Finding That Which We Do Not Seek

Okay, folks. A year has passed and I've finally decided to get back into this project that I've been planning on doing for a long time, we'll say. This is a SapphirePearlShipping fic, the pair of May and Dawn. This is yuri, NOT shoujo-ai. Let me say this plainly and simply; this work WILL contain sexual content between two teenage girls and scenes between two adult women. There is no 'maybe' about it like other works of mine. I promise you, there will be action (maybe even blood). Again, I ask all those unsure about this to refer to the golden rule of fan fiction; if you don't like it, don't read it. Otherwise, enjoy this and be merry! SapphirePearl at last!

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(Chapter 1- The New Frontier)

The room, a large auditorium in the heart of Saffron City, is truly abuzz with pages running about to make sure that the invited guests received information relating to today's presentation, are in their proper positions and know an extent of the plans for the day's big announcement by the suits of the business side of coordinating.

Conversations are taking place between various coordinators, all of which rank among the best in their trade. With no one knowing why this meeting is being held, they take the time and wait for some opening statement to start this mystery meeting.

Among those sparking up a conversation are coordinators Ursula and Dawn. Previously, they were rivals of the cutthroat variety, but now at the age where they can look back on these times, learn and laugh, they find themselves in a fine position of being friends after so many years of competing against one another. People can only grow closer because of this in most situations, and the two of them are no exception.

"So just what do you think that Contesta and all of his executives have planned for this big meeting?" Ursula flat out questions the other teen.

"What do I think?" Dawn responds as she eyes the rest of the crowd for only a brief moment or so. "I believe that they are going to announce some sort of tournament. I mean, I remember when I got the e-mail from the head offices about this meeting today; I kept racking my brain over the last few weeks to figure out just what was on their mind next. We had the…trainer/coordinator tag battles that were really cool, we had the different exhibitions for the all-star contests and after that, I just remember going to Kanto and then to Hoenn and not really taking part in other tours or special tournaments. I wish we could travel, though."

"Well, that just might be the case," Ursula mentions while Dawn looks around the auditorium once again as if she is searching for someone out in the crowd. "I always hear that only the cream of the crop in coordinating tours overseas and they only do that once a year and only in certain parts of the world each year."

"Really? Ah, that sounds real cool!" she exclaims. "I mean, going to a new continent would be great and doing all of this before my eighteenth birthday makes it that much better, too." Dawn really does sound excited at the idea of possibly being a part of an overseas tour, but reserves such emotions given that she has no idea if Ursula's hypothesis is correct and she's looking around to see if another member of this so-called 'cream of the crop' is in attendance at this meeting.

There are so many people around her that Dawn can't even tell if the person she's looking for is here or not. Somewhat frustrated and not seeing any activity taking place at the front of the stage, she makes a move to get out of the aisle and check for someone she hoped worked hard enough to receive an invitation to go on tour, as well. Before she can make her way out of her seat in the middle and over to either side on the right or the left, she's stopped by one of the female pages in her black blazer, informing her that everyone is being told to head back to their seats so that they can commence with the morning announcement.

As the page tells her, "Everyone will be allowed to speak with the people around them after the conference and announcement. Until then, just have a seat. We're about to get started." Somewhat disappointed as she's been waiting along with the other invited guests for over half an hour just to hear about possibly being a part of a new project that the front office is putting together to further promote their stars.

Dawn doesn't complain or talk back to the page knowing that she's only doing her job. She just wishes that whatever happens in this meeting won't be too detail-intensive as of yet thereby giving all of these teens, preteens and some adults a severe case of information overload.

It doesn't take that long, per Dawn's silent wish. The people behind this gathering have taken their places at a table in front of those seated in the auditorium. About five folks, most of which the attendees already know from past meetings, sit down with the director taking the center seat at the table, banging a gavel a couple of times before he brings a microphone closer to his lips. "Good morning, everybody. This meeting will now come to order." Contesta's open gets the attention of everyone, given that the gavel does its job. Also, the microphone can be heard from every part of the auditorium so in just a few seconds, the pages surround the aisle ways like ushers, the coordinators take their reserved seats and the meeting begins.

