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Who could tell that one little girl can bring much more misfortunes than "Moyashi boy" ? Well...Nobody. Exactly thats why I'm still wondering why it must be me that is in this hell?! I just wanted to live a normal sorrowful life, full of pain, killing some Akuma, not depending on anyone. BUT HELL NO!!! Okay...I am "a little'' too mad right now. That hell started several days ago...

This day should have been a normal one. Just like always. First I went to the cafeteria for breakfast, then I went to meditate, and then sometimes I would go on some mission with others...Next I would again go to the cafeteria for dinner and go to my "lovely'' bed after fighting with Lavi or Allen. But today was much different. I was alone in cafeteria and then...

''Hey Yu!'' said Lavi with his enthusiasm ,,the world that was forbiden''. I didn't reply and just ended up eating my soba.

' 'You don't know what happened! There is a new exorcist girl in Black Order. STRIKE! She is supposed to be suuuuuper cute. You know what I mean right?''

''No I don't...I'm unable to communicate with different forms of life, like you.'' Of course he didn't take it to heart. Lavi smiled and opened his mouth again.

''Yu-chan...You're always the same. Don't you want a girlfriend? Or maybe you're different than normal guys?'' I activated my innocence and did a hundred cuts on that red head.

''Good morning Kanda and...something that remain from Lavi...'' Lenalee greeted with smile ''What was that about?'' She asked sitting next to me.

''Yu doesn't wanna a girlfriend! It's impossible for a man, right?'' asked Lavi's "corpse".

''I never said that I don't want one...''

''But you don't. Am I right?''

''...'' My silence was just a simple answer to their simple questions. Great. They think that I'm not normal. Sigh...

''Ah...I forget to tell you that Nii-san is waiting for you in the science department with some surprise.'' Great. I just can't wait to see what awaits me. Maybe it's some of his stupid experiments again? Well last time he wanted my hair for some clone machine...So this time I must be very careful if he pulls out a scissors from his jacket. Komui never give up...Especially if it's about to kill Lenalee's boyfriends-or-someone-who-is-too-close-to-her-and-drove-Komui Lee-crazy. Yeah... That is the best example. I walked into the science department and I saw Komui next to some girl. She wasn't tall, she had medium short, black hair and deep black eyes that resembled a big hole with sadness and joy at the same time. She looked at me giving a warning i'm-not-someone-you-can-pick-up-with-your-feminine-face! I swallowed the saliva that was blocking my throat. MAN...Why it's always me?

''Oh...Kanda-kun so did Lenalee tell you what is going on?'' Komui asked and I deny it saying "No''.

''Ok...Then well. Just say hello to your first ( and probably last ) pupil...'' Okay...what's going on? Komui is telling me some strange things that I'm going to teach that GIRL?! It's a joke right? It has to be a joke. No way. The me who likes to be alone in room, surround only with darkness...IS GONNA HAVE A PUPIL? Why me? The moyashi brat is enough to tease.

''So this guy is my master? He looks like a woman to me...But well. It's okay with me...After all you're my master. I'm Julia Mizoll nice to meet ya.'' Said the girl.


''Why doesn't he say anything?''


''Well it's probably quite a shock for him to have such a cute girl as a pupil''


''Oi...He still isn't say anything...''


''Right...Kanda-kun are you alright??''


I was just in my own world. My life isn't special. It's normal. I was born to fight Earl and Akuma. I don't need anyone in my life. And nobody needs me either. And thats alright with me. Why do I have to make another hopeless bond? It's just too stupid for me to be friends with someone if all we die someday. Those deep eyes are waiting for something. For friendship maybe? For happiness of days that are awaiting...maybe? For the excuse to fight, maybe? For... love maybe? Stupid...

''Maybe it's better if we call a doctor or something?? Maybe he bit his tongue?''

''...HELL NO! I DIDNT BITE ANYTHING!!! WHY THE HELL MUST I TAKE CARE OF SOME STUPID BRAT? WHY ME?? THERE ARE PLENTY OF OTHER PEOPLE... Why it must always be me?'' I slammed my fist on Komui's desk. Those two were silent. Others in the room were quietly watching me with shock in their eyes.

''Kanda-kun!'' Komoui said more loudly. ''I picked you for this task because you have much free time and similar fighting style to Julia-chan. And besides, you always stay in your dark room...'' his tone was sad when he ended his sentence.

''Tch'' I replied.

''What a scene...'' The girl said with the tone hi-I'm-still-here!.

''Okay snips...Come with me.'' MAN...She is horrible...Of course she is cute but her personality is creepy...Wait. Did I thought that she IS CUTE? Noo...I must have misheard myself ( author note: like it's possible =,=' ).

