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Unexpected Mission

Bella's POV

When I was transformed into a vampire Aro, Caius, Marcus and the entire guard was shocked, I was the first vampire to have 3 abilities. First I have a mental and physical shield the mental shield I could hold out all metal attacks making all special abilities other vampires used with their minds useless, my physical shield I could hold out up to 12 attacking enemies at once. Second was telekinesis which with a wave of my hand I could throw an enemy or up to 15 enemies is my best so far out of my path or where I wanted to I could also keep them in place if needed. Third I have a power like Jane's but I could use it against multiple targets.

After Aro found all this out he started training me in melee combat also he wanted me to learn to use all 3 of my abilities at once. Since Felix and Demetri was the best fighters in hand to hand combat in Guard I trained with them for months until they thought I was ready to learn from Aro, Caius and Marcus. Training under the 3 leaders was brutal they showed me all I needed to know about being in combat and how to defend myself. Once I learned all I could about melee combat we started on working on using all 3 of my abilities at once, it was a long grilling process which took about 7 years of long hard hours of training every day but once I got use to using my powers I could take on most of the Guard at once.

I have been a vampire for 85 years and to this day I could never forget my father's screams as he was getting murdered, I prayed for the day that I can finally get revenge for my father's death. I could never really get use to the diet of animal blood like those "Cullen's" had plus with my using my abilities drinking animal blood made me too tired and weak so I had no other choice but to feed on humans. The bright crimson eyes doesn't bother me at all, I only hunted people that didn't deserve to live like criminals and other low life scum and feeding on them makes me feel like I'm saving some innocent people along the way.

Over the 85 years I have spent with the Volturi they have became like a family to me, since I entered Volterra and became a vampire all the Volturi has welcomed me with open arms and shown respect towards me, in return I have been a loyal and respected part of the Volturi Guard. Over the years that I have served the Volturi in missions the three leaders Aro, Caius and Marcus have been impressed with my service in the Guard and have made me forth in charge in the Volturi, I only to answer to the three leaders and no one else.

My relationship with the Volturi is great, Aro has become a sort of a father figure towards me since he has always treated me as his daughter, Aro and his brothers Caius and Marcus always took a great interest in my life as a vampire like my training, missions and how well I handled them. Jane and Heidi are my 2 best girlfriends we went shopping for clothes together, always talked about guys and other little gossip going around the castle. At the start Jane hated me because her power never worked on me it took her almost 5 years for her to accept the fact that no one's did, after that our friendship grew. Alec and Felix are like brothers I never had, they are always fun to be around if it would be gambling or just hang out together for laugh.

Demetri is my fiancé, he has been there for me since the start of my vampire life. Demetri was the one that turned me and stood by me through the 3 day burning and painful transformation, he was there for my grieving after my father's death, and when we went into battle he fought by my side like an over protective fool, he also helped me overcome the pain and the hate that I had from the Cullen family and somehow mended my broken heart to be able to love again. We never kept secrets from each other or broke any promises that we made.

Demetri and I scouting the roof tops looking for criminals out and about roaming around the streets and back alleyways of Italy so I could feed because we got word that there was an upcoming mission that Aro wanted me to personally take care of. Demetri and the rest of the guard feed yesterday when Heidi came back with 37 humans that she gathered while she was at France doing some shopping. She had promised them a tour Volterra and a grand feast would be held in their honor little did they know that they were the fest. Italy's crime rate is at an all time low since I became a vampire in Volterra I never feed on the innocent people Heidi had gathered and brought back to the castle.

As we were jumping from rooftop to rooftop we came to a stop as we heard a women screaming for help, I went towards the sound of the women screaming out to see what was going on. I seen a guy trying to drag the helpless women into the dark alleyway, I had to make it so the women wouldn't freak out when I saved her.

"Demetri do you think you can get that women to safety while I take care of that asshole" I asked him with a grin.

"Sure babe no problems have fun" he replied and kissed me on the side of my cheek before he ascended down and made his way to the women with one swift motion Demetri pulled the guy off the women and threw him into the brick wall of the alleyway and walked the women to safety. After Demetri and the women was out of sight I made my way to the guy that was now laying in the alleyway unconscious, when I got to him he came through and stumbled to his feet .

"Who are you sexy" He asked rubbing the back of his head."Where did the other women go" he asked.

"She is safe away from you, you heartless fuck" I replied angrily as I walked backwards into the alleyway into the darkness away from the street lights.

"Oh well aren't you a feisty one, I guess I'll have my fun with you" he said with a smile.

"Why don't you come and try your luck" I said with a slight giggle. He started to close in on me and when he was out of site of anyone on the streets I pounced at him biting right into his neck I could feel the warm blood running down my throat easing the thirst. After he was dry I dispersed of the body and waited for Demetri to return I didn't have to wait long as I made my way to the rooftops Demetri was at my side in a flash.

