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Chapter 05: Alone in the Dark

After a long night filled with reunions, battles, and emotional pain, which defies words, silence had finally come to the Masaki house, like a sigh of relief after some great weight had come off ones shoulders.  

Sitting quietly in the dark in his room, Tenchi quietly pondered the night's events as he sat looking at his bed.  Putting his hands together lightly, the young man's eyes absorbed every inch of the figure laying unconscious upon his bed as his mind continuously replayed the last few hours infinitely.  Ryoko… he mentally choked as he tapped his lips gently showing how nervous he truly was.  I'm sorry.  I really am.  But it had to be done.  I couldn't let you go through with your plan; too many people would have been hurt. 

Sighing loudly, the young swordsman leaned back in his seat appearing defeated, his arms sagging between his knees.  What am I gonna do now?  Looking back, the brown-haired youth shook his head sadly knowing the terror he felt was far from over.  I think I did the right thing, but….  Pausing in his thoughts, Tenchi leaned over Ryoko, who was covered with his comforter so that only above her shoulders and arms were exposed.  No longer did she wear her hastily made Blackshire costume, as it had been removed earlier and quickly disposed of.  I bet she'd never believe me if I told her I didn't look at her at all as I took them off.  He laughed mentally before grabbing one of her arms.  Examining with teary eyes, Tenchi saw that it was, in fact, the same hand that he had cut off earlier when he had thought she was Blackshire.  That was when you lost one of your gems.  Washu says you must have been using them to block the link you two share.  Caressing the stub of her arm gently, the brown-eyed youth swallowed hard. 

"Don't worry.  Ryoko heals quickly," a small voice declared from behind the grief stricken youth. 

Hearing a familiar voice, the young man turned, a bewildered look on his face.  Opening his mouth, the brown-haired prince tired to speak, yet emotion kept him from doing so.  Standing before him was small figure, looking to be no more than a child, under one arm she clutched what appeared to be a canvas, while her free arm held a steaming cup. 

Stepping closer, the short new comer merely smiled happily.  "Here," the little visitor proclaimed handing the young man the large canvas.  "I always liked your paintings, Tenchi.  But they only had Ryoko as a small part of it.  Could you draw me a picture of Ryoko, just Ryoko?" 

"Of course…" Tenchi began, prepared to say more, yet the little woman held up one hand to cut him off. 

"I think you should do the sketching now, while you have the chance.  After all, when Ryoko's awake, you'll never keep her still, Tenchi."

"But how?" he asked, looking at the blank canvas then at his guest.  "Where did you-?"

"Later," she replied with a warm smile.  "I have something important to do, and I think we both know you do to."

Nodding, Tenchi peered over his shoulder at the unconscious woman, seeing a small sparkle from her remaining hand as moonlight gently shined in through the hole in the wall.  "Yeah…" he replied, realizing later how unintelligent a response that was. 

"Just one more thing," the woman with the steaming cup declared, quickly pacing to his desk, to pick up something.  As she walked the little figure's eyes remained glued to the cup, years of training allowing her to nearly run without spilling a drop of the strange concoction.  "Ryoko's necklace," she said handing the silver and gold item to Tenchi.  "I think it should be in the picture.  It's her favorite thing in the whole world, next to you that is."

Blushing Tenchi took the precious jewelry from his small friend, bobbing his head to show his agreement.  Closing his eyes, the young man breathed deeply, feeling his heart pounding tensely in his chest.  As he opened his eyes once again, the Jurain prince was shocked to see he was alone with Ryoko once again.  What in the…?  Where'd she go?  Shaking his head, the confused man turned back to the naked sleeper. 

Holding the silver chain delicately in his hands, Tenchi leaned forward, attempting to clasp the chain around the slumbering woman's neck without shaking her too much.  Just as his hands reached each other behind her head, the silver-haired space pirate moaned as if very stiff.

