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Vegita couldn't believe it; this woman was yet another full blooded saiyajin. That now made four full bloods; Junko, her daughter Keiko, Kakkorot and Himself. Was this bound to happen? Were there more saiyajin that he himself didn't know about? That also brought about the bigger question that if there were more pure bloods, just how many were there, and where were they? They undoubtedly would have been hunted down by freeza's men, but if they weren't… these questions and thousands more began swirling around in his head as he led his female comrade through the city to her 'husband'.

That was another question of his; if she was a saiyan, then how in the bloody hell did she end up with that loser Hurcule? There had to be some reason for it. He went over the situation in his head, and realized that there could have been many reasons. The most likely of them being that she was sent after Kakkorot to watch over his progress and to warn him of what had become of their home planet. That was just speculation on Vegita's part however. The only one that could have known the reason would have been either herself or the command post that sent her. Even so, he continued tossing the question around and around. By the time he had given up on his thoughts, they had arrived at the gaudy Satan mansion.

It was extremely ornate in appearance, and was very decorative; There were two gargoyles overlooking the bronze gates that lead to the courtyard, which was adorned with bushes trimmed into the image of Hurcule. The grass was pristine, and the mansion itself was a clean white color, with golden trim. To Vegita, just the gargoyles made him nauseous, let alone the entirety of the mansion in its sickeningly extravagant glory. Ignoring the intercom, he simply shoved the gates open, almost throwing them off their hinges. They swung wildly as he began walking towards the front door. The two women behind him followed cautiously. Once at the entrance, Vegita ignored formalities and simply blew the door down with a single punch. It landed on the hardwood floor inside with an extremely loud smack that seemed to make time stop. With their way un-impeded, they waltzed in as if they owned the mansion themselves and began searching for life.

The only people who were there at the moment seemed to be a young man and woman, the man with long blonde hair and a muscular build, and the woman with short blonde hair and a curvy body. Aside from them was an older man with a black afro and a handlebar mustache, and was much more muscular than the first. The older man was sitting in the kitchen eating a rather bland breakfast, and seemed to be complaining about 'stupid saiyans' and 'taking my daughter'. As the three newcomers barged in, the man stopped halfway through a bite of eggs to look. There was a long moment of silence as the man observed the three saiyans that stood before him; one of them he knew immediately as Vegita. The other two he also recognized, but it couldn't have been her; that stupid Raditz had taken her away from him. There was no mistaking it though; it was her! There was only one way to find out for sure however,

"Uh… can I help you, uh, Vegita?"

The saiyan gave Hurcule a disgusted look before looking away and replying,

"Yes, take these two off my hands so I can go back to training. The short one says she's your wife, while the taller one is her daughter. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got business to attend to."

Without waiting for a reply, Vegita hopped out of the open window and flew into the distance, leaving the two women with Hurcule. There was another long silence before he finally got the nerve to speak,

"… So… are you?"

The woman's face instantly lit up with shock when he spoke, as if coming to a conclusion. Before he could even flinch, the woman was on him like a magnet. She held him tightly, and began to sob into his shoulder. Hurcule, for the first time in 38 years, was now re-united with his wife on this fine morning. The sun shone brightly through the window, and illuminated the woman that had attached herself to him. As the realization of the situation fully dawned upon him, Hurcule began feeling hot tears of his own streak down his cheeks. Junko was back; his first wife and mother to his daughter was back. There wasn't much else he could think about right now. He didn't care where she'd been, or what she had been doing; the only thing that mattered now was that she was back in his arms, and she would never leave him again.

Vegita was halfway back to the Capsule Corp. building when he sensed the familiar group of saiyans and their namekian friend as they blasted by towards the Satan Mansion. It wouldn't be long till they got there and found the surprise waiting for them. In that group was Videl, Gohan, Goku, Goten, Chi-Chi, and Piccolo, and they were all going in the direction of Videl's in order to solve a mystery that was bugging them all. Videl in particular was curious about it, since it had to do with her. The question of why Videl's saiyan blood was suppressed for over 17 years. No one could really explain it, and no one could really understand it either. Therefore there was only one place they could find the answer; from Hercule at the Satan Mansion.

