Demonic Yugi

1 – the mysterious book

"Happy Birthday Yugi!" Yugi's friends and family shouted as the young teen proceeded to blow out the candles on his cake.

"Hurry up Yuge and cut the cake, I am starvin'." chirped Joey Wheeler as his sister Serenity elbowed him in the side.

"Joey be nice!" Serenity snapped at her older brother. Laughter filled the room as Yugi looked around the room at his friends and family. His older brother Atem sat at Yugi's side. Atem and Yugi looked so much alike that sometimes people mistake the two brothers for twins even though Atem was two years older and much taller than Yugi. Atem and Yugi had different fathers but the same mother. Atem's father had passed away when he was five years old and Yugi's father left before Yugi was even born. Both of the teens mother had passed away rather suddenly as their mother's father, their grandfather took the teens in. Both of Atem's and Yugi's classmates who also happened to be their closest friends were there too. Joey and his sister Serenity Wheeler, Tea Gardner, amd Tristan Taylor celebrated the birthday with Yugi Moto, Atem Yami, and Mr. Moto. Yugi's and Atem's grandfather Mr. Moto proceeded to cut the cake handing out a slice of cake to everybody.

"Yugi why don't you start opening up some of your presents." stated Mr. Moto. Yugi proceeded to take a gift off of the chair that was right next to him taking off the card first before undoing the wrapping paper. He did this with every gift that he had gotten. Atem had given Yugi a book that was written by Yugi's favorite author, Joey had given Yugi a pack of playing cards from a game that they had heard about, Serenity had given Yugi a gift card to a local store to get whatever he wanted, Tristan had given him a remote control race car, Tea had given Yugi several music cd's of several different popular groups, and Mr. Moto had given Yugi a huge puzzle for him to solve. At the bottom of the pile was an odd looking package mailed to him. The package had no return address written on it. Yugi opened the package to find wrapped in brown paper an old looking leather bound book which looked much like a journal because there was no words found on the cover and/or on the spine of the book.

"This is certainly weird. Grandpa is this from you?" Yugi asked out of curiosity as Mr. Moto shook his head no. Atem took the old book away from Yugi taking a closer look at it.

"Who in the world would send you an old book like this?" asked Atem before handing the book back to Yugi.

"I don't know the package had no address on it besides mine." replied Yugi as he placed the book down with the other gifts.

After the party was all over with and all of Yugi's and Atem's friends went home, Yugi had brought all of his gifts up to his room. He became curious about the old leather bound book. After putting away everything, Yugi tossed the old book onto his bed. Yugi sat down onto his bed opening up the book. On the first page red a very graphic warning that at first glance Yugi thought that it was a joke.

'Whomever comes into possession of this book and proceeds to read from it out loud shall suffer a terrible curse. This curse will forever change this person as there is no way for the curse to be lifted. Be fore warned to read this book at your own discretion.' it read. Yugi proceeded to turn the page not realizing what he was getting himself into.