Once every generation, a Dream Keeper is chosen

Protector of light, defender of nights, proved worthy by the Nozan.

Dreams are what they protect, balance they must keep

If they're felled in the dream, they perish in their sleep.

Weiling the Sword of Dreams, they are the mightiest of all

They can defeat any Nightmare, whether they are big or small.


The Nightmares are growing more powerful with every passing night

And if we do not do something they will defeat our might.

We cannot find a Dream Keeper that is pure of heart

In this new age, dreams are becoming a lost art.

We must face the facts: we are losing this war

And unless someone is chosen, we-

Sir, you have a call on line 1.

Can't you see that I'm typing a "help wanted" poem on the internet?

But sir, it's from Merlin.

Merlin? Give me the phone! ...Hello? Oh, hello sir Merlin. Do you have any news? ...wait, WHAT ABOUT THE DREAM KEEPER? ...okay, yes, the comics page does have... yes I understand sir... but sir, back to the subject, what Dream Keeper? ...the one in the prophecy? Pure of heart? Well, sir that's... that's amazing!...you need me to do what? ...oh. Right, sir. I'm on it sir... yes, I know I screwed up last time... I appreciate your words, sir, but I really do deserve berating from... Wait, could you repeat the name, sir? ...Pax? Odd name... yes sir... I'm on it, sir... Paper Mario based? Well... if you say so, sir... goodbye, sir.

So, how did it go?

Shut it, Tom. I need to find this "Pax" character and take him into the dream world.



We have found a new Dream Keeper that goes by the name of Pax

And although he may be the chosen one, we cannot relax.

The Nightmares are more powerful than they were ever before

We have no idea how powerful this kid is and... um... shoot, what rhymes with before? Well... maybe this will be good enough for Nozan. I'll just post it and hope for the best.

Author's Note: Okay, now this is a lot more accurate to the characters and the setting! If you liked this (or at least are slightly interested in it) then check out The Legend of the Dream Keeper: The First Dream, online now!