Allowing her eyes to flutter open, Ryoko gazed up at young man, whose face was merely inches away from her own.  "I must be dreaming," she smiled.  Sitting up slightly, the golden-eyed woman pressed her lips against Tenchi's closing her eyes as she enjoyed the sensation.  Making an 'mm' sound, the busty seductress seemed to be enjoying the feeling intensely.

His eyes open wide with shock, the brown haired youth froze, having forgotten how incredible her lips felt against his.  As his heart began pumping once again, Tenchi slowly closed his own eyes, releasing the locket to hold Ryoko to him.  After long moments, the two broke apart, a passionate look in both their eyes.  "It's no dream," he quietly answered. 

Lying back down, the golden-eyed woman grinned happily.  "I know," she answered.  "My hand felt funny when I woke up."

Laughing weakly the young swordsman scratched the back of his head.  "I am sorry about that," he offered.  "But I thought you were Blackshire."

"Hmm?" she asked, holding up her stump as if it were a new sight to her.  "Oh," the lithe woman shrugged laying the arm down once again. "That wasn't what I meant." Holding up her remaining hand, Ryoko moved it back and forth, causing the object on her hand to glisten in the soothing moonlight.  "I don't think I can accept this, after all you hit me."

With a faint chuckle, Tenchi moved closer, staring square into her golden eyes.  "I'm sorry I slapped you, but it was the only way I could think to break your concentration without hurting you.  Slapping you in the face, just seemed to be the best thing to do at the time.  Would you rather I used the sword?"

"No, I guess not," Ryoko pouted looking away from him, appearing like a spoiled child. 

"Besides you hit me first," he replied light-heartedly.*1  "Not to mention wrecking our room…."

Rolling her head back towards him, the lithe woman opened one golden eye to peer at him intently.  "Our?"

Placing a hand tenderly upon her face, the exact same spot he had smacked her in the cave, Tenchi smiled weakly, as a tear rolled down his cheek.  Slowly he nodded, "If you'll accept my offer.  You said you wouldn't take it from Ayeka, but I'm giving it you now."

"So what do you say, Ryoko?" the young man began.  "Can I have a chance to make your dreams real?"

With almost lighting quick speed, Ryoko shot up into a sitting position, wrapping her arms tightly around the young man.  There was no need to answer, the pain and anger were gone, and the ghosts of the past finally laid to rest.  "Even after all I did?  You still want to let me be your wife," she whimpered crying tears of joy into his hair.  "I nearly killed you, and everyone else."

Rubbing her bare back with one hand, the Jurain prince stoked her long spiky hair with the other, smiling proudly. "You're always cranky when you wake up," he admitted.

As the lithe woman leaned back to make a witty remark, a scream filled the air.  One that was familiar to both the happy couple.  Casting her beloved a confused glance, the now engaged space pirate shook her head slowly.  "Did I just hear-?"

"Yes." Tenchi replied, looking her squarely in the eyes. 

Grinning triumphantly, the naked woman leaned forward once again kissing the young man firmly on the lips. From this moment on, neither of them would be alone.  The endless night that had fallen on their lives was gone, and once again they were together.

Ayeka's Room:

It was a room the slender princess hadn't been in very often in the past twenty years.  At one time, it had been her and Sasami's room, but now it was simply hers.  Now that Ryoko had returned, the red-eyed woman had given up her right to Tenchi's bed, and chose to come here, where she always had slept before.

"I do wish Sasami were here," the purple haired woman sobbed, as she looked at the bedroll in the corner.  "She was always there for me, when Yosho left, when I came to Earth, and even all the times Ryoko has upset me.  But now she's gone.  I suppose forever.  Perhaps I should have a cup of tea, to relax my nerves."  Shaking her head the red-eyed woman smiled weakly as she bowed her head lower.  "I can still hear her voice sometimes, full of joy and laughter.  I can ever smell the wonderful meals she prepared.   Your skill always impressed me, Sasami.  Why I'd give anything to have a cup of your green tea, and to see you again.  But that is not to be.  I suppose I shall have to go home then, alone, without you…." Covering her eyes with a single lithe hand, Ayeka held nothing back, letting her tears fall like rain. 

