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Hello peoples, and welcome to my new fic, Unkown Heritage. Sure it's a rather blah title, but what can I say, I'm not the best at coming up with titles unless I'm having a good day for ideas. Anyways, so the fic will take place after the buu saga, although I can't remember a thing about the last bit of it XD!! Anyway, I hope that you enjoy the story as I've got a few surprises in store! Anyway, on with the fic!


The red skies of the planet Vegeta shone a bright crimson, mixing with thick, black clouds. The dominant species of the planet, the Saiyajin, had taken over the planet many years ago. The original inhabitants, the Tuffles, were a calm race that excelled in technology. When the Saiyajin arrived from their home planet, which had been destroyed, they took over half of the planet. As years passed, the two races co-existed together until one night, a full moon lit the night sky, an occurrence that only happened every eight years on the planet. That night the Saiyajin went through a transformation to their ultimate form, the Oozaru, effectively decimating the Tuffles and dominating the planet. When a king was appointed, king Vegeta, he renamed the planet. No longer was it planet Plant; it was planet Vegeta. After their hostile takeover, they began to use the technology left behind by the Tuffles, and went from a barbaric race of bloodthirsty apes, to somewhat civilized warriors. Shortly after the Saiyajin had claimed the planet, a being known as Frieza offered to let the Saiyajin aid him in his line of business, the sale of planets on the intergalactic market. During this time, the technology used by the Saiyajin grew, as more sophisticated and powerful equipment was produced. This bond soon turned into slavery however, in which Frieza ordered the Saiyajin to do his bidding, threatening to kill them if they dared defy him. While Frieza was powerful, the Saiyajin became more and more powerful with each battle, scaring Frieza. Rumor spread of his fear, and some began to form an alliance with each other in order to take Frieza down. There was no longer a need for Freiza, as they could easily take advantage of their new technology and the knowledge of Frieza's men to help educate them in this technology. It was all going smoothly too, until that day.

That day, the Saiyajin known as Bardock would attempt to stop Frieza from destroying the planet, as the rumors of Frieza's fears had been revealed to be true. While Bardock held a frontal assault, he was preceded by the king himself, whom which wanted to receive his son, kill Frieza and return back to the planet. However Bardock and Vegeta's efforts proved to be useless, as Frieza eventually destroyed the planet, and all those who lived on it. There would be others however who had escaped in time before Frieza's onslaught. Those survivors, would learn of a sad fate. To be forever under the thumb of the one they call Frieza. The four only known survivors were the son of King Vegeta, named after his father, Raditz, the eldest son of Bardock, Nappa, the general of the previous Saiyajin military, and Kakorot, the youngest son of Bardock.

However, there was one survivor that no other Saiyajin knew of, not even the four other survivors; the single female Saiyajin that existed. She had not charted a course for any exact planet, however she began to set a course after Kakorot, whom which was still just a babe. She would ensure that he carried out his duties. However, upon her arrival, she landed in a mountainous region, and found it to be serine, and very calm. Wanting to take in her surroundings, she walked along a small trail, which she followed up to a cliff hanging hundreds of feet above a ravine full of jagged rocks and boulders. She stood quietly there, looking down at the rocks. Suddenly, she was hit in the back of the head with a very large rock twice the size of her head, and fell off the cliff, falling into the ravine, managing to land head first onto one of the rocks. When she woke up, she found that she couldn't remember anything. Her amnesia was also accompanied by a calm, serine personality. She did not crave battle, she did not wish to fight without reason, she only wished to live a happy life. Shortly after her change, she disappeared, never to be heard from again. Year after the incident, a little boy of four or five walked home with a gigantic fish. As he walked, he ended up on a country road. He stopped in the middle of the left lane, and stared at a pink vehicle wondering what it was. Of course, the girl driving it wasn't paying enough attention, and almost ran the poor boy over. This occurrence would set off a chain of events that we all love. The adventures of Bulma Briefs and Son Goku in Dragon Ball, and later on the adventures of Son Goku and all of his friends in Dragon Ball Z.

Chapter 1: The First Clue; A Bottomless Stomach!

It was a quiet morning at the Son household, where you could hear the faintest sound of a breeze wafting through the treetops and across the valley. The silence however would be broken by the sounds of two men sparring. Rather loudly too. This went on for a while before a feminine voice shouted,

"Boys, breakfast is ready!!"

"Coming mom!"

"Coming ChiChi!"

