A stranger might be forgiven for, at first glance, falling for Aizen's cosy illusion that all was well in Las Noches. A first impression was that all the Espada were completely devoted to their Shinigami leaders, besmitten enough to give their own lives to further his cause – however this was not so.

Stark remained coldly apathetic as he always had been, impervious to Lilinette's yelling or Aizen's softly persuasive voice or the promise of power, real power.

Barragan waited patiently for his chance to destroy the usurper of his throne, seething with untempered resentment and clinging stubbornly to his age-old title of God.

Harribel did not question her master. She had been given strength, and so would serve as best she could. It was only just.

Ulquiorra did not question anything at all. He obeyed without query; emotions were irrelevant. By the time he realised his vital mistake, it was already too late.

Nnoitra didn't give a damn as to who built a palace and called himself king, as long as he stood to gain from it himself. Power… that was all that mattered. He'd crush anyone standing in his way.

Grimmjow rebelled against authority as a matter of course; he had found fault with Barragan and so with Aizen, attacking perceived weak points constantly in an attempt to topple the throne. He would be the only king.

Zommari thought little of the Shinigami and other commonplace matters; his mind was constantly elsewhere, roving amongst the stars until one day he was brought back to earth with an unpleasant bump.

Szayel Aporro saw Aizen as a means to an end, a surefire way to make certain Hollow would reign unchallenged. He would never bow to a mere Shinigami.

Aaroniero was content to follow, watching and waiting and constantly getting stronger. One day he would not just be a disciple.

Yammy didn't understand Las Noches, didn't sense the power play and bitter rivalry and constant scheming that went on under the surface. All he knew was that he would follow Ulquiorra to the end. When the end came rather sooner for his friend than he was expecting, he was left rudderless and adrift and oh so angry.

Aizen knew all this, knew every single thing that happened in Las Noches down to the most trivial thought flitting across a Fraccion's mind.

And yet he smiled.

^^;; I love attempting to get inside the Espada's minds.