Upon arriving at the house, the five martial artists picked up two highly suppressed chi signatures emanating from the kitchen. They were unfamiliar, but they could all tell that they were saiyajin. Since they were not from Vegita or Trunks, it must have been someone else. As they landed, Videl was the first one to dash for the open door. The others followed. When Videl entered the kitchen, she saw a very strange scene; her father was sitting at the kitchen table, holding a redheaded woman. They were both sobbing. Then there was a tall red-headed girl who couldn't have been more than fourteen or fifteen watching the whole thing happen. While the others arrived behind her, Videl made their presence known to the three occupants,

"Dad! Dad, who are these two? What's going on here?"

The sobbing suddenly died out, as the woman leaped up off of Hurcule and looked directly at Videl. In that moment, when their eyes met, the realization was instant; Videl's eyes dilated, while the redhead began to spill more tears. Neither spoke. The silence was a testament to their distance; their time apart. 17 years of wondering. 17 years of waiting. All of it pouring itself into this moment, when the two of them met for the first time. Videl suddenly burst into tears and lunged for the woman. The redhead did as her daughter did and they were completely reunited. Junko and Videl, mother and daughter.

The emotions that fluctuated in the room were powerful; the intensity of these feelings showed on everyone's faces. The Son Family all watched with tears of joy in their eyes; Piccolo, though he rarely showed feelings, smiled a soft smile and gave a warm look to the reunited couple. Junko's youngest daughter Keiko watched with tears flowing like twin rivers down her face as she leapt at the embracing couple. The three women sobbed with one another, reveling in the moment of complete joy. Minutes flew by as they continued to hug and rock from side to side. It seemed like the moment would never end; however the moment came when all of the feelings and the thickness of the air thinned and became normal again. The three girls looked at one another one more time before each went to sit at the table, followed by the others.

As each of them found their different places at the table, Junko cleared her throat while dabbing her eyes with a napkin to gain everyone's attention. Glancing at her audience to make sure they were listening, she finally introduced herself,

"Well, seeing as how we have spent the first few minutes of our time together celebrating this wonderful reunion, I'm afraid introductions were forgotten. My name is Junko Satan, Wife to Hurcule and Mother to Videl," She gave Videl a warm look, which was returned with a gleeful smile, "And this girl over here is my youngest daughter Keiko," Keiko stood up timidly and bowed while saying,

"Nice to meet all of you," then she sat back down politely,

"Now then; I'll let you all introduce yourselves to me. How about we start with you young man?"

She pointed directly at Gohan, who immediately stood up from his chair and rubbed the back of his head nervously. He looked at the floor as if something shiny had fallen out of his pocket then said,

"Oh—Uh—hi, my name's Son Gohan—"

"And I'm Son Goten—ow!" Chi-Chi smacked the boy upside the head for being rude and interrupting his brother, "I'm Chi-Chi, and—"

"I'm Son Goku, Husband of Chi-Chi and the father of Gohan and Goten. You'll have to forgive Goten, he gets a little ahead of himself."

Junko gave him an understanding look and said,

"Oh not at all, I understand; it's fine. They're cute when they're young. Anyway, I'm sure you all know Videl and Hurcule, but seeing as how Keiko doesn't, why don't the two of you introduce yourselves to her."

They both gave a happy nod and introduced themselves to Keiko. After they sat down, Junko began to speak once more,

"Alright, now that formalities have been exchanged, I would like to say how happy I am to see all of you here. I'm truly grateful for what has happened here, and I believe that there was a reason for this; fate brought us all to this place on this morning. It must mean something. I'm sure it means we need to be with one another. I'm sorry, but I'm rambling on, so tell me, what brings all of you here in the first place?"

Videl's face instantly brightened and she spoke very vibrantly,

"Actually… mom… we came to ask dad about why I haven't acted like a saiyan for the last 17 years until now. Why is that? I'm sure you know, right?"

At first Junko's expression was a confident one, but as the question unfolded, her expression folded into a disappointed one. Though she hated to admit it, she didn't know why it was. After all, her daughter was half-blooded. A saiyan from her side, a human from Hurcule's side. Since she didn't know, that meant that only Hurcule knew, and that was a long shot at best; he wasn't known for his great memory. She glanced solemnly at her daughter before saying,

"Honey… I wish I did… but I've not a clue. You'd have to ask your father. He's the one who must have done something. I'm sorry I couldn't help you babe!"