Once again, the landside was quiet. Inside of the Son house however, it was full of the sounds of grown men and a little boy gobbling bowl after bowl of rice, and bowl after bowl of soup, and bowl after bowl of anything that had been cooked up for them. When they were done, Goku, his eldest son Gohan, and his youngest son Goten, had eaten enough to clean out a restaurant. With breakfast over, and Gohan not having school today, the three boys went to the lake to go fishing. It was going to be a beautiful day, as not a cloud could be seen in the sky, though there were little puffs here and there. The sun had broken the horizon and risen slightly above it, shining over the valley and illuminating the mountainsides. While the boys fished, they had no clue that they were about to receive some company,


"Oh, that's Videl! Videl!!"

Just as he called out her name, Videl landed next to him and his father,

"My, you're up early! So, what brings you all the way out here?"

"Oh I don't know… just to hang out I guess."

"Sure! Hey, do you want to help us fishing?"

"Uh… maybe!"

"Oh common Videl, it'll be fun!"

"Oh okay, if you say so Goku!"

With that Videl joined in the fun. They continued to fish for a good three or four hours before they all began to get bored of playing in the water. It was then that Goku and Gohan decided it was time for a sparring match. While Videl wanted to join in, they quickly denied her because they didn't want to hurt her. Bad move. She got an angry look that could rival Chichi's, then she took off her wrist bands. They fell to the ground with a 'thud'. While rubbing her burning wrists she said,

"Ah, that's much better. So, who wants to fight?"

"I see, you wear weighted training cloths too! Well, that still doesn't change much! Your power level isn't anywhere near what it needs to be if you're going to fight us!"

"Gohan, you're not being fair! At the very least go easy on me!"

"Oh I gotcha'! Kay, I'll go easy!"

"Alright then, here I come!"

Announcing her attack, she ran forward, scaring the crap out of Gohan how fast she was, and almost caught him off guard. He recovered however and he began to dodge and block some of Videl's punches and kicks, which seemed to have drastically improved when she removed the wristbands,

"Wow, those punches are lightning! Man, those wristbands sure to the trick don't they?!"

"You bet they do! HAIIIYA!"

She began another furious assault, this time managing to barely knick Gohan's left cheek. Knowing she was getting the better of him, he sped up a bit and even began his own offensive. He began with a series of left hand jabs, followed by a right hand left hand combo, followed by a series of right leg kicks. Videl managed to hold him off, and took up the offensive again, though this time she seemed to power up, much to Gohan's surprise,

"Yo, when did you learn the art of powering up?"

"What, you think I didn't pay attention to you and your friends when you guys did it?"

"Well, a true martial artist learns from those above him!"

"Yeah, I guess! Now en guard!"

Gohan had no time to reply as her attacks had sped up even more and for the first time during their fight Gohan was trying. His efforts were not in vain, as he was able to dodge all of her attacks, but he was certainly surprised by the girl's fighting abilities, especially against himself,

"Wow, did your dad teach you those moves?"

"Well, he was my only teacher, so what do you think?!"

"All I'm saying is that I'm rather impressed you're as good as you are! You could kick your dad's butt from here to Siberia and back!"

"I'm glad you think so! Now no more talk, let's continue!"

Once again she went on the offensive, much to Gohan's growing astonishment. Not only did she have some stamina, it went a long way as well. Finally, after a few hundred punches and kicks, Gohan got a brilliant idea,

"Hey Videl, stop for a second!"

"What's up?"

"Let's fight in the air! Think you're up to it?"

"Uh—I-I've never done that before… uh… is it going to be hard?"

"Well, for one thing you have to control the energy you're putting out to keep yourself afloat, and then you have to make sure you're doing that on a subconscious level. Then, you need to focus on your fighting technique while in the air. An advantage to fighting in the air is that you can use all of your limbs, and not worry about falling over from losing your balance! Pretty neat, huh?"

"Sure, I guess… hey, why don't you and your dad show me?"

"Uh, sure. Hey dad, let's show Videl how to fight while in the air!"

"Oh, okay! Hold on, I'll be right there!"


They waited for a few minutes before Goku finally waltzed up looking ready for a fight,

"Okay, ready when you are!"

"Alright! Now watch close Videl!"

"Got it."

With that the two men flew up to about ten feet, and began to fight. While the fight was short, it was still over the top for Videl, who wasn't used to this kind of thing yet. After all, she had only seen it done a few times before, since she was dead for most of the fight against buu. From what she heard though, it was a very, very long fight, and the earth had even been blown up in the process! She was glad she didn't have to experience that. Now though she watched closely, trying to imagine herself doing the same thing. After about five minutes, the two men stopped and Gohan drifted over to Videl,

"Yo Videl! Time to start! You ready?"