"How is the woman" I asked wrapping my arms around his waist bringing his body closer to mine.

"A little shaken up but she will be fine, anyways at least she isn't as bad as that guy you took care of" He said with a low chuckle.

"One less scum on the streets" I replied hugging him tighter. "Well I guess it's a good thing Italy has you going around at night fighting crime" he replied. Then he leaned down kissing the top of my hair.

"We better get back to the castle, Aro wants to talk to us tonight" I said still hugging him taking in his amazing scent it smelt like warm spices and crisp citrus. "yes I wonder what the mission he is going to be sending us on this time" he replied "well lets go find out" I said before taking his hand as we started making our way back to the castle.

When we arrived back at the castle Jane was waiting at the front doors "Bella and Demetri, Aro wants to speak with you in the throne room" she said smiling "Ok thanks Jane, do you know what mission his going to be sending us on yet" I ask curious.

"Nope not really but Aro asked me to get You, Demetri , Alec, Felix, he wants us to be all there so ill meet you in the throne room" she said running off.

"All five of us" I whispered "hmm looking like this mission we going on we might break a sweat" Demetri replied excided "well let's not keep Aro waiting you know how he gets when we are late" I said pulling him towards the throne room. We walked in through the doors Aro, Caius and Marcus was sitting in their chairs waiting for us to arrive.

"Hello Aro, Caius and Marcus" I said as I walked into the middle of the Throne room and gave a slight bow of respect to them.

"Welcome Bella how was your evening out hunting with Demetri" Aro asked sitting in his chair in the middle of his brothers Caius on his right and Marcus on his left.

" It was good Aro we saved women from this asshole that was taking her into an alley" I replied with grin.

"Great job Bella" he replied "Oh and congratulations Demetri on having the blessing from me and my 2 brother's on taking my daughters hand" Aro said with a smile and a small clap. Caius and Marcus also gave the nod of approval.

"Thank you master" Demetri said as he gave a slight bow.

"So Bella when is the wedding date set for my love" Aro asked.

"We was thinking early July so 4 months away" I said with a smile looking at my soon to be husband admiring his perfect body.

"Ahh Bella that will be perfect I want to host a ball in a few months time in your honor before your wedding. I think it's time for us to present you to the other covens" Aro replied.

"Whatever makes you happy Aro" I said happily. The only condition Aro had to my wedding is that I had to become public to the other covens before the wedding I didn't really care because at the end of the day I get Demetri forever.

"Bella what makes you happy makes me happy" he said with a smile" I'll get Heidi to start sending out the inventions for the ball to the other covens after our meeting"

"So Aro what is this mission you want us to take care of" I questioned him. Aro looked at his two brothers before standing up to talk he looked a little worried with whatever he was about to tell me.

"Well Bella" Aro paused "As you know Felix came back yesterday from a little personal mission of mine. He went to Seattle to investigate on some missing people and murder reports in the area of lately. He found out about a newborn army is being created in the area" He finished waiting for my reply.

"So do we know why a newborn army is being made in that area" I said pushing for more information.

"Well we have reasons to believe that the army will be used to wipe out a coven near the area" Caius added.

"I didn't think there was a coven settled in that area, the last coven that was staying in that area was the Cull……" I stumbled off at abit noticing Aro, Caius and Marcus suddenly look at each other.

"Aro is the Cullen's back in Forks?" I asked a little shocked. Demetri placed his hand around my waist knowing it was a touchy subject of mine and to show he here for me.

"Well we have reason to believe so Bella" Felix confirmed entering the throne room with Jane and Alec by his side.

"Bella your mission is to protect the Cullen's from the newborn army that is coming for them" Marcus said coming into the conversation.

"Marcus you got to be fucking joking? To tell you the truth Aro I would love for the Cullen's to be all killed. Nothing would please me any more than for that family to be wiped out I would gladly go and watch it happen." I said with a slight laugh.

"That's enough Bella the Cullen's are good friends of mine and it would hurt me deeply to lose them, I know all about your past with them daughter. You will put all conflicts you have with them behind you and you won't let it affect you on this mission." Aro ordered.

"I'm sorry Aro but I have to refuses this mission I will not protect the fucking Cullen's. They hurt me, where were they when my father got killed by Laurent and Victoria? I'm sorry but I will not do it" I said angrily.

"Calm down Bella" Demetri said pulling me closer to his side.

"No I won't calm down and I will not help a coven that is my enemy, and I expect my future husband to agree with me" I said looking into his eyes hoping he would take my side "Bella I do agree with you but it is our responsibility to stop this army" he replied back kissing my forehead.

"Demetri is right Bella" Marcus added.

"Bella dear it is our responsibility to up hold law and order in our world and you will protect the Cullen's from this army" Aro informed.

"Fine whatever you wish" I said glaring at Aro.

"So who is the creator of the army and how many newborns will there be" I asked annoyed. Everyone in the throne room looked at me waiting for Aro to speak.

