There'd been a few days when Rose had wondered if this Doctor was her Doctor. But she'd had the same adjustment period after his regeneration, so the feeling didn't bother her too much.

The adjustment curve had been steep. Here was a Doctor who looked like her Doctor, but was as angry with the world as her first Doctor. He slept a full eight hours a night, where she'd never seen the Doctor ever sleep before (it may have happened–but it was kind of that tree falling in the woods thing). He even managed to fall down the steps when he'd been explaining some rather Doctorish thing to her, and had completely lost track of where he'd been in space and time (not to mention walking backwards), and had this sudden and new taste for doughnuts.

All of it had been worrisome to her. Could she love a man who liked doughnuts? What was she to do with a Doctor with only one heart? One that got along with Jackie Tyler?

Or even more–one who finished that sentence. Her Doctor would have never done that. In fact–he hadn't. Her Doctor always held back that part of himself that she'd wanted most. Could she be with a Doctor who gave her what she wanted?

Rose sighed, then sighed again. Something twisted up inside of her and she sighed a third time, trying not to scream. She yanked him closer to her by the hair and held her breath, wondering if it would be wrong to scream. It couldn't be wrong, could it? Well, it kind of would have been, she supposed. Considering…

No… no. He wasn't her Doctor. But… then he did that thing. With his tongue. And she didn't give a shit.

Finally she had to breathe, and a moan escaped her, echoing off the dark walls.

Two and a quarter seconds later–she had no idea how she knew that exactly–there was a knock on the door.

"You bloody perverts! Get out of my pantry!" Jackie Tyler shrilled from the other side of the heavy door. "I told you about this yesterday!"

When the Doctor didn't stop, there was another forceful pounding on the door, then the knob rattling. "We have company!"

The thing… with the tongue…

Rose giggled, but it was the wrong thing to do. It erupted into a high pitched squelch that evolved into a scream just as soon as she knocked a row of cans off the shelf. Pressing her hands against the wall, she tried to contain herself. Seeing as how that wasn't possible, she began slapping the Doctor's head, trying to get him to stop, and not really wanting him to.

"Mum… justa… min…oh…" She slapped him in the head again. "Not helping!"

On the other side, Jackie sighed. "Couldn't we get the repressed one?"


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