Author's note:

Yes this is my first 'Dramione' fic – claps to me!-

I would just like to say that this is only the first chapter. I would like to know what you think about it before I decide to continue it.

If it does end up continuing, you may have to wait a little while for another update though because I am trying to finish my two Buffy fics. One is close to finishing so fingers crossed!



After things die down somewhat, Hermione and Ron fight and have a falling out. Hermione leaves and doesn't return until 5 years later. Upon returning she finds that a few things are different. For one, Harry and Ginny are married and have kids. Two, Ron doesn't work with George as George has offered part of his shop to Hermione. And three, after all these years she finds out that a certain someone's feelings have changed towards her.

What will Hermione do?

Will she ever patch up her friendship with Ron?

And what about this someone? What will become of them?


5 Years Ago

Harry and Hermione stood with Teddy, Ron and the rest of the remaining Weasley family. All wore sombre expressions as they paid their respects to the fallen. Lupin and Tonks were buried side by side, Fred buried not too far away.

Molly Weasley had not said a word since their arrival; she had just let the tears fall silently down her cheeks. Arthur was doing his best to try and console everyone as well as trying to stay as strong as possible for Molly.

George could do nothing but stare at the gravestone, not really believing that his twin was gone for good. He shed not a tear; all he could do was stare.

Bill and Charlie were doing their best to comfort their wives as well as Ginny, who was just howling, though wouldn't let anyone get close enough to give her any sort of real comfort.

There were silent tears trickling down Teddy's face as he hugged Hermione's side. He had just lost his parents, what was he to do now?

Hermione hugged the grieving child back while leaning her head upon Ron's shoulder; Ron doing exactly the same as George; just staring. Not really believing his brother was gone.

Harry stood slightly to the side, taking in the scene before him, grieving in his own little way. He was blaming himself, though somewhere deep, deep down he knew it wasn't entirely his fault. He just couldn't help but feel responsible for the death of his friends. His 'family' so to speak.

It had been two weeks since the 'Battle of Hogwarts' where Voldemort had finally fallen.

Deatheaters had been captured and sent to Azkaban, but there was a few who had resisted arrest and had killed themselves instead.

The Ministry of Magic had persuaded the Daily Prophet to write obituaries and release them in the next issue, paying tribute to all of those who had fallen. As well as this the Ministry had prepared for a mass funeral.

Families who didn't want their loved ones to be buried with the mass were allowed to move hem and bury them elsewhere and so that is what the Weasley's had done.

They had decided to bury the three of them in the orchard adjacent to the Burrow. Everyone had enjoyed it there, it had a certain 'pull factor' and many found it a great place to forget about almost anything or to just sit and relax under a tree.

Hermione, Teddy, Ginny and Molly all approached the three graves lying under a blossom tree in full bloom. It had been charmed that way. So it always flowered.

One by one, they approached each grave and placed a single red rose on each one, then quietly stepped back into place.

"May they rest in peace" Arthur murmured, and it was soon followed by a "we'll all miss you" from Ginny and George.

Molly burst into uncontrollable sobs, as did Teddy and Ginny became even more hysteric than she had previously been, and so with one final look, the group headed back towards the Burrow.


"Chocolate Frog?" Hermione offered her very last frog to Ron, who hadn't eaten or said anything to anyone since they had gotten back. He had just sat on his bed and stared at the wall opposite him.

"Ron?" Hermione tentatively took a few steps into his line of sight, though not really wanting to disturb him I he wanted privacy. No response. She tried again.

"Ron?" she held the frog out in front of her in an effort to get his attention. Still nothing.

"Do you want me to come back later?" she asked as she took a few steps back towards the door.

Ron came to his senses and sighed as he shook his head. "Nah. You can stay" he patted the spot on the bed next to him. Hermione took a seat next to her friend and offered the frog once more, this time Ron taking it with a nod of thanks. He popped it into his mouth and chewed thoughtfully.

"What do we do know?" he asked after he had swallowed the frog. It was a good question and Hermione didn't really have an answer.

"Live on I guess" she shrugged.

"You guess?" Ron quirked an eyebrow but didn't take his eyes off of the wall.

"It's what they would have wanted us to do" Hermione explained.

She found it hard not to dwell on the past, but knew that she had to push past it. "And who knows. You might even run the shop with George?" she mused.

This comment made something inside of Ron snap. He tore his eyes away from the wall and fury was clearly visible. "So you have me replacing my brother already, do you?" Hermione was taken aback.

"Ron, no I-" he cut her off.

"My brother Hermione! You have me replacing my brother! Do you not have feelings?" he roared.

"Ron I would never-" Ron cut her off again.

"Probably glad Lupin and Tonks are gone too! Never mind Teddy's all alone; you have a guaranteed spot in the Ministry Hermione! Ron stood and threw his arms in the air, his face contorted in anger. Hermione was taken aback and terrified before, but now it was her turn to snap.

"Ronald Weasley! How dare you!"

Harry was oblivious as to what he was about to walk into. He trudged up the many stairs to inform Hermione and Ron that tea was ready and waiting for them downstairs. When he reached the landing however, tea was forgotten as he heard Ron cry, "You heartless bitch! How could y-… you know what?"

"What the?" Harry stated form the door, but was ignored.

"What Ron!" Hermione yelled back. Her anger evident in the way she had shouted his name.

Something flashed across Ron's face before he screamed the next sentence. "I never want to see you again!" he yelled brandishing his wand. "Get out!"

Hermione became rigid and deathly quiet for a few seconds. When she next spoke, her voice was so low and dangerous it made Harry very uneasy. "If I see you in the next fifty years it would be too soon!"

"If I saw you ever again it would be too soon!" Ron spat back.

"Fine!" Hermione fumed, her eyes shining with tears. Whether they were ones of anger or sadness, Harry wasn't quite sure. "Have it your way!"

"Fine!" Ron crossed his arms over his chest and stared daggers at her.

"Goodbye Ron Weasley!"

"Hang on a min-" Harry called but was too late.

With a loud 'crack' emitting from the room, Hermione disappeared.

Harry, not being one for emotional type things, especially the ones between Ron and Hermione, was extremely confused. He just stood and gaped at Ron who let out a 'humpf'

"What happened?" he asked Ron.

"Bloody Hermione. That's what happened" Ron grumbled as he shoved past Harry and began his descent upon the stairs, still muttering profanities under his breath.

Harry quickly followed him, in order to find out what happened before the rest of the house did.


With another loud 'crack' she appeared in her parent's home. According to the note left on the kitchen bench, her parents had gone out for the night.

'Hope you enjoyed your stay at Ron's' was the last line.

Hermione swore, something she didn't usually do, as she crumpled the note in her hand before picking up a few pieces of fresh paper.

Quickly, she wrote out a letter to her parents, detailing where she planned on being.

She also wrote one and addressed to both Harry and Ginny, knowing that they could be trusted with certain information.

She reasoned with herself that she would find an owl to send them later as she stomped off to her bedroom.

She got down on her hands and knees and found a suitcase. Charming it, so she could fit a lot more than humanly possible, Hermione began to pack her clothes and any other necessary items she could think of.

She wasn't planning on coming back for a while.