Contesta opens his official remarks by saying, "I'd like to take this opportunity, first off, to thank you all for coming and accepting your invitations via e-mail or express mail from every corner of every region. We did our best to get you this information because we find that you coordinators seated here are the best of the best in contests and exhibition tournaments and have proved yourself worthy of a plan that has been in the works for the past several months.

"As most of you are already aware, an annual overseas tournament is reserved for veterans of this sport that have been coordinating for at least five years or youngsters that have shown fantastic ability even in their young age by becoming Grand Festival champions, winning tournaments of great merit and mention or a high number of Pokémon Contests in a decidedly brief period of time. Today, and later this afternoon, I shall announce a tournament unlike any that we've ever held since sanctioned contests began in the mid-19th Century.

"We've been to virtually every continent on Earth over the past several decades Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Asia, but given various agreements with the cable and broadcast companies in the west; we are able to sanction a proper three-month tour for all qualified coordinators in a summer tour of the United States of America; our first in nearly forty years!"

The announcement certainly does not disappoint. Murmurs amongst the crowd of coordinators, many who would be going to America for the very first time in their lives, young and old, have differing feelings about traveling nearly 10,000 kilometers to a brand new land of critical fans to pack several large, multi-purpose arenas and entertain people of all ages with their sport. Some are nervous about going such a distance for so long. Others question whether or not they are worthy to go that distance for the first American tour for Pokémon coordinators and others still can't wait to board a plane or boat and start making their rounds in the various American cities.

In the midst of all of these different feelings and emotions, there is one amongst all of these hyped-up coordinators that is surprisingly underwhelmed. It had nothing to do with the news not being what she expected, as she thought that a trip to America would be good for herself and the sport in terms of exposure. The fact is, though, through no fault of the directors of Pokémon contests, very few things could perk this young teen up at the moment.

Even if May was told by her peers that they thought she was a great performer and they loved working with her, that the people who rank coordinators said that she were number one, though she doubted that seriously, it wouldn't do much for the sixteen-year-old. A few recent occurrences in her life have taught her that coordinating ultimately ranks low among things of great importance to her. At the same time, however, they've left her ultimately unsure of where to go and what to do next aside from following along in the same pattern that she has ever since passing her tenth birthday.

'There's gotta be more out there,' she thinks as she hears about the coordinating directors' desire to be the new NASCAR. 'Whatever that means,' she remarks in her head. Certainly she will never fault anyone or any entity for wanting to succeed in a world where supply and demand are like commandments in the monetary and economic tablets which hold them.

Money just doesn't matter as much to May. Given that she has done her share of work to earn enough that she'll eventually head to an academy to pursue other interests outside of coordinating, it has never felt like work to her. That's not to say that given a recent shock in her life that her passion has all of a sudden become just another way for her to make a living. This experience, dating back to just one month ago, has left her rethinking everything. It has May questioning her life and wondering if certain matters that are often touted as musts in a life are truly worth it if they cause such pain to others because they are worth fighting for.


Using the Skype program on the computer to speak with her father, May gives Norman all of the details of an e-mail which she recently received from the front office that she and all other coordinators would get occasionally. These e-mails give the coordinators detailed information about matters which they should be informed about depending upon which city or region they were in at that time. Along with that, they would be apprised of news pertinent to them and dates they should be aware of during the future.

"It's probably going to be a tour," Norman tells May over their connection. "It's about that time for one, I'd say. After all, most of them start during the month of May and it's April."

"You really think so?"

"I'm…willing to bet a small sum on it," he admits. A moment of silence, interestingly enough, occurs during the conversation before Norman snaps his daughter out of it and says, "I really think you should go, May. To say very little, there is a lot on all of our minds, and the less that we focus on the negatives, the more we can think about the positives. You're likely gonna go all across America and go to all these different places where I've never gone and your brother's never gone, either. Don't you see it as an opportunity above all else? It's for you, so go out there, grab it and hold on for all it's worth. Who knows what you'll find there? It—I just have a feeling that it will be good for you to know that while I'm alone here and taking care of…proceedings that I will be fine. I get the sense that that will set your mind at ease. You think you're the only one pissed off about this?"