"Here," a warm voice said, as a pair of tiny hands held a steaming cup of green tea besides the young woman's face. "Drink this.  You'll feel better.  I know you will."

"Thank you,' the emotional princess replied, taking the offered cup without looking at who gave it to her.  As she gulped down the delicious liquid the owner of that voice sprang into her mind. 

Spewing the green drink from her mouth like a fountain, Ayeka turned on her knees slowly, a bewildered gaze on her face.

"Is it too hot," the helpful person asked.  "I'm sorry, I…" however it was a sentence that was never finished as the purple-haired woman leapt forward, wrapping her slender arms around the small girl, nearly crushing her in her embrace. 

"Sasami…" she breathed frantically, nearly snapping the little girl in two in her arms, as she breathed in the blue-haired girls essence frantically. "But how…?  Where?  You're still so young!"

"It's because of Tsunami." The little girl groaned painfully, trying to break her sister's vice like grip.  "I can look as old as I want.  I'm sorry I've been gone so long, Ayeka.  Don't hate me, please?"

Releasing her sister, yet still holding her at arms length, the red-eyed princess shook her head in disagreement.  As she did this, the pink-eyed girl could see the tears rolling down her siblings face in constant streams and her own eyes began to swell as well.  "Never," the purple-haired woman replied. "Nothing you do, or say, will ever make me hate you Sasami, not even for a second.  I love you, Sasami.  I'll never stop loving you as long as there is an Ayeka Jurai, she will always love her sister."  Saying nothing more, the two sisters embraced powerfully, their mouths unable to utter words big enough to express their joy. 

The next morning:

Ryoko's Cave:

In the stillness of the early morn, two figures stand before the ruins of an ancient cavern.  It had been here where a final battle between them had been fought, where Blackshire died his final death, and peace was born.  It seemed like forever before either of the two lover's spoke, as they stood hand in hand before the infamous cave.  "That was quiet a fight we had," Tenchi declared, squeezing Ryoko's hand a little tighter as he thought how close he had come to losing her once again.  As he did, the young man could still feel his heart beating uncontrollably, and his emotions going haywire.  It would be some time before he was over his current emotional state.  After all, his entire life had once again changed in one day, this time for the better.

"Well," Ryoko smiled, glad to see her former prison destroyed. "It isn't our first fight,*2 and," she paused to lean into him, taking strength from him.  "They say every good relationship has its fights."  Sighing the woman in the blue and tartan dress, her original which fit much better than Sasami's, released his hand as she carefully walked over to the cave.  "I guess I used too much power.  We were just lucky you got us out before it came down.  I didn't think I'd get lucky enough to hit a support down there."  As she looked around her, a tear rolled from her golden eyes, "I'm sorry I caused you so much trouble, Tenchi.  I didn't mean to scare you, or anyone else, but I was just so scared. I couldn't think straight.  I know you probably can't forgive me for it, but…."

The silver-haired woman stopped, as a hand rested on her shoulder, slowly spinning her around.  "It's okay, Ryoko.  You don't have to apologize anymore.  I understand.  You were hurt, and wanted to go home, but you're home is here now, with me and everyone else."

With a forced grin, the energetic woman felt more tears, tears of joy, rolling down her cheeks.  Reaching forward, Tenchi wiped the offending water droplets away gently.  "That's enough crying," he whispered, pulling her close to him. "From now on there will be no need for tears."

Sniffing loudly, Ryoko laughed weakly at his statement.  As she did, the young man quickly joined her in a brief laugh, ending it as he leaned forward, kissing her once again. 

Breathless, the happy fiancée broke away; rubbing both hands, as she had regenerated her lost one the night before, through her lush spiky hair quickly as she felt a surge of energy flow through her body, stemming from the joy in her heart.  "So… why is there a canvas in our room?  Thinking of taking up painting?

