Hello everyone. This story is co-written by one of my friends and me. She does not have a fan-fiction account, however, so we're posting it on mine. I'll have to ask her what she wants to be referred to as...can't just call her my friend forever.

Anyway, this is basically Snow White with Hetalia characters...along with a couple changes for humour's sake. We should be updating fairly quickly in the future, but this prologue is just up to reserve the spot for fear anyone else comes up with the same idea and we then feel like we're copying. The rest of the story will be posted once we get farther along with it (my friend is on vacation, so she hasn't had time to write)

That being said, here's the prologue, written by my friend. We alternate every chapter, and proofread/edit eachother's work. Hope you like it :]

Disclaimer: We do not own Hetalia.

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, there lived a king and his queen. The queen was an otaku, so she wanted a pretty son with hair black as night, eyes like whirlpools in the darkness, and skin white as the hair of those quote "super hot anime hunks that are completely bad ass."

When the queen told the king this, he first looked at her incredulously and then was at a loss of what to say. After a few minutes he just responded that it was highly unlikely that it would turn out that way unless the child was a vampire, to which the queen responded "vampires are awesome too!" After that she was confused as to why her husband left with his hand on his forehead muttering something about finding an aspirin.

Oh how the queen would have pointed and laughed, "Ha! I told you so!" if she weren't so tired and in such excruciating pain when her ebony haired, midnight eyed, almost inhumanly pale son was born.

She decided to name him Japan, which the king found very odd, but seeing as she was in pain and still having hormone influxes, didn't dare comment about. For some reason everyone in the kingdom called the prince, "snow white", which although fitting, was a rather random nickname. It stuck fast however, so there wasn't really anything the king could do, especially since it overjoyed the queen that her beautiful son was given such a "cute" nickname.

Unfortunately, much to the grief of the kingdom, the queen died of illness shortly after Japan's 4th birthday. There was much mourning by the king and the fair prince. The king didn't marry again, for his mother had read him the fairy tales of how the step-mothers treated their step-children, and he loved Japan far too much to let that happen. But while the king was busy trying to avoid evil step-mothers, he failed to realize that there could be other potential non-blood relations that would be of danger to the prince.

When Japan was 14, his father arranged a marriage to a mysterious, if not somewhat sketchy, 15 year old boy named Russia, in order to strengthen ties with them. Russia's family wish for him to marry the cutest in the land, and it was believed that Japan would grow up to fit that role. Neither Russia nor Japan was happy with the arrangement, though, seeing as Japan didn't even know Russia, and Russia had a boyfriend named America. However, there was another who was even more upset about the engagement.

That was Russia's sister, Belarus, who was currently the cutest in the entire kingdom.

But contrary to her appearance, she was psychotic and bent on marrying her brother. She even went as far as to plan on turning America into a dwarf, but later decided on a chibi instead due to the advice from her magic mirror. The magic mirror, also known as China, responded that chibis were so much cuter (aru).

Her plans were nearly put off when she mistakenly turned America's twin brother, Canada, into one. Not bothering to fix her error, she simply went forward with her plans and turned America into a chibi as well, forcing the twins to live with the other chibis deep in the forest. Since there are only supposed to be seven chibis, Belarus realized that an extra two would cause problems after she performed the spells.

If Japan did grow to be the cutest in the land, then she would kill him so that no one would stand in the way of her marrying Russia. Both Russia and Belarus (with the help of a few threats) moved into the castle.

Belarus forced Japan to wear a dress to distract from his cuteness by making people laugh at him. Because she was paranoid, Belarus would ask her magic mirror everyday, "mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the cutest of them all?" and every day she would get the same answer.

"You are, though Shinatty is much cuter than you are aru," China would murmur sullenly.

To this remark, Belarus would reply, "what's so cute about that servant in a cat suit!? He's more creepy than anything! Oh well, he's just a servant so that means that I will marry Russia."

And this continued until Japan turned 17.