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Hey there everyone! It's been a long Hiatus, but after many life experiences, I'm back in the saddle and ready to entertain you folks once more! I'll be honest, I fell of the face of the earth, and I'm very sorry for that. However that being said, I'm glad to be back in the game and I'm ready to give you guys a real treat! I've re-written all of the chapters, and I intend to continue this till it's finished! So, without further adieux, let's get this party started!


The planet Plant was a vibrant, lively planet inhabited by a diminutive, peaceful race called the Tuffles. While small in stature, they were gifted with immense knowledge and a vast capability to learn new things. Because of their nature, they had built giant cities across the planet, and had developed advanced technologies far beyond imagination. For hundreds of years, these kind beings lived in peace and harmony… until that day. On that day, they were invaded by an alien species. These creatures were giants in comparison to the Truffles. Like the truffles they were humanoid. However this race of beings were the opposite of them; barbaric, bloodthirsty beings that craved nothing but chaos and battle. When they had first arrived on planet plant, they made a very loose agreement to mind their own business and not bother the Tuffles. While reluctant, they agreed to the union. This however would only last a mere seven years. During this seven year period the alien species, proudly proclaiming themselves to be 'Saiya-jin', had been plotting to overthrow the Tuffles entirely and take planet Plant for themselves. Unbeknownst to the Saiya-jin however, the Tuffles had been watching them and had learned of their coup de gras and had began preparing themselves for an all out war.

Tensions were high by the sixth year, and small skirmishes between the races began to occur. By the seventh year, they had declared war on one another. While the Saiya-jin were very stout and skilled in battle, the Tuffles had technology that could combat their strength. For the majority of the seventh year, they remained at a stalemate. Until one fateful night. On that night, a galactic anomaly that only happened once every seven years occurred on that very night. It was the night of the full moon. The Saiya-jin, having learned of this event, held out for that very moment; and for only one reason. When Saiya-jin are exposed to lunar rays, they take on a gruesome transformation into their true and ultimate form; the Oozaroo. These monstrous beings stood at least twenty feet tall, resembling gorillas, with glowing red eyes, sharp fangs and an unending bloodlust. The Truffles were never prepared for such a catastrophe. Their final battle was ultimately lost to the Saiya-jin, as they could never hope to defeat such horrifying creatures. Though some Tuffles remained, they would soon be killed off as they Saiya-jin claimed the planet as their own. Now the dominant species, the Saiya-jin took it upon themselves to rename the planet after their king; king Vegeta.

The Saiya-jin forced the few surviving Tuffles to teach them how to use their technology, ultimately making it their own. When they had become proficient in the use of this technology, they killed the few remaining Tuffles, and began to research and develop this technology further, using it for their own sinister desires. Over a hundred years later, a turn of fate fell upon the Saiya-jin. A being known as Freiza came with promises of great fortune and strength, offering to recruit them into his business of buying and selling planets on the intergalactic market. The Saiya-jin offered their services openly, and their new alliance with Freiza began. As this new alliance flourished, Freiza introduced them to far greater technology than they had ever dreamed of and even offered to train them and build them up to be top of the line warriors. Freiza came to learn however that he was playing with fire; the Saiya-jin grew exponentially in strength with every passing year, and soon began to realize that he was powerless to stop them if they ever decided to rebel. This fear soon became paranoia, and he began to deliberately hinder and sabotage the Saiya-jin, using his men and technology to do so.

The Saiya-jin were furious when they learned of his betrayal, and began to do just as Freiza feared. As their rebellion worsened, Freiza began to despise them. As years passed and tensions grew, eventually their struggle came to a head. On that day, a sole Saiya-jin by the name of Bardock fell victim to Freiza's treachery. In a crucial turn of events, Bardock foresaw the extinction of his entire race. He raced back to his home planet to warn his people of the coming disaster, but none would listen. Taking it upon himself to save his race, he flew into the sky to defeat him before the coming annihilation of the Saiya-jin. As others began to see the impending doom looming upon them, they began to follow after their hero. Unbeknownst to them all, the king had foreseen the ending of their race as well, and had already gone to confront this tyrant. However, both Bardock and Vegeta's efforts were in vain; Freiza killed Vegeta, leaving behind his only son, then used a weapon of mass destruction that he threw down upon the planet Vegeta, ultimately destroying the entire planet and the Saiya-jin themselves.

Freiza laughed maniacally calling out racial slurs and belittled this now extinct race, believing he had won the battle. Little did he know, there were four known Saiya-jin that survived the annihilation of planet Vegeta; these four were the Saiya-jin prince and son of the King, Vegeta; General of the former Saiya-jin army, Napa; the eldest son of Bardock, Raditz; and the youngest son of Bardock, Kakarot. Each had been absent from the planet when the disaster occurred, and had not found out until long after the incident occurred. However there was one Saiya-jin that survived that none of the others ever knew about; no one knew her name or who she was. She had left for a mission only minutes before the destruction of her planet. In learning of this disaster, she went located all the surviving Saiya-jin, and came to a conclusion. Since Kakarot was only a babe, it was her duty to raise this child in place of his mother. She redirected her course to follow him, and eventually arrived at another vibrant planet they called 'Earth'. Upon landing, she realized she was a little over one hundred miles from Kakarot. She exited her travel pod, and made a beeline for him.

After an hour of flying, she came upon his own travel pod, only to find that he was missing. Searching frantically, she repeatedly pressed scanner on her scouter, only to find that he was nowhere to be found. In her frustration, she punched the side of a cliff. Not a moment later a large boulder, about three feet in circumference fell on her head, knocking her unconscious. Upon regaining consciousness hours later, she found that she had no memory of who she was, nor where she had come from. This amnesia led her to wander aimlessly into the wilderness where she was found and saved by a young man. From that point on she would regain parts of her memory, and became a peace loving Saiya-jin living amongst humans. As for Kakarot, he was found by a gentle old man by the name of Son Gohan, who adopted him and raised him till the day he died. He renamed the boy Son Goku. From that day forth, he would go on to save the Earth many times, and became one of the strongest fighters in the universe. This story begins shortly after his ultimate defeat of Buu, and the events that would lead up to one of the most interesting adventures he would ever encounter on his long journey on earth!

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