"Something like that," the young man laughed, stroking the side of her face with the back of his hand, still amazed she was here and he could touch her once again.  At that moment Tenchi realized he would have to show Ryoko his other paintings, but not until later, for now he was merely enjoying her company.  "Sasami brought me the canvas, she wanted a picture of you in bed." The young man admitted.

"Oh, in bed you say?" The lithe demoness cooed, "then I have just the idea."  Leaning close, she quickly whispered something into the young man's ear.

"What!" he screamed stepping away from her in shock.  "For one thing I don't think that's possible Ryoko, and also I don't think someone Sasami's age should…."

"Her age?" the busty woman jokingly pouted.  "She's over 20 years old now, Tenchi dear.  Hardly a kid anymore, and it is possible.  I'm very flexible.  I'll show you sometime if you like," she laughed under her breath with a hungry smile. 

Putting his index fingers together, the nervous part-Jurain flexed them timidly.  "Yeah, but you see… well I mean… don't you think you're idea is a little…" looking up, Tenchi swallowed hard, "extreme?"

Sighing in defeat, the lithe space pirate shook her head while holding up one hand to concede the point.  "Okay, fine… how about if we do it without the liquorish?"

"No deal, Ryoko." the young man replied, crossing his arms over his chest.  "I am not drawing you in that position."

Growling playfully, the golden-eyed woman rolled her eyes, "even if I lose the whips…?" Seeing Tenchi was not buying her offer, the busty woman thought for a moment before deciding where to take her stand.  "Well I'm not giving up the mousetraps.  Otherwise there wouldn't be anything to it.  They're the heart of the whole thing."

"How about I just draw you, sleeping in bed like I was supposed to?" the young man asked with sarcastic anger.  "It would be a novel approach."

"Sleeping?  In bed?' the lithe seductress repeated, lifting an eyebrow oddly to his statement. "Since when is that what a bed's for?  You are one sick young man, Tenchi."  She laughed, taking his hand in her own as they continued to walk together. "I guess that's why I always liked you."

Slapping his forehead lightly, the priest in training shook his head. "I can see you haven't lost your… interesting look on things Ryoko."

Looking at the young man, Ryoko felt her heart smile, as it pounded painfully in her chest.  "Tenchi I think we need to celebrate," she declared, her grin become seductive and sinister as a plot came to mind, "and I know just how we can do it properly."

"Ryoko…" the young man groaned, his face turning red from embarrassment as he could only guess her hidden meaning behind the word 'celebrate.'

"My what a twisted mind you have, Tenchi," the silver-haired fiancée declared, rubbing the tip of his nose quickly with her index finger.  "it must have come from living with that little princess for so long, because I honestly have no clue where you would get such ideas about me…." Saying that Ryoko grinned even more suggestively before grabbing Tenchi's hand in hers.   

"Gee, I wonder why I'd think that," the Jurain youth laughed, recalling a conversation just seconds prior, as the strong space pirate half-pulled, half-drug him to their unknown destination. 

The Top of the Steps to the Masaki Shrine:

After a short run, the two lovers soon reached their goal, and soon Ryoko stopped her mad dash, releasing the young man's hand, as she placed her hands on her hips, slowly taking in the sights around her.

The sun had just begun to creep over the distant trees, nibbling at the darkness that covered everything, so that pieces of light broke through the seemingly endless darkness about them.  

Sighing, the golden-eyed woman nodded her approval, as she spun about daintily, basking in the warm of the rising sun while Tenchi fought to regain his breath. 

"So what did you want to do up here…." He panted, finally getting his breathe back enough to stand tall once again. 

Ryoko made no reply; instead she merely flung herself onto the young man, kissing him passionately.  It was only by sheer luck that the two figures did not topple down the stairs, however due to the impact, and his surprise, the brown-haired youth's foot did slip, causing him to end up with one on the first step down.  Breaking away, the silver-haired woman tisked loudly.  "Now, Now, Tenchi.  Don't go getting ahead of me…."

