The party passed without significant event. It was rowdy, disorganized and crazy, as events with the Chibis tended to be, but there were no occurrences outside the normal range of insanity.

Japan enjoyed himself thoroughly, except when France and Italy tried to dance with him, stacked on top of each other, which would have been classified as traumatic for more than one party if Germany hadn't noticed as soon as he did. That aside he had laughed along with the rest, listened to their banter and watched their antics. It was especially humorous when Spain tried to Tango with a surprisingly compliant Romano (rose supplied by France). Despite all this however, his mind was partly elsewhere, thinking of the story Bashful had told him, wondering if Lithuania was really all right and imagining how things must be progressing back at the castle.

As much as his soon-to-be-sister-in-law had tortured him, as much as he sometimes felt trapped, the castle was his home since birth. It was comforting in its familiarity, even if its occupants were often anything but. He had grown up with the quirky personnel and he found himself missing them.

A tap on the shoulder stirred Japan from his thoughts. He looked down to see one of the Chibis looking up at him with big, half-lidded, sleepy eyes.

"You seem quiet," Greece remarked, in his slow, lethargic voice that so suited his personality. Japan half smiled to himself at the irony of the comment; this particular Chibi was no loudmouth himself, even on the rare occasions he wasn't asleep, like now.

"I've been thinking," Japan responded, the upturned corners of his mouth lingering, becoming pensive.

Observing his surroundings, he noticed how relatively quite it had grown, the majority of the Chibis having found a spot to settle down in for the night. From the scatted bottles and slumped over, mumbling forms, it was obvious alcohol had become involved, though Japan could not recall this introduction.

"…anything in particular?" Greece further queried, after a pause long enough to signal an end to most normal conversations. He sat down next to the human.

"My home," Japan answered vaguely, reluctant to get into the exact details: he had no desire to burden one of his newfound friends with his melancholic musings. A silence stretched between the two, soft and gently, yet filled with the expectance of more words.

Italy shifted in his dreams, drawing a similar reaction from Germany, with whom he was sharing the little perch of the loveseat. Spain had fallen asleep on the floor, traces of one of his goofy smiles still lingering, as he held Romano closer—the smaller Chibi had presumably joined the other after making positively sure he was completely asleep.

America and France were still giggling to each other through hiccups, the bottles having fallen out of their grasp long since, their eyelids drooping in the first grasps of sleep. Bashful was snoring softly between the two, curled up with a blanket and pillow. As he watched, America gave a last hearty laugh before flopping over on his brother, instantly asleep. Japan felt an involuntary smile cross his lips, replacing his wistful expression.

"…home now." Caught up in his observations as he was, Japan barely heard the last part of Greece's statement.

"Pardon me?" the young man asked, tilting his head downwards, apologetically, not meeting his friend's gaze. "I'm sorry. I seem to have—"

A soft thud on his shoulder startled Japan from his apology. He looked towards Greece, only to meet perpetually messy bed-head. Smiling with half amusement, half light exasperation, Japan shifted position ever so slightly, so that he was leaning back against the wall, doing his best to accommodate the Chibi's use of his arm as a pillow.

Thinking the other asleep, he gave into temptation and ruffled the brown mop a little. Greece's hair was soft, much like that of a particularly shaggy cat…

"I said…" the Chibi's voice, even mumbled and sleepy as it was, made Japan jump. "…I said…this's…your home…now."

A warmth welled up inside of him. Was this really what they thought? Had he somehow made the transition from an intruder, a burden, to…a part of this little family? Was this really his home now? He was just about to voice these thoughts—mouth open, poised to form words—when a surprisingly loud snore emitted from Greece.

With a sigh, Japan looked around the room, assessing the damage. There was stray food cast around, empty bottles, haphazard decorations, dirty plates and dishes. He should clean it up, and check on everyone. How much alcohol was dangerous to Chibis? What if they had had too much? He bit his lip, brow furrowing in concern.

Then again, he was probably worrying too much, over-thinking things, as usual. Besides, getting up would disturb Greece. He looked so peaceful; Japan couldn't bring himself to do it. So instead, he settled back contently against the wall. It was surprisingly comfortable there on the floor.

He let his eyes flutter close.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone :3