Another day for Jude at Stick-It, even though managing both it and the Ice-Rink were cool to him, and he kept Stick-It a lot cleaner now, today… he was feeling just a little bored.

Even as Jen and Jonesy passed by, "Hey... guess what I am."

Jen took one look at the way Jude was sitting, "Is it something that starts with Lay… and ends with About…?"

Jude winked at her, "Cheap shot, bra." Then he asked if Jonesy got the job. "Oh, yeah I did. You are looking at new night watchman for the mall."

Jen raised an eyebrow, "You get to stay up all night, and patrol the mall in case of robbers breaking in?" she asked, "What's so great about that…?"

Her step-brother explained that it meant he didn't have to work at all the whole day, and he wouldn't have to go home at closing. "So… in other words, you get to do what you want all day long and not worry about being fired." Jude said. "Du-hu-hude…"


And they bopped their fists. Jen however was not impressed, "Uh, Jonesy… don't you think you should go home and get some rest?"

Her step-brother certainly did not think so, "Look at me, do I even look tired…? I don't think so… besides, only nerds and wusses have naps in the daytime." Then he walked off to meet up with Nikki.

Jen then made a little bet with Jude, "Five bucks says he gets fired tonight…?"

Jude gave her his money, "Sweet…!"

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