Casting the busty woman a confused glance, Tenchi did his best to figure out what she was talking about. 

"I've decided to celebrate my return, and our marriage, we're going to kiss once for each stair on these shrines.  Right… now." 

"Now?"  The young fiancée gasped, straining his neck behind him to look down the long stairwell.   "But there are hundreds of stairs…."

"I've been gone a long time," she replied, "I don't want to be out of practice for our wedding."

"Yeah, but that could take a long time…" he noted, sounding more than a little scared.

"What's your hurry, Tenchi," she asked arcing her chest towards him, loving to see his face turn red whenever he examined her physique.  As the young man battled against his embarrassment, and hormones, "Oh…" she whined, "don't tell me you're tired of kissing me already…."

"No…no…" he stammered, "it's not that. It's… well you know Sasami did go through the trouble of making all that food…."

"So!" The silver-haired beauty responded, wrapping her arms around his neck sensually, a starved look in her golden eyes. "I don't need to eat.  I'm not hungry for anything, at least not food…."

Swallowing hard, the young prince did his best to plead his case.  "Well… I mean it is our first meal together as a family again, I really would hate to miss it…."

Continuing to smile like a starving predator, Ryoko tilted her head slightly as she looked at him, "Alright, but you owe me Tenchi…." The seductive woman declared, shaking one finger at him warningly.  "And you know I always collect my debts."

"I know…" Tenchi groaned happily, taking her hand in his own.  "You just never pay them."

Appearing over him, the lithe woman quickly got the laughing youth in a headlock.  "What was that?  Don't think just because I like you I'll let you talk to me like that," she chuckled, rubbing his hair quickly with her knuckles.  "We're gonna have to set up a few rules around here…."

As the busty space pirate continued to pretend to assault the young man, the happy couple slowly made their way down the long staircase towards their home the joyous sound of laughter filling the air surrounding the Masaki shrine once again as it had long ago.


As the extended Masaki family gathered for the first meal together in over twenty years, only Sasami, Kiyone, Washu, Ryo-Ohki, and Mihoshi were in attendance.  "Where is everybody?"

"Tenchi and Ryoko are out… talking," the small red-haired woman said, as she peaked into her daughter's thoughts quickly.  "They should be back pretty quick."

"It's funny," Kiyone admitted gulping down a quick sip of her juice.  "But even thought I should be angry at the stunt Ryoko pulled last night, I actually feel good.  It's like a great weight was lifted off me."

"I think we all feel that way," the red-haired woman declared. "I think it let everyone put to rest the anger we'd been carrying towards that black metal psycho for the last 20 years."

"Wait… I'm confused." Mihoshi said in her usual tone.  "What did happen to Blackshire?"

"MIHOSHI!" the teal-haired woman snapped, "He wasn't…" pausing the green-eyed woman suddenly realized how pointless trying to explain the concept to her partner would be.  "What I mean is, Blackshire is dead."

"Oh," the blonde officer nodded with a vacant smile on her face. "That's good.  You know I had a weird dream last night.  You see I was at this wedding, and…."

As the dark skinned woman continued her story, everyone else groaned, including the little cabbit, as they knew this was going to be a long, drawn-out story.


Having excused herself from the table, Sasami quickly made her way up the stairs.  Mihoshi is nice and all, but after listening to her story, I think I'd rather be back were I was… no.  I never want to be alone there again, she realized.  Never again….

"Ayeka!" the blue-haired princess yelled, gently tapping on the door to get her sister's attention.  "Aren't you ready yet?  I swear you are sooo slow!"

"I have been ready Sasami, but I am not coming out wearing what you laid out for me," the proper princess yelled from behind the closed door. 

"But you have to," the little girl responded. "All your others clothes are in the wash, remember I told you I'd clean them after breakfast.  This is our first breakfast as a family, and I really want it to be special, so could you please just wear that outfit I left for you?"

