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"A novel is balanced between a few true impressions and the multitude of false ones that make up most of what we call life." ~ Saul Bellow

Summary: Everyone makes assumptions about other people's lives. When Bella and Edward first meet they are initially drawn to each other. However their first impression of each other goes disastrously wrong, leading them to each assume that the other dislikes them. Bella's prejudices of celebrity culture and fierce loyalty to her friends leads her to push Edward, a Hollywood actor, away. Whilst Edward's past and inability to trust leads him mistrust journalist Bella's intentions. Can they overcome this to see what's been there all along? B&E AH a bit OOC. Set in London.

Chapter One


The thump of the pounding dance music could be felt vibrating in the whole room. I could feel it resonating through my body as I sat at the bar. Focusing on the shot sitting before me, I picked it up and tossed it down my throat in one swift motion, shuddering as I swallowed the clear bitter liquid. I placed the glass back on the bar heavily and swivelled round on my barstool to face the rest of the club.

It was fairly late in the evening and although there were a lot of people milling around, the VIP section of the club wasn't yet busy. I recognized the familiar notes of a song and raised my eyes to the dance floor, to see my best friend dancing in the centre.

Stunningly beautiful at almost 6ft tall in killer heels and a strategically revealing red dress she was every man's wet dream. Rosalie Hale was a sex kitten with a gorgeous figure and a personality to match. Tenacious, she could reduce anyone to tears with just a few words from her sharp tongue- she took no shit from anyone.

Out on the dance floor, Rose was making faces at me, an unspoken signal that she was struggling with the attention of males that flocked round her like bees to a honey pot. Sighing, I hoped off the barstool and sauntered over to the dance floor. She gave me a grateful smile as I worked my way over to her and started dancing. As I moved to the rhythm I felt the familiar effects of drinking overtake me, leaving me in a delicious state of mindlessness.

After a few songs, Rosalie pointed to the bar and gave me the universal drink sign. I mouthed 'water' at her and she gave me a knowing smile and headed off. After a few moments I heard a high pitched squeal, followed by a booming laugh. I looked over towards the bar and spotted Rose with her back to me. Over the crowds I could barely make out that she was talking to two men- one with a mess of dark curls and the other with a shock of untidy brown hair.

Moments later, Rose came back empty handed, grabbed my hand and began towing me off the dance floor in the opposite direction to the bar. Recognising the glint in her eyes I began resisting.

'Please, Rose, no more. I asked you not to set me up with any more men,' I pleaded my case.

'Bella. Have some trust,' Rose shot me a severe look.

'Fine,' I conceded. I knew this wasn't an argument I was going to be winning tonight. She pulled me over to a booth in the far corner and began introducing me to its occupants, who stood as we approached.

'Bella, this is Alice Cullen. She works for Moda magazine as fashion artistic director.' Rose gave me a triumphant smile, 'Alice, this is my best friend, Bella.'

She gestured at a petite women with short dark hair and steely blue eyes. She was elegant, dressed in the latest fashions but still managing to carry it off with a sense of individuality. She held out a delicate hand for me to shake, as we exchanged greetings.

'Nice to meet you, Bella. This is my brother Edward and my cousin Emmett.' Alice spoke in a musical voice and I instantly knew where the previous squeals had originated from.

I looked over to see the two men to Alice's left and immediately recognized them as curly mop and brown hair that moments before Rose was talking to at the bar. Emmett, with the brown curly hair, was the taller of the two and was heavily built with muscles straining through his t-shirt. He smiled at me with bright blue twinkly eyes.

To his right stood the one Alice had pointed out as her brother. He was tall but dwarfed next to Emmett's stature, and although nowhere near as built as Emmett he stilled looked toned. His hair which I had previously thought of as brown, was more reddish like a copper colour. His features were similar to Alice's- strong, angular, but in a more masculine way. He was absurdly beautiful, he almost looked like a figment of my imagination.

His eyes then locked on to mine, a soft green colour but fierce in the intensity of his gaze. I smiled at him in what I thought was a friendly smile until he scowled at me in return. Hurt, I broke from his harsh stare and looked to see Rosalie smirking smugly and looking amused at Emmett, whilst he blatantly looked her up and down. Alice caught my eye, glanced at Rosalie and Emmett, and then rolled her eyes at me. Smiling at myself again, I turned and addressed the others, 'Drinks?'