Videl looked a little crestfallen by her mother's response, but it meant nothing. After all, she could care less about anything right now other than just being with her mom right now. Putting her original task before her mother, Videl glared at her father and said in a heavy voice,

"Okay wise guy, let me in on the secret; what'd you do to me that kept my saiyan powers dormant? Tell me!"

Hurcule flinched when Videl yelled out the last part. However when he looked at his wife's piercing gaze, it broke him in half and he couldn't deny her. Sighing heavily, he spoke with a touch of fear in his voice,

"W-well… to tell ya' tha' truth Videl… when you were young… you were a fighter—just like your old man, but… you were really, and I mean really strong, and you liked to wreck things a lot. I don't know why, but that was yer thing. So anyway, finally after yer mom was taken from us, I had had enough of yer smashin' things. So, I took ya' to the capsule corp. and had them figure somethin' out. Amazingly enough, they came up wit' the amazin' thing you could ever imagine; a microchip that they put into yer… uh… butt—yer tailbone! Anyway, they said that it would last as long as you were livin', so I didn't worry bout it. Guess it fell off somehow… but anyways, now that it's gone, yer back to the way you were, a… half blooded saiyan…"

It took a while to digest all of the information, but once she did, Videl gave a deathly look at her father before she jumped over the table and tackled him to the ground and began beating the living hell out of him. Everyone simply watched the chaos unfold; it was quite comical. To add to the tongue and cheek scene, Junko had joined the fray and was now kicking her husband in the stomach. By the time the two wailing banshees were subdued by their onlookers, the poor man lay bloody and battered upon the floor, unable to move. He whimpered pathetically as he said sorry over and over. It only fueled the ever growing hilarity. When the scene was finally finished, the two women returned to their seats to continue the conversation,

"Ahem… well, now that we've taken care of some long awaited business, let's attend to something more pressing."

Junko let a long silence pass before continuing,

"Now that we've established that my eldest daughter is indeed half saiyan, we need to—or at least I need to—figure out just how we all ended up here on earth. I want to know where the others of us are, and why they haven't come here looking for us. I also want to know about our origin. I still haven't been able to learn about our history. I wish everyday that I could go back and receive my memories of back then… but I can't. It just won't ever return to me. The only thing I have left is an image of a ravine somewhere in the world, and me falling down into it, and hitting my head on one of the jagged rocks at the bottom. That's the only memory I have. From that point on, nothing. I want to get my memories back, and learn about our heritage as saiyans."

The long winded speech had lost Goten and Goku, but Gohan, Chi-Chi and Videl were all listening intently. They nodded for her to go on, but she simply looked into space as if in deep thought. Finally Gohan piped up,

"Well, I suppose if we really wanted to learn about the history of Saiyans, we could always ask Vegita… but I doubt he wants to explain that kind of stuff to us. Besides, he hates dad, Goten and I and I doubt he'll want to tell any of you guys because he doesn't really know you and Keiko, and Hurcule's the loser human. So it would be a little bit of a long shot, but I suppose we could give it a go."

Junko looked at Gohan and simply smiled. After all, he had just pointed out the most obvious choice of all, and that was exactly where she was thinking of going. So, seeing as how he had confirmed her idea, she replied to him,

"I think that's a wonderful idea; I was just thinking the same thing. So, if anyone's interested in coming with me, I think the girls and I are going to go pay a visit to the king. Anyone?"

Gohan's hand shot up in the air, and his mother's followed his. As for his father and younger brother, they took a minute to realize that they were voting on something. Since Gohan and Chi-Chi were raising their hands, they both raised their hands too. Just as he raised his hand however, Goku asked,

"Wait, what are we voting on again?"

Everyone shook their head while Gohan performed a flawless pratfall. Junko filled him in, and he happily agreed to go with the group to the Capsule Corp,

"Alright, seeing as how everyone wants to come with, we can all go together! Does everyone fly?"

Goku smiled widely at her question and with a big smile he said,

"Oh don't worry about that, I can do instant transmission to get us there in no time! So, let's all go. Just grab a hold of anyone's shoulder that's holding onto me, and we'll all be transmitted to the Capsule Corp. building in no time. Alright everyone gather 'round! We ready?"

Everyone yelled our their ready, and they were off to the Capsule Corp., where they would not only learn about the history of the Saiyans, but possibly even the whereabouts of other purebloods…

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