For long moments, a pause hung in the air as the purple-haired woman pondered her sister's words.  "Must I…" the proper woman asked from behind the door sounding very uncomfortable.  "This outfit is so… so… disgusting."

"Pleeeease, Ayeka," Sasami whined.  "I worked on it really hard.  I just want to see you in it."

"Very well," the older Jurain princess admitted before opening the door and stepping out into the hall.  The sight was both awesome and amusing for the younger sister, as she took in Ayeka's appearance.  There she stood, her hair combed in its usual perfect fashion, yet now instead of blue and purple, or her favorite pink, kimono, the red-eyed woman wore a tartan and blue striped dress, which had been made originally for Ryoko. 

Shifting her shoulders, the Jurain woman seemed agitated.  "Sasami dear, this dress is very nice, but…"

"But what?" the pink-eyed girl asked looking up with an expression that showed she could easily be made to cry, a tactic she learned from Ryoko, to avoid trouble, years ago.

"It's the chest.  It is too big.  Did you model this after Ryoko," she asked in a warning tone.

Seeing that the busty space pirate had, in the end, stretched the chest area of the dress, Sasami stifled a laugh.  Unable to think of a quick answer, and not wanting to admit it was for Ryoko originally, the blue-haired youth quickly grabbed her sister's hand, pulling her toward the stairs, "C'mon, it's time to eat.   I worked very," at this point she accented the word making it seem like an intense chore was just completed, "hard on breakfast, and I don't want it to get cold."


As the three women continued to talk about the mental benefits of getting to take a shot at their old black armored nemesis one last time, the two Jurain sisters made their way down the stairs, with Ayeka somewhat crouching behind her sister despite the obvious size difference. 

Turning around, the blue-eyed detective's face grew puzzled, as she took in the strange sight.  Shrugging she smiled, waving her usual good morning salute, as she welcomed the newcomers.  "Hi, Ryoko," Mihoshi screamed. "Say…. Aren't you supposed to be with Tenchi?"

"I am not RYOKO!" the purple-haired woman roared back, her face turning redder by the moment. "I hate this," she fumed under her breath, taking her seat at the breakfast table, all the while continuing to give a warning glare at everyone assembled.

"You can say that again," a seductive voice called out behind the gathered family.  "I'm much prettier."

Turning about, everyone's eyes rested on the happy couple, Ryoko and Tenchi, as they came into the house, hand in hand.

"Well…." Ryoko laughed floating into the room, releasing Tenchi's hand for the first time since they had left the steps of the Masaki shrine.  "Ayeka… I see you finally have found some good taste," she declared sitting in her seat across from the sulking princess.  "I mean I knew you envied me, but this seems a little extreme. "

"Two Ryoko's?" Mihoshi commented appearing very confused by this turn of events.  Shrugging the tanned woman seemed to easily deal with the concept.  "Ryoko could you pass me the soy sauce?"

"I am not Ryoko!" Ayeka shouted.  "I am Ayeka, the first princess of Planet Jurai!  How dare you mistake me for that…." Doing his best to hide a grin, Tenchi took his place at the table beside Ryoko, hoping he could make it through their first meal together without a war starting.  It was what he had always prayed for 20 years ago, and the habit was quickly returning.

"Oh ok," the blonde detective nodded, "I'm sorry, but could you pass me the soy sauce, Ryoko?"

Sighing sadly in defeat the purple-haired woman passed the sauce, contemplating hurling it at the slow-witted woman's head.  It wouldn't do any damage, she noted mentally, and no one would blame me….    Shaking her head, the red-eyed woman realized such an act would not be proper, and would only make her seem more like the woman  she was accused of being.  However as passed the sauce, the young princess continued to mutter under her breath, "of all the insulting… why to think someone as beautiful, talented, and charming as I would be mistaken for someone like Ryoko…."

"Hey Ryoko," Sasami asked, having just swallowed a large portion of her scrumptious meal, trying to change the topic quickly.  "Can you take me shopping today?  You promised, remember!"