"Hell yeah I'm ready, I was born ready!"

She drifted upwards, stopping right before Gohan,

"Alright, now make a flat plain with your energy so you have something to put your feet on."

"Wait, what?"

"Like invisible stepping stones, make a little pad for you to set your feet on so you have something to push off of when you begin!"

"Oh, I think I know what you're saying! Here, is this it?"

Her feet bent upward and flattened out, like she was standing on solid ground,

"Yes, exactly like that! Now, when we begin, you're going to push off of the energy and come flying at me for an attack."

"Okay, here I come!"

"W-w-wait Videl, I haven't told you—"


The girl went flying towards Gohan, intending to stop short of him. Although there was one problem; she didn't know how to stop. She barreled forward, unable to slow down, and Gohan wasn't ready to dodge, so she ended up plowing into Gohan, who thankfully caught her. However, they went flying towards the ground after the collision, which wasn't a very good thing. Just before they met the dirt, Gohan put on the breaks. Then he lowered himself to the ground and set Videl down,

"See silly, that's what happens when you don't listen to the whole lesson!"

"Sorry… you're right. I didn't listen to you."

"Hey, don't feel down! You were just anxious to fight in the air, it's no big deal! Now, just so you know, you're supposed to use your energy to slow you down before you meet your opponent. Well, that is unless you intend to throw a punch or a kick with that added kinetic energy behind it. Let me tell you, that would be a hell of a punch or kick, wouldn't you say?"

"Yeah, especially if it was at the speed I was going."

"Yeah, right! Well, you want to give it another go?"

"Of course! Don't count me out yet!"

"Alright! Let's hop to it then!"

With that, the lesson continued for the rest of the day until dinner came along. Videl had to decline, due to the fact that her father was going to worry if she stayed out any longer. Giving everyone a hug, she flew off in the direction of her house, while the three boys and Chichi went back inside for dinner. By the time Videl got home, her father and Buu were waiting for her. The whole way home she was starving to death, and she could hardly sustain the ability to fly. However she had made it home safely now, and she could hopefully get some grub,

"Oh hey dad, Buu!"

"Oh why welcome back my sweet Videl! So, uh, how is everyone doin' over there at the Son household?"

"They're going good. Say dad, when do we have dinner?"

"Well, our chef could whip you up something darlin'! What're ya' in the mood for?"

"Everything they can fix."

"V-Videl, don't tell me you're gonna pig out?! No, I refuse to let you eat and eat and eat until ya' pop!"

"Dad, I'll be okay. Besides, I'm starving, and you know what that means!"

"O-oh yeah, right…"

With that, the three went into the dining room, and waited for their meals to be served. After about fifteen minutes the first servings arrived. Videl, not bothering with proper etiquette, tore into her food without a second thought. One bowl, two bowls, three bowls; one plate, two plates, three plates; one platter, two platters, three platters! She was a bottomless pit, as she devoured everything that was set in front of her. For an hour she constantly ate and ate and ate, until finally she was completely and utterly full,

"Ahhhh…. I feel much better now!"

"Uh… Videl… how did you manage to eat that much food?!"

"What do you mean—oh my god!"

She hadn't realized it yet, but she was completely hidden behind a wall of bowls, plates, platters and other things. It was reminiscent of watching Goku and Gohan tear into their food just as she had a few moments ago. Once her shock was gone, she replied to her father,

"Well… I don't really know how I did it, but I guess I was just hungry! Heh heh…"

"Hey Videl, sweetheart, do you… uh… want to hear 'bout your mother?"

This made Videl freeze; she held her breath and her eyes dilated,


"Yeah, your mother…"

"… Well, if you have time to tell me, then tell me everything you can about my mother!"

"Of course, anything for my sugar plum! Uh, okay, where do I start? Yeah, I'll start at the very beginning!"

Hello peoples! So, what did you guys think so far? I've been getting into DBZ as of late and I watched all 291 episodes in about a week's time. Anyway, this is my first DBZ fanfic and I really hope I did a good job. I've got some big plans for this fic, just like three other fics of mine. I just have to find the time and the mind to come up with ideas and write them! Well, if you have anything you want to see happen, don't hesitate to tell me what you want to see, I might try and slip in your suggestion! I'll give credit of course, after all, no sense taking the credit for something that isn't yours! Anyway, please leave a kind review, and have a wonderful day!

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