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A.D. 1759, in the month of August, the Battle of Kunersdorf

A total of eighty thousand soldiers that consisted of the Austrian army led by Landon, along with the Russian army, joined together near Kunersdorf.

The Prussian army led by Frederic II, which consisted of forty-five thousand soldiers, crossed the Oder river in the southern part of Kustrin.

Proudly waving the flag of the black eagle, they marched on….

And when the vicious storm myself quarry finds,

Night be aroused in the lightning's glow,

Which hast but already, anger in hand, been wrought 'gainst the world.

But what trembeled not, was the Prussian courage.

Rock may break and oak tree shatter, I will not tremble:

It shall blow, it shall crash, flashes of lightning wildly cross the sky:

I am a Prussian, I will a Prussian be.

Strongly feuded for, fiercely fought for.

You lie in the middle of the Continent

Like a strong heart.

Since the early days of the ancestors, you have

Borne the burden of a high mission.

Much tried Austria…

The battlefield was burning.

Soldiers were falling.

The king was targeted.

The approaching enemy, while squeezing the trigger on horseback, aimed at his prey.

A bullet was fired, grazing the king's military uniform. The king fell from his horse.

Out darted a man, repelling the blade which swept down towards his king.

Finally, the two men faced each other…

"Roderich!" The Prussian cried. "What are you doing to my precious king?"

"You fool!" The Austrain retorted as he charged at the other. "Return my vital regions to me! I have no intention of showing you any mercy!"

"You coward! You can't do anything alone!" The albino yelled over the sound of their swords clashing.

However, the other was hardly dazed by the low blow. "I would have rather heard those words from anyone but you! Invasions...betrayals…the militarist Prussia!" he cried, his voice still full of confidence, although he was beginning to falter. None could match the sword fighting skill of the Prussian. But he would try, for the good of his country…

"I'll fight even if I'm all alone! As long as my king survives, I'll keep going!" he shouted, edging on until he finally brought the Austrian to his knees. He moved his sword upward across his chest in one swift motion, leaving a long gash that Roderich knew was most likely never to heal.

He closed his eyes, ready to feel the sharp bite of the steel pierce his heart, but when it did not come, he opened them again, only to see his enemy walking away. "Wait!" he shouted hoarsely, unable to stand from loss of blood. "You…do you really think you can match the countries of which you make enemies??"

But the other didn't even both to turn around. All he did was wave and call over his shoulder, much too casually for war, "For today I'll withdraw! Roderich, don't you dare forget the name of the man who will defeat you! His name is 'Gilbert Weillschmidt'!"

So the black steed dashed like wind on the narrow mountain paths. On horseback was a white-haired man in dark blue. Accompanied by his injured soldiers, he sped toward the north…


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