Engagement Troubles


Stars of Gold


Prologue - Sandy Swellow

My name is May Maple.

This is my story.

Heh. I've always wanted to say that, ever since I played that video game. You know, the one with the summoners and the aeons and stuff. Yeah. Oh, and the chocobos. Definitely the chocobos.

Anyway, this is my story. Yup, my story. My story of how I met Drew's entire family, that is.

Yeah. His family's pretty big.

...Screw that, it's freaking HUGE! Holy Ho-Oh, I don't know how everyone remembers them all!

But first, we go to the beginning; namely, the reason Drew brought me to see his family in the first place.


It was a bright, sunny day. I was happily licking an ice cream Drew bought for me (he lost the contest we had recently entered, so I made him do it as punishment. Yes, this is our motivation for winning) when a Swellow swooped down and nipped Drew's hand affectionately.

"Is that you, Sandy?" Drew asked in surprise, holding out his arm for Sandy to perch on. Sandy the Swellow cooed appreciatively and perched happily on his forearm, rubbing her (I assumed it was a her; who names a male Pokemon 'Sandy'?) head against his cheek lovingly.

"Hey, nice to see you again, Sandy. Got a message from home?" Drew turned to me. "Hey, May, could you help me untie the letter from Sandy's leg?"

I tried. I did. I reached for Sandy's leg, but she pecked my hand away and glared at me. I swear, she did. "Um, Drew? I think Sandy doesn't like me," I said in a pathetic, getting-bullied-by-a-Pokemon voice. Drew sighed. "Sandy. And here I was thinking you'd gotten over this." Turning to me once more, he said, "She gets like this a lot. You know, with other females around me. Sorry I didn't warn you; I thought she was over it. Oh well, no harm done."

I cleared my throat loudly, holding up my injured hand. "This is 'no harm done'?" I asked incredulously. Drew shrugged. "More or less."

"You self-centered jerk! I just got brutally attacked by a Swellow who's got a crush the size of Jupiter on you and you say 'no harm done'?! I mean, come on, I know you're bitter from losing that contest to me, but that's no reason to turn away while I'm dying– "

"May, you drama queen. Sandy, you can go home now."

" – and act like you don't care 'cause I'm, like, your best friend, and I know you care about me and stuff so there's no bloody reason to pretend not to care just because you think it'll increase your sex appeal or something – "


By now, he'd already opened the letter and read through it twice to make sure of it's horrid contents, although I didn't know that until later.

I shut up.

It wasn't the fact that he said my name that shut me up. It was the look of horror plastered across his face. I think it even seeped into his voice.

"What's wrong, Drew?" Naturally, I was concerned. It seemed that Sandy only came with big news from his family, considering I've been traveling with Drew for like a year now and I've never seen Sandy. What if his father died?! What if his father was a victim of domestic violence?! Heck, what if his father died because of domestic violence?!?!

Drew looked at me with the most grave, somber expression I have ever seen on his face. I almost dreaded the words that would tell me of what horror had befallen his family.

And then he said, as if it were the apocalypse...

"I have to get married."


DISCLAIMER: I do not own Pokemon. Nor do I own Final Fantasy X, which, of course, is the video game referred to in the beginning.