor bike riding, hiking and cliff diving which Jacob ended up saving my life from. Then one day he started avoiding me, that is when I found out that Jacob was a werewolf and about his pack.

It was about 2 years since the Cullen's had left and my life was almost perfect again though I still some times went back into the dark spiral now and again. Then everything took a turn for the worst, Charlie got murdered by Victoria and Laurent also that's when they entered my life saving me and welcoming me into their family with open arms "The Volturi".


It was a Friday night Charlie and I was having dinner in the dining room when suddenly Victoria and Laurent came out of nowhere Laurent held Charlie in his iron grasp grip and Victoria grabbed me and threw me with force from the dining room into the kitchen making me hit the back of my head against the kitchen bench knocking me unconscious. When I woke up I was tied up in a chair in the dining room looking into the lounge room, Charlie was on the floor curled up in pain it looked like he had been beaten up pretty bad while I was out and Victoria standing over top looking down on him.

"Victoria she has come around" Laurent said standing beside of me "Oh good time to begin" she replied with a low blood lust chuckle.

"So Bella do you remember me" she asked looking at me with her red crimson eyes.

"Victoria Please leave us alone I'm begging you please" I said to her.

"Why would I? "She asked "I'm going to make you watch your father die by my hands, you let the Cullen's kill my mate, my lover and now you're going to pay" she said laughing.

"Bella do you know these people" Charlie asked in pain. "Bella what is she talking about" he added

"Victoria the fucking Cullen's left me 2 years ago, I hate them as much as you do please leave my father out of this!! Your fight is with me and the Cullen's" I said begging. I felt sick that my father was going to die because I was stupid enough to fall in love with a vampire who used me as distraction and is now gone. Now my father is being pulled into a mess that was my entire fault.

"hahaha… you don't get it do you!!" she said looking at me with a smile "you are Edwards mate so since he took mine I'm going to kill his, and before I kill you I'm going to make you watch your father die slowly right in front of your eyes"


"Bella honey this is not your fault, I love you I'm just sorry I couldn't be a better father, I knew those Cullen's was bad for you kido" Charlie said trying to make his way over to me Victoria quickly blocking his path.

"Oh how sweet a father and daughter reunion" Victory said in a sarcastic voice.

"Victoria let's get this done before the wolves come and interrupt us" said Laurent from the dining room walking into the lounge room.

"Please stop let him go it's me you want" I pleaded as Victoria bent over to get Charlie.

"AHHHHHHHH.. FUCKING BITCH YOU BURN IN HELL" Charlie yelled at Victoria as she pick him up with her left hand by the throat and slammed him into the wall.

"Oh what nice words to say in front of your daughter" she said. Putting her right hand to his shoulder and crushing it with some force I could hear the bones being crushed.

"AHHHHH… PLEASE LEAVE BELLA OUT OF THIS TAKE ME INSTEAD OF HER" Charlie screamed" Bella I love you don't you forget that" he said in pain looking at me. please forgive me I thought but I couldn't get the words out, I was in shock my father is going to die right in front of me, it was all my fault and I couldn't do anything about it.

"Now Victoria lets finish him" Laurent said walking towards Victoria with his red crimson eyes glaring at Charlie "we haven't hunted for so long and I'm thirsty" he added with a smile."AGREED" she said laughing. Victoria threw my father on the floor went for his throat Laurent jumped and went for his right arm, I couldn't do anything to help my dad then to watch them draining my father's life away.

"DAD FORGIVE ME" I screamed out "BELLA DON'T BLAME YOUrself" was his last words I heard leave his mouth.

Somehow I got free from the rope and managed to get up and ran at Victoria then 3 things happened so fast I almost missed it. All of a sudden 3 black cloak figures walked into the house one ran at me and pulled to the side of the room out of the way, Laurent fell to the ground screaming in pain then Victoria retreated running away smashing through the window and 1 of the 2 still standing at the door took off after her, the one still holding me released me and walked over to Laurent and started to rip him apart it felt good as least he wouldn't get away with what he had done. The one still in the door way started making their way over to me and took off their black hood.

"Hi my name is Jane and this is Demetri and the other that took off after Victoria was Felix" she said.

"My father Aro sent us to save you Bella, I'm sorry we was late and we couldn't save your father" she said looking at the floor. How did she know about me or my name? Why does she care? I didn't really care I wanted to die.

"Please kill me I don't want to live anymore my father is dead I have nothing left to live for" I said falling to my knees begging.

"Hmmm I would but I'm sorry little one but I cannot do that it isn't my orders, my father Aro sent me here to take you back to him alive he will decide what will become of you" she said kneeling down to looking at me.

"Jane the bitch got away, master isn't going to be happy" Felix said walking back into the room.

"Bella, we are going to have to burn down the house to cover this up ok" Jane said. Looking at my father's lifeless pail body and what was left of Laurent's body.

"Ok I understand" is all I could get out she nodded and looked at Demetri and Felix.

"Demetri get Bella and Felix cover this up I want to go home" Jane said walking out the front door.

~End Of Flashback~

When we got back to Volterra. Aro the leader of the Volturi offered me 2 choices die because I knew too much or to be turned into a vampire and join his guard. I just wanted to die but Aro wanted me to become a vampire because he could see great potential of me becoming a powerful vampire. But I didn't really care about being a powerful vampire I just wanted to leave this life behind I had nothing left anymore. Then Aro offered me something I couldn't refuse he offered to track down Victoria for me, I didn't even think twice about it and I made up my mind to accept to become a vampire for 2 reasons.

first I wanted to get revenge for my father's death and to do it with my own 2 hands. I wanted that bitch Victoria to beg for her life, I wanted to slowly kill her, for her to feel the pain that she made my father go through as he was dying and for that to happen I needed to be a vampire.

Second was that I wanted to hurt the Cullen's as much as they had hurt me, I blame them for every that happened to me the last 2 years of my human life because if they never came into my life and Edward never used me how he did. Charlie would of never seen me go through the pain and hurt I went through making him think feel like he was a bad father that couldn't help his own daughter, I would never of been attacked by James which wouldn't of brought Laurent and Victoria into my life which Charlie would be still alive, "This is why the Cullen's will fucking pay".

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