''Okay...coolguy...'' Tch. Okay. It can be like this...She doesn't treat me serious and I don't treat her serious. We are even. But It is me who is going to torture her on trainings. We were walking next to each other when I heard Lavi's characteristic word.

''STRIKE!!! Yu...You bad guy! You said that you don't want to have a woman but you're taking her away from me...What a friend you are!'' He cried doing a big drama in the hall. HELL. His passion for girls is so annoying.

''Listen to me. You have only two ways and no wheel of the rescue. A) You're going away without any questions or B) You're gonna stick next to me all day and in the end you're going to be cut into pieces thanks to Mugen...So A or B you can win a night with peace...'' I seriously was going to kill that red head but I couldn't when Julia was watching. That would be to drastic…

''Well if there is no wheel of rescue then I going to choose A.'' He said and with the speed of light disappeared from my sight. How I love when people are in harmony with each other...

''That was your friend?'' The girl asked and I nodded ( author note: OMG He really did it O-o )

''He's kinda cute...''

''Snips...How old you exactly are?'' I was wondering. I didn't want to have a friend who was a lolicon...

''Well...I'm 14...Probably.''

''Probably?'' I asked without emotions. Right...If it's four years then it's not really that bad. But in my eyes she's just a brat . I must tell this to that stupid womanizer.

''I was joking! I'm 13...I thought that you would at least care about the age of your own pupil!'' she cried angrily.

''Tch. Whatever. Who cares about your age? Right now what we need are strong warriors and not some stupid Snips kids. So grow up a little and behave.'' I commanded and she went silent. We arrived at my training room. I used it often and it's already a little damaged, but I think it's okay for a little more use. Sigh.

''Show me your innocence and tell me about your fighting style and what you had learned in the past''

''But it's really a long, long story and very boring...I don't think you want to hear that coolguy...'' I was looking at her with madness.

''O-Okay...So. The first time when I activated my innocence was in Roma 4 and half years ago. I met the Earl when my brother died. I was crying and he wanted me to shout Senrio's name aloud. I didn't answer to his request. I was probably shocked by my dear brother's death...Well he protected me. I just told that old geezer to shut up and go to hell.''

I can imagine it I thought.

''And he toyed with me...He kicked me a thousand times or so and even shot me with his weapon. ( author note: Yeah...Earl is a sadist XD ) I was near death when he asked. ,,Do you still say NO? You know that your brother will be sad alone, right? I only want to create a new good world...'' And I just...''

''Said that he should get lost and is a stupid, egoistic geezer?''

''How did you know?''

''That really isn't hard to imagine...Well. Go ahead.''

''And then the necklace that Senrio gave me started to shine and take a form of a long, silver chain with many sharp knifes attached to it. And then he escaped saying that we will meet again.''

''So that chain is your innocence?'' I asked watching the star necklace on her chest.

''Right. I'm active in the battlefield but since the chain is quite long I don't have to move that much. But I have to be speed and be able to have plenty of burden on my hands.'' She ended. Why her story sounded so similar to Allen's? Well, whatever.

''Kanda! It's an emergency! We need you. The Noah clan attacked one of the villages!'' Cried Allen who run in there with red cheeks.

''Tch...Again. You there'' I pointed at Snips '' Stay here and train. Don't use the buttons that are marked R. These are for advanced ones.'' I commanded.

''But I'm also an exorcist and want to fight!! I'm your pupil and I want to be near you feminine face!'' She exploded with madness.

''JUST STAY HERE!'' I rushed out of training room.


Julia stayed in the room. She was on her knees. In her eyes was the sorrow and the madness. She always had two parts in her soul. She wasn't really herself. Julia wanted to deny the fact that she is just lonely.

''Don't leave me...YOU STUPID OLD ASIAN FART!'' ...Okay...Maybe she wasn't really that pure and innocent as other thought. She looked at the buttons.

''Hmph. If you're not with me then it's only your fault that I'm choosing the wrong option...'' The girl said with devil smile on her juicy lips.


Kanda's POV

''WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!'' Everyone from a mission asked. If I could paint it I would likely don't want to. The half of the ceiling of headquarters was totally destroyed. Five of last floors ( which wasn't ,,deleted'' ) looked like a cheese. From the tubes was leaking out a great amount of water. Everywhere was debris of walls and machines. People had minor injuries. And in the centre of attention was a small girl with long chain attached to the rest of ceiling and stupid smile on her lips.


Hmmm. I wonder. Why I must have leave her there ALONE? And why to the hell I must have told her not to touch those buttons? The building was destroyed. I had to help others to renovate it. Well. It's not like that someone died or something...It's just that Komui said that I won't be a good father...