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"Danny?" Sam asked me. I was staring out the window, deep in thought. I was thinking about the other boy, the boy in the Cirque. He had left an imprint on me like no one else ever could. He was someone who I could probably talk to about being a halfa. He was someone I could use my powers with without fear of messing up or hurting, without that lingering feeling that even though my friends cared, I was still a freak.

"Huh?" I asked, looking around at her. We were in her room, waiting to go to the Cirque Du Freak. After I had come back from getting the tickets, I had rushed to Sam's house to tell her what I found. I knew she understood.

"Thinking about the boy again?" she asked. I nodded.

Bring. Bring. Bring.

My cell phone's alarm broke the silence. It was time to go to the Cirque! I quickly shut off the alarm, and transformed gleefully.

I held out my hand to Sam, and she took it with a smile. Picking her up gently, I jumped out the window.

Sam shrieked as the air plummeted past us, but I whooped in happiness. Adrenaline filled me, and a second before we hit the ground I pulled out of the drop and steadied out, rising back up into the air. Sam playfully smacked me, and I stuck my tongue out at her before heading to the Skulk and Lurk, where the Cirque was going to be held.

We got to the Skulk and Lurk in record time. I flew faster then I probably ever had flown before, because now the Cirque held secrets for me; it held a whisper of understanding.

A large tent had been erected behind the Skulk and Lurk in the field behind it. I landed softly in a grove of small trees nearby and released the power from my body. Within seconds Danny Fenton was standing where Phantom was.

Sam smiled, grabbed my hand, and sprinted to the tent, me hot on her heels.

I slowly pulled the tent curtain away and peeked inside the large tent. It was pitch dark, and a bit spooky. I gulped and turned to Sam.

"You sure you want to do this?" I asked, even though my whole body was aching to run inside and confront whatever was inside.

"Of course." she snorted and shoved her way inside. I laughed softly and followed her.

"Tickets?" a voice growled out to us about halfway down the pathway. Sam screeched and jumped, clutching my arm, her nails digging into my flesh. My reaction was a lot more subtle, but my eyes flashed green and my whole body tensed and I dropped into a fighter's crouch.

A man appeared from the darkness ahead of us, seeming to morph from the very shadows. He was tall, taller then any human man I had ever seen, and taller then many ghosts as well. His aura was…off, human, but…not. I shook my head to get rid of the lingering feeling of unease, and handed him our tickets.

Sam released my arm and stood ram-rod straight, obviously trying to prove herself to this man.

"We normally do not allow children to the Cirque." he growled in a rough voice.

"We are NOT children!" Sam snarled fiercely. I merely glared.

"You are not adults either," he laughed, short and harsh, "Go in."

I gave a short nod to this man, not noticing that I had reverted to my 'Phantom' behavior. Something, probably the aura, gave me the creeps about this man.

"Oh, and Daniel, try not to attack any of our performers. They mean you no harm." The man croaked before fading back into the shadows, leaving me stunned.

"How…?" I muttered.

"Danny?" Sam asked, grabbing my hand again.

"Ignore him, he's probably trying to scare us. Maybe he had a list of people coming or something." I made up an excuse and lead Sam into the main part of the tent.

The air of the Cirque hit me hard, filling me with glee. It wasn't a regular circus, there was no popcorn smells or the smell of caramel. It was darker, more creepy, and appealed to my ghostly nature. Also, the auras of fear radiating off the people fueled me, making me feel better; stronger. Sam didn't like that I had to feed off auras like other ghosts, but I couldn't help it. Its what ghosts are made for.

My eyes glowing softly to allow us to find our seats in the almost pitch dark, I guided Sam to the bleachers, and we got a prime seat in the third row. There was no one bigger in front of us, and we were directly in front of the small stage. Perfect.

We sat in the dark for a couple minutes, waiting for everyone to arrive and the show to start. I was twitchy and nervous and quite impatient.

"What's wrong, Danny?" Sam asked me.

"I don't know. I just…have a weird feeling that something's going to happen. You know? I need to meet this kid, but what if he's,"-Sam sent me a pointed look here- "Or she's, scared, or mean, or just doesn't want anything to do with me?"

Sam placed her left hand on my right, trying to comfort me.

"Don't worry so much, Danny. Just have fun!"

I grinned.

The lights suddenly shut off, with no warning, plunging us into pitch black. People all around Sam and I screamed with terror, and just for fun. Sam screeched a bit, clutching my hand, but her eyes were bright with excitement that I was sure was mirrored in mine and everyone else's. I was starting to feel the effects of the fear that was trickling from around the room into my system. Ghosts did feed off of emotions, after all, and half-ghosts were not an exception.

Trumpets blared from nowhere, starting off soft, and as we listened, louder and louder and louder until the people in the front row were cringing from pain and covering their ears. It lasted for hours, or seconds, it was hard to tell. Without any warning, the trumpets stopped, leaving our ears ringing and straining for any noise.

