I looked around terrified, at the children - winged children, just like us, standing beside me. The School had made a replacement Flock, I realised. But I was going to save them. I remembered how Iggy had picked the locks to get us into the School and the mind numbing hours of nothing flying to the School.

And I was furious. At the School. At Jeb. At Itex. And I couldn't take it. I turned to Iggy spitefully.

"If you go with Jeb, then you're not coming back to the Flock. The group over the individual. I'm not risking us all on the hope that you will be able to see again, but will betray us"
Iggy glared sightlessly at me. "I would never betray you Max, but I want to see"

"The School would never let you go" I screamed, my words echoing over and over again.

Iggy turned around, and head in hands, walked towards Jeb.

It was utter betrayal.

And then I realised something, the one thing I could do? I could let Iggy go with Jeb. He'd be able to see, and although I might never trust him fully again - I understood his decision, and I would let him back into the Flock.

After all, you can't just leave your family.