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A/N: I just finally finished reading the trilogy and now I wanted to create a fanfic off of it. Here's the summary: A week has passed since Tom and Kate returned to Chicago for Tom to be cured by Jicaque, when something goes way wrong. Tom and Kate become separated, and neither of them know what to do. 5 months pass by, and Kate has been trying to find Tom the entire time. But then she meets up with Joe, Tom's younger brother, who like Kate is trying to find Tom. Teaming up with Joe, Kate continues the search for Tom. But along the way, they meet back up with an old friend, who has helped them out plenty of times. Adam Blood also helps in with the search, only because Stacy tells him to. Also a there's a certain 'wolf that keeps catching Kate's eye. But a few 'wolves are upset that Kate and Tom destroyed Takapa's plans. So they are out for revenge. Read on to find out what is going to happen!

Chapter 1

Tom relaxed in the car as Kate drove the black Mercedes that Blood had let them keep. She had just told him if he would sit still for his next meeting with Jicaque, he could call his parents and let them know where he is. Kate sighed.

"Tom I didn't say if you would sit still in the car. Its when we get to Jicaque." Tom looked over at her.

"Kate, I've been doing this for a week now with Jicaque. The past 6 meetings were the same and will be the same until the end of the month." Kate nodded, understanding completely.

"Tom, what are you going to tell your parents on the phone?"

"I won't say anything about you, if you don't want me to." For a moment Kate felt hurt, but then it disappeared quickly.

"You can tell them about me, if you want to. But if you don't, I can understand." Tom smiled slightly at her.

"Thank you Kate. For sticking beside me the entire time." Kate didn't even glance at him.

"Your welcome. I guess." She then pulled into the driveway of where Jicaque was staying with Sunday and her father.

"Here we go again."

"Yep." Kate and Tom both climbed out of the car and walked up the sideway and into the house. Jicaque was drinking tea with Sunday and John Walker. Sunday looked up and smiled at them both.

"Welcome back!" She hugged them both at the same time. Kate looked at Tom and sighed, again.

"I guess you can call them a bit early. If its alright with Jicaque, of course." Tom looked at Jicaque, eyes full of hope.

"Go ahead Tom." Tom smiled and grabbed the phone and dialed his family's home phone. Much to his surprise his little brother, Joe, answered the phone.

"Anderson residence. How can I help you?" Tom smiled into the phone.

"Hey, Joe. I see Mom and Dad have you saying that now on the phone." He heard Joe gasp slightly.


"Yeah. Hey, how has everything been?" He heard Joe screaming in the background and then his father picked up the phone.

"Who is this?"

"Dad, its me." His father was silent for a few moments.

"Tom, why haven't you called us before? Your mother told me about your call on Christmas."

"Dad, I haven't had enough time to call you guys. But have you watched the news recently?"

"Of course. We always watch the news now. Especially if anything new has popped up about you."

"Well then you would know that the double homicide had nothing to do with me, or Kate Folan."

"Yes, we heard that on the news. Carrie has been.....weeping ever since you didn't call back. She said you made it sound as if you were about to die or something."

"I'm fine and I didn't mean to make it sound like that. Can you put Joe back on the phone?" The other line went silent for a few moments and then it was passed to someone. His mother's voice reached him.

"Tom, its me. Your brother ran outside. Where are you?" Tom looked at Kate and she nodded encouragement to him. She obviously knew what question was just asked.

"I'm....Mom, I'm in Chicago."

"Chicago? Why on earth are you out there?"

"I was needed here."

"Tom you were needed with us. Home. Your still needed here." Tom heard a noise on the other side of the phone and identified it as Joe talking softly.

"Mom, hand Joe the phone." He heard his mother gasp, but nonetheless the phone was handed to Joe.



"Are you coming home?" Tom closed his eyes. Trying not to let his tears fall.

"By the end of this month I should be back."

"But why? Why can't you come back now?"

"Joe, I'll make a promise to you. When I come home, and after I'm done making it up to Mom and Dad, I'll take you out for Ice Cream. With Kate, of course." He winked at Kate, making her blush.

"Is Kate your girlfriend?" He heard his parents say stuff like "What?!" in the background and Tom smiled.

"Yes. In fact she is."

"Is she cute?" Tom laughed.

"Yes. Now why are you asking me this?"

"Just curious."

"Joe, what did you get for Christmas?"

"Everything I wanted....almost."

"Almost? What didn't you get that you wanted?"

"I wanted you to return home." Tom's heart dropped when he heard his parents say something like they were going to get tickets and come down to Chicago.

"Joe, do me a favor."

"Sure. What?"

"Don't let Mom and Dad come down to Chicago."

"Huh? Why?"

"Just....Please Joe. Just don't let them." He couldn't risk letting his parents find out the REAL reason he was in Chicago. Being cured for being a 'wolf, wasn't something he wanted his parents to find out.

"Alright. Is that everything?"

"Nah. I just want you all to know that as soon as I'm done here, Kate and I'll head home. To you, Mom and Dad. Okay?"

"Okay. Talk to you later?"

"Yeah. I'll call again. I promise."

"Okay. Love you, bye."

"Bye." He hung up and looked at them all. Kate was smiling sadly at him.

"Tom, I know you want to return to them, but we have to get you cured first."

"I know. Jicaque is it possible to continue the cure in Seattle?" Jicaque sighed.

"Sunday and John would have to come as well. And I don't know if John is up to traveling." Tom lowered his head in frustration. Joe wanted him home, as did his parents. He was needed here, so he could be cured and be officially Kate's boyfriend. And he was needed at home, with his parents and brother. 'I'm being torn into two.'

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