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I've never ever been someone's maid...That was until I had to. Of course it was humiliating and I wanted to crash everything in my range because of such a shameful job, but in the end it resulted in something very...nice? Yeah, nice. I did something useful for another person, on my own account. Who would guess that it's thanks to her?

Here goes another torturous day of a typical maid. ( my note: of course we know that Kanda is not so typical, because he's ultra sexy *ooo* ...sorry a fan girl moment =,,=' )
Firstly: You have to wake your master up and rub her feet for thirty minutes.
Secondly: You have to prepare your master's meal by yourself .
Thirdly: You have to wash your master's feet and bandage her injuries.
Fourthl-...DAMN! Why do I have to do it?
''Cool-guy...You haven't forgotten that you have to report to me about everyone's missions, wellbeing and so?'' I heard that overly sweet voice coming to my sensitive ear. I wanted to KILL HER.
''You damned brat, if you say just one word about my 'maid duties'' I'm going to slice you in half!'' I warned but she just pointed her leg at me.
''Well, well, well...Who said to be so cold to me, cold enough to make Komui angry? Hmm? I suppose his name starts by C and ends at the Y...Oh yeah! It's you cool-guy! Or rather cool-maid!'' and she started to laugh. She was laughing so hard that she grabbed her stomach.
''Che...Whatever. Being cold is written in my personality.'' I answered removing her small feet from before my face. I looked at her, she was laughing hysterically. She didn't look her age. She had said she was 13, born in May...But her body looked mature and her face wasn't that of a child her age. Although she was veeeeery annoying and bratty. Wait. Why I'm thinking of her BODY? ( my note: yeah! you finally do! xD ) Oh, well...Probably because of all those seeing and washing and bandaging her legs, which I have to massage too! Grr. This just shows how much I hate this 'sensei' job. ( my note: and you were at the right path =,,=' what a shame you're so freaking dense TT-TT )
''Personalities can change.'' she smiled in that devilish way. I'm so used to it already...
''Che...I hope that your's gonna change.'' Yes! I hit the point! She got mad. She pouted her lips and was silent for a while. Huh?. Strange. She has always said something back...And then I knew why she was behaving silently. Because she freaking HIT ME BY A PILLOW! ( my note: 'she hit my gorgeous face!' I bet that's what you wanted to say xD )
''YOUUUU!'' I've exploded and was ready to attack her at any minute.
''Kanda-kun...'' I froze. Shit...I'm probably gonna get another lecture of how bad I'm as a father! I'd rather fight level 4 than listen to his educational grouching again.
''Komui-san? I was just...I was...I...? Che...Think whatever you want.'' Whatever...I don't care. That Snips has made me miserable so many times that actually it doesn't really matter anymore. Komui's blabbing about parental care is really painful to my ears. Well...It's still far better than repairing some super bizarre fridge, where chemical soups are being kept.
''Hello, Komui-san.'' Snips widened her lips to form that cute smile of hers, which she usually showed to almost everybody but me. ''What brings you to my room?''
''Good morning, Julia-chan. I wanted to see how are you feeling.'' This...this atmosphere full of sweetness and creepy smiles is making me want to poke. Isn't Lenalee enough for Komui? Does he have to treat another girl as his sister? ( my note: oh kinda feel jealous, don't ya? *oo* ) Che...I really feel like throwing up. I'm seeing things or pink flowers are flying in her bedroom? ( my note: no, you're not seeing things.'s making me sick too =,,=' )
''I'm really fine Komui-san. It's been three weeks since the accident. I feel much better, but I still cannot move very well...'' the devil stated.
''Your bones are really delicate, Julia-chan. You're not healing as fast as Kanda-kun or Allen-kun, but you'll recover pretty soon. Don't worry, Julia-chan.'' Komui said with care and fixed his eyes on me. I shivered inside. He was giving me that scary look. The one he always gave when he heard someone is hurting...or marrying his sister.
''And you Kanda-kun...Since it was your fault that Julia-chan hurt herself, I'm sure you're doing your duty, just fine...?'' What now? He's going to spy on me? Tch...This. Is. Making. Me. Crazy.
''I guess that little devil is not complaining.'' I've turned my head to face the door. He was giving me so much of this unpleasant pressure, that one more second of his glaring at me and I'm sure I would make a good use of Mugen.
''He's really good as a maid! I don't know why he is still working as an exorcist? It's his vocation! He's really doing good, so you can leave without worries.'' Uff...She finally did something, which wasn't related or resulted in me being the bad guy. I guess she finally started to know her place. ( my note: wish =,,=' )
''Okay then. Take care'' and we heard the door slowly closing up. I finally could catch me breath. Just one minute and I wouldn't be able to survive in this disgusting sweetness of his horrific smile .
''Okay. Now back to the topic. I want you to do something for me. You need to go to Lenalee-san and ask her about what she always wanted to get. It's not a problem for you, right?'' I glared at her with killing intent hiding inside my pupils.
''What else? You know that I'm not really your personal slave, right?''
''But it's not a problem for you, correct?'' she hissed. I sighed. Of course it was no problem for me. I've been a friend of Lenalee since childhood so she tells me almost everything. She usually bothers me when I'm meditating, but it's not really that troublesome. I listen to her every word carefully.