"Last I knew the army was up to 15" Felix said breaking the silence

"For the creator we don't know who it is but we have reason to believe it might be Victoria behind it all remember she does have a feud with you and the Cullen's" Aro added looking at me carefully.

"That is another reason why we wanted you to go on this mission cause if Victoria is behind it all there will be a good chance for you 2 to settle things" Caius said with a grin.

"So Victoria has resurfaced has she" I replied "Fine when do you want us to leave for Forks" I asked. Everyone was looking at me in horror probably from the big evil grin I now had on my face.

"Well we are guessing Victoria plans on attacking in 3 days time so, it be best that you leave to night, Bella I want you to take Felix, Jane, Alec and Demetri with you and I have to ask you not to harm any of the cullen's they are very dear friends of mine and I do not wish to lose them"

"Whatever you wish father but if they get in my way I can't promise I won't hurt them. I replied.

"That will be fine, and tell the Cullen's I send my best regards" Aro said with a pleasing smile.

"Don't push your luck Aro now if that is all Demetri and I are going to our room, we have a few things to discuss" I said looking at Demetri.

Aro gave his nod to state that the meeting was over Demetri, Felix, Jane, Alec and I left the throne room together. When we left the throne room and the wooden doors close behind us I had a talk to the 4 of them.

"Ok guys we leave in 2 hours get ready we are getting the first plane out that we can" I ordered .We then went our separate ways Demetri and I headed for our room hand in hand.

When we made it into our room Demetri slid his hands down my back, past my hips, and cupped each of my inner thighs to pull my legs up and I wrapped my legs around his back in a flash he'd crossed the room to the bed. Immediately I threaded my hands in to his hair, yanking his head up and demanding his lips on mine. He answered my unspoken question by pressing me roughly against the bed, his whole body covering mine, I couldn't help the low moan that escaped my lips. His hands started fumbling with the buttons on his shirt, one, and two...

"Too slow" I growled ripping his clothes off in one clean movement as he did to mine.

His hands slid down my frame tantalizingly, making sure each millimeter of flesh received its homage. When he reached my hips, his right hand graced forward as his fingers teased the little button that wanted so to be pushed. His right hand traveled downward and hitched under my left leg, pulling it slightly up. Very gently, he pushed himself into me, he gently and began moving himself forward and backwards. I clutched his shoulders to bring his upper body back down to me, as he relinquished himself to my attempts, he sank even further into me. "Faster! Harder…" I moaned, He groaned as he quickened the pace my body arched backwards as I reached my climax and Demetri followed close behind. We held each other silently for some time, neither wanting to let go and just wanting to enjoy the moment that we just had to together.

I started thinking about the mission we had to do, about finally being able to kill Victoria and putting my father's death to rest and how I would react seeing the Cullen's again. I hated them so much and I know I promised Aro I wouldn't hurt them but I was afraid that if I seen them I wouldn't care about any promises I had made and the anger I had for them I would lose control of myself and attack the Cullen's, but if this happens I would give Victoria the chance to escape. I needed Demetri next to me in this mission so he could help me keep my mind on what I had to do, I had to get my revenge on Victoria. I looked up to Demeri's face and smiled.

"Hey" I said leaning up to kiss him on the lips "What's wrong babe" he asked he probably seen my face with the worried look on it. "Umm I have to ask you something" I paused "Demetri I want you to stay right beside me in this battle with the newborns" I said looking into his eyes.

"Of cause I will stay with you honey, what's wrong, what has got you so worried" he looked lost.

"Because my main focus in this mission is Victoria but I'm afraid that my conflicts I have with the Cullen's might tempt me to attack them as well giving Victoria a chance to escape" I said.

"Bella don't worry you have been waiting a long time for Victoria once you see her you won't even notice the Cullen's" he replied hugging me tighter. He was right once I get on that battle field all I will be focusing on is getting Victoria and making her pay.

"Demetri I love you, you really don't know how much it means to me to have you in my life" I said kissing his bare chest "and I love you to Bella" he said kissing the top of my head. I pulled his face to mine and crashed my lips to his trying to tell him it was time to go for round two.

"Come on you two we have to get going or we are going to miss the flight we have 45 minutes to get to the airport" Jane said knocking at the door.

"Be right out Jane go get the car ready, Demetri and I will meet you there" I said with a giggle.

"Fine if you're not ready in 10 minutes we are leaving without you guys" she said and took off to get the car ready.

"Come on honey we will have plenty of time after the mission for making love" demetri said kissing me "Yer I know but it doesn't seem we get enough time anymore" I said looking at his prefect body "baby after this mission I promise we will make time" he said with a big smile" You better lets go before Jane gets pissed" I mumbled.

He got up getting dressed in his black robes and I followed dressing into mine and took each other's hand and took off towards Jane, Felix and Alec waiting in the car.

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