"Hardly," May speaks, though not really wanting to say much on the matter as the story does make her very angry right now, though for her father, she'll keep up appearances and end the conversation if the emotion takes her over…like it's about to do right now. "Dad, I should be going. I do have to get in some training before I go for dinner."

"All right, sweetheart," he concedes. While he'd like nothing more than to keep May on the line and to continue this conversation with his only daughter for fear that he might just leave and go to his bedroom and cry his eyes out in shame, he respects her wishes and requests that she, "Take care—oh! One more thing; I really think, despite what he says and how he thinks…you gotta apologize to your brother. He didn't do anything wrong, and…you nearly went off the deep end with him just because he disagreed with you."

With as much pride resting in between her ears and in her heart, she finds it hard to admit to being wrong about many instances in her life. This, after much consideration is not one of those times. "I know, dad. I just…got so pissed that he seemed not to care about this at all! This has as much to do with him as it does you and I and he's like 'No problem,' when it comes to..." Hesitating for a second, she says, under her breath, "Goddamn it. I can't even…fucking say it without wanting to tear her head off."

"What was that, May?" Norman seriously asks his daughter, not knowing that she cursed just seconds prior.

"Uh, nothing dad," she lies. "I'll apologize to Max, though."

"You're doing the right thing, princess." As Norman further explains, "Let's just be honest; everyone that goes through this handles it differently. I handle it a certain way for you and Max and you two handle it however you feel is appropriate. Just because it appears as if he doesn't care doesn't mean that that's the case. It's just a matter of how he feels he has to deal with it. Okay?"

"Okay," May answers. "I understand. Now, I really have to be going."

"All right, May," Norman concedes. "You take care and remember; one day at a time, May. Things will get better."

Shutting her eyes for a second, cursing any tears that might shed for her, May nods her head and says, "You're right. If I don't get in contact with Max first, please tell him that I said hello and that I'll personally apologize very soon."

"Will do," he responds. "Be good," and with that, Norman's feed from Petalburg goes black. May closes the program that allows her to make these calls and momentarily presses her hand to her face, while her face is down. Pride just won't allow her to break down in tears. May won't do it, especially not in this Pokémon center and not while many people are around. Quietly, she leaves for her room this evening where she can be alone to mourn her family's loss however she pleases.


"If nothing else, then this meeting is adjourned and everyone is now dismissed," Contesta speaks before banging the gavel on the table once again.

Because of this banging, May gets knocked back into whatever passes as reality for her these days. 'Oh, don't tell me that I missed the whole meeting?' May questions, feeling that she better find some way to shake herself of this or she'll miss out on something truly important. "Well, I'm sure that the pages might have some info for all of us to look over before the American tour." Getting up out of her seat and saying hello to some of her coordinating comrades of the past, she wants to do her best to get in contact with an executive or a page to have them break down the details that she missed while her last conversation that she had with her father rang in her head.

Before she can get near any of these officials, however, a voice calls out from several rows up near the stage, "Hey, May! May, wait up!" the female-sounding words sound. Turning back to the front of the auditorium, she sees one of her fellow coordinators coming up the aisle and excusing herself a few times to get to May and reintroduce herself.

For once something, or rather, someone, actually piqued the interest of the teen and gotten her to respond to something without sounding like a droning downer. "Dawn Berlitz! Well, I'll be!" she exclaims.

"I was wondering if you would be here or not, May! How've you been?" Dawn questions as she finally approaches the other girl and they meet face to face for the first time in several months. The two initially hesitate as they shake hands because Dawn makes the initial motion, unsure how to greet the other girl.

"Well," May begins, "to be honest, I haven't been myself as of late." Not wanting to release too many details at one time given that none of her big coordinating friends even know about her situation, May leaves her present situation at that after adding, "I think, though, that this trip across America should be good for me. If nothing else, it will be something new to do outside of going to a brand new region year after year."

"Tell me about it!" Dawn acquiesces. "This whole process that they put us through just to announce something like this is…it can be taxing but rewarding, as well."