''You want to know what I would like to get? Why so abruptly?'' I knew that she would ask. I really hate explaining things.
''Out of curiosity...'' ( my note: that would never happen, because Kanda's not really a curious person xD )
''Hmm...But like on birthday, wedding, or something?'' the purple haired girl made my eyes pop out. Right...I didn't know what that Snips could have on mind.''
''Just whatever...Something you would like to get in overall. Something you always dreamed about...I guess...'' She wondered for a while.
''I guess that would be a music box. You know. The one with a beautiful ballerina with a music of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. I really like this piece.'' Lenalee gave me a pretty smile. Why that little devil couldn't be as lovely as her? Is being kind for me really that hard? ( my note: now you're asking something outrageous =,=' you are mean yourself and ask for kindness? no way! ==* ) That's right. She has her nice moments too. When she threw me that failed birthday party for example. Why I'm only remembering it right now?


Here it goes...He's amazingly slow. Is it really that hard to get some stupid music box? Come on...He's been absent for four hours already! I have to give him a good scolding when he comes back. But he's really cute when he's trying to not strangle me. I smiled unconsciously. Somehow I've really grown to like him. He's just like a mimosa. Touch his sensitive point and he will move away into the darkness - the cold place in his heart. He probably doesn't know that I know about him very much. He has never said anything about his painful past, well...Not in details. But I've learned pretty much from Allen. I guess it's better that way, that he doesn't know about my knowledge. Let him hate me for even more amount of time. I need to toy with him for a little while. I must fully erase the guilt for not appreciating my brother. That's why I must be confusing. That's why I need to shake cool-guy's world. Turn it upside down. I must do something good for another human, before it's too late.
I heard a sound of knocking to the door.
''Why you're so damn late? Is your feminine face all you've got?'' I hissed madly. I thought for a while. Wait...Yuu doesn't knock when barging into my room. ( my note: you've seen that? ; she's calling him by his first name! ekhem...but he never hears that . )Oops? The door opened.
''Hi, guys! I'm sorry I thought it was my personalmaid.'' It was Lavi and Lenalee who came in. I blushed a little. Well...It was quite embarrassing.
''It's alright Juli-chan'' Lavi laughed. ''I really like the way you treat Yuu-chan...he totally deserves that...After years of calling me an idiot, it's finally time for my revenge!'' the read head started to shed little tears and his face totally changed. Geez. He's really comical to look at.
''Stop it...You're creeping me out. I think you're not gonna help recover me, but rather make it even worse than it already is...'' I commented glaring at him with narrowed eyes.
''You're as cruel as him. Then it must be true! You've walked to the other side!'' and then he totally started weeping...
''Lavi...Could you stop using my sleeve as a handkerchief?'' asked the girl, looking seemingly troubled by her friend's behavior.
''Anyway...Sit down. Thanks for coming. I feel so bored here. I shouldn't have done that crap with birthday party.'' Now when I remembered that I've got hurt because I wanted to make that bastard some kind of pleasure...I want to annoy him even more! He'll surely pay for this! ( my note: don't ya think that they're somewhat similar? O.o )
''You're going to get better soon. When Kanda is doing something, he's doing it properly. Believe me. He'll help you out.'' That Lenalee girl...Such a wonderful person she is. Although she has her bad aspects, she is naturally kind. She doesn't fake anything. It's really hard to find someone like her in the times of war. That's why I wanted to give her a present. For visiting me when I'm sick. BUT THAT STUPID COOL-MAID IS FREAKING LATE!
''Thanks...So how is Allen feeling? I heard he encountered a Noah and got injured.'' I was confined to bed so it was hard to visit him. At the moment I said his name Lenalee's expression darkened.
''He's feeling much better now. It was rather serious, but he's a bad ass so it should be no problem for him! And he can now walk. He's limping, though...'' informed Lavi while peeling me an apple. Man...He's so cute right now! Only if he couldn't open his mouth...Damn it... ( my note: that made me lol xDD )
''Lenalee?'' When she heard me saying her name she stirred up.
''Huh? It's nothing...Don't worry. It's just that he has said that it would be better, if I don't visit him.'' I felt kind of shocked. Allen has said it? Weren't they very close? Close enough to make me envious? Seriously? Something is not right...