We were soon seated comfortably and I had finally managed to get hold of a bottle of water which I drank greedily. Alice and Rose were deep in conversation, discussing their mutual aquentences. Edward was still shooting me death glares from across the table making me uncomfortable until he was finally dragged away to the other side of the room by Emmett to talk to some bimbo with frizzy hair. Alice and Rose were animatedly talking shop which translated to fashion, make-up and such like. Still wondering what I had done to deserve Edward's reaction, I wasn't paying much attention.

'So Bella, what do you do?' Alice asked inquisitively. The million dollar question, which reminded me of the horrible day I had today.

Until today I had been employed by Vertigo magazine, a trendy weekly aimed at London's youth culture of fashion, gigs, and the arts. After being informed this morning of the sudden termination of my contract, I cleared my desk and placed an SOS call to Rose and Angela, our other flatmate, in tears. Rosalie's solution had been to dress me up to the nines in a spangled vest, high heels and skin tight jeans and proceeded to drag me to this club. I groaned and laid my head on my arms resting on the table and sighed.

'Bella's currently unemployed at the moment,' Rose chimed in.

'Rose!' I yelled looking up, 'I'm not unemployed. I'm a journalist, my contract got terminated today.' I sighed again.

'Really? What kind of articles do you write?' Alice asked.

I explained to Alice about the last few articles I had written for Vertigo. I mostly worked on the current affairs side of things but had also worked on some reviews of gigs and art functions and the like. I had even turned me hand at editing and some layouts. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to focus on yet. She seemed genuinely interested in my work and opened her clutch purposefully and pulled out a business card.

'Here. Give me a ring tomorrow. Let me speak with my editor at Moda and I'm sure they can find something for you. They're always looking for journalists with a little edge and you have a great head for a story. I think you would be perfect.'

'Really?' I looked at Alice dumbfounded.

'Really!' She looked at me as a genuine smile spread across her face. 'You're Isabella Swan. You did the report on St. Martin's College fashion week. It was good. Insightful and thorough. I'm sure there will be something for you at Moda.' I was stunned and almost speechless.

'Alice, Thanks. This is great.' Oh my god! Moda magazine?

'Brilliant,' she squealed, bouncing in her seat, 'It will be so much fun. And we can get lunch together and go shopping it would be so great...' She trailed off excitedly at the prospect of having an office buddy and I vaguely heard her talking to Rose about shopping excursions. I looked down at the card in my hands. Wow. This was amazing, who would have thought that I would meet someone who had actually read my articles and offer me a job like that. I mean, what a turn of events. This morning I was jobless. This evening I get a job interview, a promotion, no less, at one of the best glossies. Wow didn't cover it. I fiddled with the card in my hands which read Mary Alice Cullen, Fashion Artistic Director, Moda.

Wait. Cullen? I sneaked another peak over at Emmett and Edward. No way. Cullen. No wonder he looked so familiar. Edward fucking Cullen. Actor extraordinaire. Oh my god. I'm such an idiot. Leah and Emily, fellow freelancers at Vertigo were always gushing over him telling me how hot he was and following his latest sightings posted on various gossip websites. I had never been one to really follow the celebrity culture, in fact I despised it. Most of them were pathetic show-off's trying to get five minutes of fame. Ex-reality TV stars with not a brain cell between them, talentless people calling them musicians that couldn't play an instrument and wannabe actors and actresses. I just couldn't understand it why people wanted to be the centre of attention like that. I avoided anything with the label celebrity like the plague.

Why hadn't Rose said anything to me before I made a tit of myself and looked like a star-struck teenager? Great. No wonder he was giving me the evil eye when I was ogling him shamelessly earlier. He probably thinks I wanted an autograph or was going to start squealing at him. I peaked back at him, and found my eyes had met his again. His eyes seemed to bore right through me and his face flickered with some unrecognizable emotion. I flushed embarrassed to be caught staring yet again and adverted me gaze at the bottle in front of me. Oh, it was going to be a long night.