"Speaking of that, I…kind of zoned out during the meeting for a bit," May embarrassingly admits to the younger teen. "I have a lot on my mind and I missed some of the details about how I get into this tournament and what not. I'm sure that the entry process isn't an automatic one."

"Oh, no problem!" Dawn says, more than willing to accommodate May. "Most of us aren't gonna be making it to America. Only thirty-two of us can go on the trip. There's gonna be a few eliminations based on the aggregate score of two appeals and a mini contest battle that we all have to go through and win. If you don't win that, then you can also qualify via wild card. We're essentially qualifying for the tournament which starts in late May. The qualifying starts in about a week and you can do the two appeals after any Pokémon contest by granting them your license, which shows that you're eligible for the tournament."

"All right, then," May replies. "Thanks for paying attention when I wasn't."

"I'd love it if you could go, because I'm going if I qualify," the younger teen admits. "It'll be a lot of fun. We could even room together just like we did at the Wallace Cup, who knows? If you haven't been yourself, perhaps there's something I can do," Dawn adds, concerned for her friend.

"I really don't know what you can do about my present situation," May laments somewhat. "What's happened recently will take time for me to get over or past."

"Was it a death in the family?" Dawn asks, fearing the worst.

"No, that's not it," she clarifies. 'Though it might as well be,' May thinks, not revealing these thoughts for anything. "Maybe I'll say something once I actually come to terms with what has happened, but…I'm not ready to talk about it at the moment. I hope you understand, Dawn."

"That's not a problem, May," she responds. "I'll see you around, then. Hope you feel better and…remember that the next meeting for qualified coordinators is on May 12th. Did you get that?"

"No, I didn't," she admits. "Thanks for informing me about that, though."

"It's no problem. Well…I'll see you around, May. Nice seeing you again."

"Same here, Dawn," May replies as she walks out of the auditorium, not speaking to anyone else nearly as long as Dawn. The spare 'hello' or 'how are you' is all that anyone else will get out of her before she makes her way to Cinnabar Island.

"Man," Dawn interjects. "She really doesn't look like herself. I wish she would come and if she does, that she looks better than she did a few minutes ago."

"Daydreaming, Berlitz?" someone questions out of nowhere.

"Oh!" she now exclaims before turning around and seeing the unexpected face of Ursula, who she just sat with a few minutes ago. "Don't do that, Ursula! You just took two years off of my life that I'm not gonna get back."

"Hogwash, Berlitz," she refutes. "You're a strong, healthy, girl…if your past relationships are any indication, I think you can handle an early Halloween spooking or two."

"Hey, shut up about that, all right?" she warns Ursula and emphasizes this by pointing in the other teen's direction. "We're in mixed company. Besides, those days have been over for quite a while. You know that for the longest time, the muscle has been beating for only one person."

"It's…crazy, though. I mean, don't you think that you've got pretty much no chance?" Ursula questions. "The girl's never been noted for being with anyone else and she's never given any indication of playing for…your team. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if with all of the planets aligned during this tour that you screw up and take a decade of her life!"

"Oh, ye of little faith," Dawn declares, "I have as much of a shot as anyone. I just need to take things slow, show some initiative, let her know that she's not held to do anything for me and see what happens."

"But what if she really does flat out tell you 'no', say she isn't interested in what you have or any other girl, for that matter?"

"Ursula, that's a chance that I'm just gonna have to take if it means that May knows this is how I feel and have felt for…many years." Blinking her eyes a couple of times, she adds, "It's better than leaving her in the dark and leaving me not knowing either way. I just have to go for it."

Nodding, Ursula respects the plan that Dawn has in store for letting May onto her feelings. As a sign of support, she pats the blue-haired teen on the back, saying, "Good luck to you on this one, and…I don't think I need to tell you how much you need it."

"But you already did," Dawn responds.

Shrugging her shoulders, she says, "Well, what do you know? Okay, I'm off to—no, actually. Why don't you and I get an early lunch and you can talk about just how you're gonna pull this off? How's that sound?"

"All right," Dawn answers, having no problem with it. With Ursula leading the way, and paying, the two head out into the streets of Saffron to take in the flavor of the city and decide which one among them would be the most pleasing to their palates this morning.

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