I looked at the clock hanged at the wall of the corridor. It was past five. Che...I bet she's gonna yell at me. But well...Lenalee's music box was damned hard to find! And Beethoven's melody? Oh, please...That made it even more hard to buy! I kicked the door angry for wasting so much time on Snips' whim's.
''Here you are! Hold this music box, and let me live!'' I tossed the package at the bed. She was eating an apple, which meant that Lavi was probably here. He always peeled it for her. I thought it was weird, but she loved it.
''You know that you're late? WHAT THE HELL YOU'VE BEEN DOING? You've gone to a brothel or something along the way?''
''Are you kidding me? Kids shouldn't talk about things like that. And you are a brat!'' It's not like I care for women enough to get pleasure from them. That little brat is really annoying the hell out of me!
''I'm really sorry, but in this century girls my age get married! Accept it or not!'' she yelled hitting me by a pillow...Again. ( my note: again his beautiful face was devastated xD )
''Che. It's not like you'll get married.'' I murmured.
''Hmph! Of course I will. And I'm sure you'll be the husband!'' ( my note: wow O_O )
''You wish...'' and then I laughed. It was so hilarious. That whole conversation lacked any common sense but it made me smile. Huh? Smile?
''Hahaha...You're looking so stupid now! I know why you're never laughing! You're doing it so strangely that it's not a wonder...'' she buried her face in her pillow. She wanted to suppress the laugh, but her trying was hopeless.
''Shut up! I'm not used to it. I've never had such a little devil like you under my care. Of course I would be awkward...'' How much I hate explaining things! And the worst is that I cannot explain this situation to myself as well.
''Anyway...Aren't you going to give it to Lenalee?'' I asked. She stopped her giggling and looked at the gift. She became serious.
''I don't think that I could make her happy by giving this to her...''
''What do you mean? Then what are you going to do with this thing?''
''It's not me who could make her smile by such an object. You can take it, as for now.'' Julia took the music box in her hands and gave it to me. I looked at her with confusion.
''And who that person you suppose is?'' the question slipped through my mouth. The room was filled with silence for a moment. That strange, heavy silence.
''Allen, maybe?''


The white haired boy was looking through the window. It was dark. The fair light of stars was the only possible way to see his face. He looked troubled. The nervousness and something else was written deep on that boy's features. He turned his eyes to see a beautiful girl standing behind his shadow. His lips formed a weak smile. It hurt him in the heart and in the flesh. That Chinese girl was the last he wanted to see when in that state. All in bandages. He knew how much she hated to see him in pain. She had exactly the same expression. But hers was mixed with confusion and fear.
''I'm sorry Lenalee...'' the boy stumbled. ''I know I was harsh, but I really...Really cannot look into your eyes when you're seeing me injured.'' The girl shook her head. Her eyes teared up. The moment he saw it, he took out the music box behind his back. The melody started flowing from the wooden chest.
''I guess I could play it for you someday...'' She overflowed with happiness. Yes...He was the only one who could make her smile in that specific way. There were only the stars and the moonlight dancing in the rhythms of their connected hearts. Ba-dump, ba-dump, ba-dump...Even the person standing behind the corner could hear it clearly.

I would have probably thrown it away. Why I didn't? I don't know. But I'm glad I didn't. After seeing them...How to say it? They've made me warm inside? No...It's not that. I've wanted to know what they're feeling when they're looking each other into the eyes. For the first time I was curious of another person's feelings. That Snips is really making me go crazy. I less and less understand myself. Damn her!