14 – prophecy full filled

Once Zork was destroyed, the being of light and darkness began to separated transforming back into Yugi and Atem. Before the being completely disappeared its powers flooded outwards before completely disappearing. Both Yugi and Atem returned back to normal as they began to fall from the sky unconscious. Those whom were there with them to fight against Zork used their powers to catch the falling teens. Everyone whom had seen what had happened were confused by how two teens alone could stop such a huge demon. Dartz was elected crowd control as he had to let everyone know what had just happened. Shadi took the two unconscious teens back to his shop where they could rest seeing how they did what their father's couldn't do by full filling the prophecy and destroying Zork once and for all!

After meeting with the television news crews whom had covered the event as it happened and meeting with the newspaper reporters, the ones whom helped Yugi and Atem then went to Shadi's shop after completing their tasks.

"How are they doing Shadi?" asked Dartz.

"They are resting quite comfortably. It's strange though because I can all ready feel my power returning back to full strength even though I felt it disappearing." stated Shadi.

"Even some of the humans that had witnessed the event even said that they had felt something enter into their bodies. I am surprised that they had managed to complete the prophecy." stated Pegasus.

"But still we can't help to feel sorry for all of those that ended up cursed because of Zork's book." added in the Paradox brothers in unison.

"Speaking of which what should we do with the book? I don't think that there is a way to destroy that book and it is still unsafe to keep it in any realm whether or not Zork has been destroyed." asked Dartz.

"We will take care of the book since it is our responsibility." replied two teen voices. Everyone turned to see Yugi and Atem were standing right behind them.

"How do you guys feel?"asked Shadi. Atem rubbed his shoulders which were still healing from the wounds that Yugi had inflicted.

"Sore." replied Atem as a look of guilt stretched across Yugi's face.

"I am sorry Atem, I just reacted." Yugi replied in perfect English. His voice was still a little bit guttered but you could understand him better know than before. All of the men looked at him shocked. Ever since they had first meet Yugi, all he has been able to speak is telepathically.

"It's all right Yugi, I understand. So what happens now that we have full filled the prophecy?" asked Atem.

"You all must teach those who end up developing magic powers how to control and to use their magic wisely. Yugi because of your demonic form you can choose to remain living here in the world that you know or to live in the magic world. Because of what happened, the magic world has stabilized thanks to the powers of light and darkness. Unfortunately not even the gods themselves can undo the curse that was inflicted onto you." replied a female voice. Both Yugi and Atem turned to see an Egyptian woman floating in the room as she was clearly transparent as her appearance resembled Merick's.

"Ishizu, have you told Merick that?" asked Dartz.

"Yes I have. And my brother has all ready made his decision known to me. I know that we have not meet Yugi Moto and Atemi Yami but you have meet my brother Merick. My name is Ishizu Ishtar and I was elected the guardian of magic. But, that duty and right actually belongs to two." stated Ishizu.

"I would like to remain here in world where all of my friends and family live. It doesn't matter to me if I can't become human again as I have somewhat grown used to this form." replied Yugi gruffly. Even though he would never admit it he was going to miss out on things that he used to be able to do when he was human. Ishizu seemed to understand Yugi's reply as she radiated energy which expelled from her body spreading outward. Once the energy had disappeared Ishizu turned her attention back to Yugi and Atem.

"It is done. Your wish has been made known as this world knows whom and what you two are. Your life maybe a little bit chaotic at first but eventually things will return back to normal." stated Ishizu.

After bidding farewell to their new friends, Yugi and Atem headed back home.

"Do you think it is wise for me to go back home Atem even if I am not human?" Yugi asked as he walked along side his brother.

"I told you that Grandpa doesn't care. He wanted for me to bring you home. And I don't that it will matter to our friends either because you are still the same person even though you look different." replied Atem as Yugi let out a long sigh.

"I wish that I could be as confident as you." stated Yugi as they arrived back home. Atem opened the front door to see all of their friends and family were waiting for their arrival. They were watching the news broadcast as Yugi stood behind his brother afraid of what they would say. Their grandfather was the first to move as he gave both teens a huge hug as Yugi seemed to relax a little bit.

"Thank goodness that you are back home and all in one piece. I almost couldn't believe what I saw on the news. You have got to tell us everything that happened." stated Mr. Moto.

Several weeks had gone by after Atem and Yugi had used their powers to stop Zork. True to Ishizu's word, everyone knew about Yugi's special condition as he was allowed to continue with his school work as both Atem and Yugi set up a small shop in order to train any and all whom developed magic as they hoped that there would never come a time where they would have to use the powers that they have to save the world ever again. As for Zork's book, they arranged for an unmanned shuttle to blast the book into the heart of the sun were it would never come into contact with anyone ever again causing anymore human beings to fall prey to Zork's curse!


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