Frantic Inside Grand Caves

I: Morning Mayday

I was pretty sure it was a gull knocking on my window. But then a muffled voice cried, "Aaron!" and I rubbed my eyes and sat up. It was six on a blustery November morning!

What was this, a survey poll on reactions to early-morning wake ups? If it was, they'd better try another hour for survey.

But all that slipped when I opened the porthole window and was met with the sight of Shona's face, pale; her eyes, devastated; her hair in a state I'd never seen before.

She didn't have to talk. "It's Emily, isn't it?" I said.


Now let me tell you about myself a little.

I'm Aaron.

I live on a boat called the King of the Sea.

Emily's family gave it to me and Mum when Millie decided to spruce up the Silver Swing and live there, instead.

We live here, on Allpoints Island.

And now, the main concern: Emily. She's my – I dunno what to call her, really. We've kissed twice (actually, one was a CPR), but I couldn't think of asking her on a formal date or going around with my hand in her back pocket. We're just – I can't say – sometimes it's titling more on good friend, then the next minute she acts like my – girlfriend. But that doesn't happen often.

So, since I've given you a little intro, back to Emily herself. Actually, back to Shona, who knew Emily even before me. She's Emily's best friend. Hey, FYI, I don't get jealous.


Shona nodded, taking a great big deep breath of air. I had no intention of going desperado, though, since I hadn't had full situation story yet.

But what Shona told me next devastated me as well: Emily was missing. Gone. And no, she hadn't run away.