I glanced at Sam, adrenaline coursing through my body. It was hard not to leap out of my chair or let some power come flowing out of my fingertips, but I had to show restraint.

A green light, the same color as my ectoplasm, lit up the stage, casting shadows on the rest of us in the audience.

For a minute or so, we sat and stared at the stage, with bated breath. Then two people came out, pulling a cage covered by some sort of fabric. When they got to the middle, they stopped, bowed to us, and scurried off.

The cage was alone in the middle of the stage. A small tremor shook it, then a larger one, and then an even larger one! Before anyone could do anything, the fabric fell off, and the screaming started.

The freak was a wolf-man. I gazed at it in wonder. The man, or wolf, didn't look like a ghost. It looked like a normal person, except covered in hair. He only wore a loincloth, so everyone could see that hair sprouted out of every place possible. His eyes were red with rage, and his teeth were yellow. He roared and grabbed the cage, shaking it. Screams were resonating through the theater now, more for fun then terror.

After the wolf-man calmed down, the tall man who knew my name walked out on stage.

"Ladies and Gentleman," he announced, his voice low and croaky, "Welcome to the Cirque Du Freak, home of the world's most remarkable human beings!"

Murmuring commenced from the crowd, scared but curious.

"We are an ancient circus. We have toured for over 500 years, bringing the weird and macabre to town after town all over the U.S.A. Our lineup has changed over the years, of course, but never our mission: To Astound and to Terrify You!" The man announced. Sam and I exchanged glances.

Many freaks circulated the stage, including, but not limited to, a beautiful lady who turned out to have a beard that couldn't be cut (Sam didn't let me try my ghost ray), a man who could bend in any direction he wanted, a man who could eat anything, and finally a guy who could walk on his hands.

After the hand-walking guy left, the stage got dark and quiet again. Sam shot me a quick look that I could easily see through all the gloom. Was this going to be the time that I could finally see the boy, face to face?

A spotlight blared on center stage with no warning, spilling odd blood-red light across the floor, not quite banishing the shadows from the corners. I squinted my eyes, allowing them to flare green for a quick moment so I could see well. Just where was the next act?

There was a flash of dazzling white light, so bright that I had to pull my head away for fear of blinding myself and cover my eyes, and then a man was standing in the middle of the stage. He was tall and lean, with a crop of bright orange hair and a deathly looking scar running down his face. Dressed in deep red robes, the man bowed to us.

"I am Mr. Crepsely, and this is Madam Octa," he declared, gesturing first to himself, then to the spider that appeared like magic on the table next to him, "And this is my assistant, Darren. He will help with the performance as needed."

Another light flashed, smaller this time, and the boy I was looking for appeared beneath them, wearing a button-up black shirt undone at the top and black slacks and Converse. I stared openly at him, searching for any hint of his hybrid nature, but the only clue I got was the practically over-powering aura throbbing from him…and his master.

The act opened with the man playing a small flute and having his spider do tricks like flips and using a knife and spoon. I didn't really pay attention, I was more watching the boy, Darren, stand at attention in the corner. His fingers were moving slightly, probably involuntarily, as the lilting music drifted across the stage. He probably also played the flute and was playing the song in his mind.

I was drawn back into the performance when screams racked the audience. My hero nature came automatically into play as I sat up straight and scanned for the problem. Sam, who hadn't screamed, placed her hand on my arm comfortingly.

"Were you even paying attention?" she asked with a smirk on her face.

"Not really," I grinned back, staring attentively now at what was going on. There was a dead goat lying on the stage, and the spider was swinging back and forth from a strand right by it.

"The spider. It's deathly poisonous. It killed that goat with one bite! They could have just told us…," I tuned out Sam's soft rant as she went on about animal cruelty, and glanced back at the boy, to just see him stop licking his lips.

What? I blinked and looked back, and the boy was moving to center-stage. He was pulling his own flute out from a braided cord from beneath his shirt, and was playing softly, joining tunes with his master's. The spider was looking confused, before turning and looking at Darren, pulsing slightly. Darren made a small cooing noise from the back of his throat that I doubt anyone else picked up on, and then played the flute as the spider did some pretty terrifying tricks on Mr. Crepsely's face.

I was on the edge of my chair, ignoring the boy as I watched the act avidly. Every once and a while I would glance back at him, to see him still playing the flute, eyes tightly shut, swaying slightly. He was obviously engrossed in the act, wanting it to seem like he was in total control.

Soon the act ended, and the boy slowly opened his eyes and stopped playing the flute. He squinted softly, and then without warning glanced up. For the second time in two days, our eyes met. A shock seemed to resonate through me, and for one small second, I couldn't do anything but stare.

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