As the lithe woman slurped down a mouthful of noodles, she cast a distant look towards the ceiling.  "Umm…. Oh yeah," she chimed.  "That's right I did.  Well I guess I can take you.  You wouldn't want to end up like Ayeka, wearing something too chesty for you."

Hearing her rival's comments, the red-eyed woman's face turned color to match her eyes.  "You…." She hissed, appearing ready to explode. "I'll have you know Ryoko, I was planning on taking Sasami shopping. After all I think you've 'influenced,'" the Jurain princess began, motioning towards her outfit, "her enough.  Don't you think?"

"Now Ryoko, don't argue with yourself," Mihoshi interrupted, still not understanding what was going on.  "Why don't we all go to the mall?"

"You stay out of this," the two women roared in unison at the ditzy blonde, who continued to chatter about what she wanted to look for as if no one had said a thing. 

"Oh, and then I want to get an ice cream sundae, but not the kind with nuts, cause once I got one and they put these really gross kind on there.  You remember that don't you Kiyone?  It was the same day you bought that bra, and had to return it because it was too big…."

Grabbing her partner, the teal-haired officer shook her frantically.  "MIHOSHI!  I told you never to tell that to anyone!  Can't you remember to do anything I tell you? Why if you got something right just once, I'd…."

"Furthermore," Ayeka shouted to Ryoko.  "I don't think it is appropriate for a woman of your social graces to continue to pester, Sasami.  Why were we on Jurai…."

"Well we aren't, little princess," the busty woman snapped back, "so what are you going to do about it?"

At that moment, Ayeka's guardians appeared, the same kind she had used in the onsen long ago.*3 "You still have a mouth, don't you Ryoko?  Well let us see if you can back up your big words."

"Bring it on," the silver-haired woman growled, standing with one foot on the table as she charged up a blast in her hands.

"Come on you two," Tenchi pleaded, knowing his words fell on deaf ears. "Don't fight, you're gonna break something!"

Seeing that today would be no different from any other day, the young man quickly rose to his feet, grabbing Sasami in his arms, as he raced towards the living room, ready to join the others in hiding behind the couch.

It always amazed the young man what his family could do.  Despite the horrors of the past, and the bizarre events that had occurred just the night before, they all sat together eating, drinking, and fighting as they always had, as if nothing had ever happened.  Smiling, Tenchi ducked behind the couch quickly as an explosion rocked the house, signaling breakfast had come to an end, and the day's strange adventures had just begun.


As the sound of Ryoko and Ayeka's fighting filled the air, Azaka and Kamidake turned to one another, large sweat drops forming on the sides of their 'heads'. 

"It appears everything has returned to normal," Kamidake proclaimed.

"Yes…" the blue-symbol bearing guardian replied.  "Another peaceful day on planet Earth."

For long moments the two figures sat together listening to the war going on inside the house. 

"It's nice to have screen time isn't it," Azaka continued. "I think this may be our first time in a SSJ4 Broli fan fiction."

"Yes indeed," the red-symbol wearing log replied. "At least it's something.  So, I wonder what will happen next?"

"I imagine this is the end for us," Azaka admitted with a deep sigh.  "still there's always tomorrow, now isn't there?"

The End?

Author's Note: With this chapter Tenchicentric comes to an end.  With Azaka and Kamidake getting their only time ever in one of my stories I imagine.  Still for such a dark tale, it did have a happy ending didn't it?  I figured ending it with a goofy ending was only just, and allows one to look to the future.  Sure Ryoko has Tenchi, but can there ever be friendship between Ryoko and Ayeka?

*1: Tenchicentric: Chapter 2

*2:Tenchi Muyo:  Episode 1

*3: Tenchi Muyo: Episode 4

Author's Idea: If you have Dimension of Love, I suggest you play it as you read this.  I was when I wrote it, and it helps with the mood.  Try reading it again and see what you think.