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A Different Type of War

Captain Davey Jones was silent as he looked at the still form before him. His crew was silent as well, wise enough to not disturb their Captain when he had that almost thoughtful look on his tenticled face. Captain Jones then did something that both startled and frightened his crew; he knelt down and gently gathered the injured child into his arms.

The boy stubbornly continued to cling to the piece of wood which had probably been the only reason he had not strayed into this realm until now. Jones could feel his heart thumping as he gently pried the boy's bloody fingers away from the wood, part of his nails ripped off staying imbedded in the wood. He held the boy carefully in his arms, the boy was not dead, though to have entered this realm was to mean that he wasn't very far from deaths door, he could only wonder how the boy had made it here, since it was obvious from his dress he was not a sailor, nor a pirate child, so there was no reason for the boy to wind up in Davey Jones's path. Jones cleared the long thick dark hair that was clinging to the boy's face almost protectively. He wasn't surprised to see that the child was a beauty, the sea tended to take things that were precious into its keeping.

The boy stirred as tentacles traced his face, searching for any other injuries besides the obvious and ones that would be expected from a small child being cast adrift in freezing waters for who knew how long. His lips still held a blue tint that had him calling gruffly for a blanket to be brought to help warm the child. He smiled as the dark lashes fluttered opened and stunning emerald orbs were revealed to him. The boy sighed and smiled dreamily "Am I dead?" he asked almost hopefully.

The eternally damned crew that stood silently behind him felt something they had thought long ago died stir inside of their chests. Their life was listening to the last screams of men who were begging to avoid death, willing to sell their souls in order to prevent the inevitable. However…this little boy, this child, was asking for death as though it would be a blessing. Unknowingly the boy had already won a place in the crews heart that they didn't even know existed. Jones gathered himself enough to stand and bring the boy below deck, out of the freezing wind and rain that tormented this part of the realm. "Get back to work you lazy seadogs!" He called, though it was missing his usual bite, still the crew jumped to work, all with the exception of one 'Bootstrap' Bill. He followed at the Captain's signal, remembering another child, his own, that he had left behind, and the wife that had been recently claimed by the sea.

Jones laid the fragile child gently down in his bed; the boy was gazing at him calmly, although there was obvious confusion in his eyes as he slowly reached out and played with the tentacles on the sea captains face. He giggled as they reached forward and twinned between his fingers playfully. Jones, if he had the ability, might have been blushing, instead he was gazing down stoically at the boy, the one he was beginning to see as the child that he might have had with the woman he once loved. He reached down and began to discard the boy's soaking clothing. What he saw caused fiery rage to course through his cold veins, marks, scars, bruises, cuts and the like all decorated the small boy's chest. Harry looked up at Jones with acceptance "I know…ugly aren't I?" He sighed sadly as he traced his fingers over a recent scar on his slender wrist that looked suspiciously like the curves of finger nails that had dug into his soft skin. He looked up in surprise when he was covered by a soft snow white shirt, it was by far too large for his small frame, but it was still the finest thing the boy had ever seen.

All of his clothes had come from his older cousin, and only after they were little more than rags. He smiled brightly as he looked up at the captain "Thank you…" he said softly and sincerely. The Captain merely said nothing, he didn't trust his words at this moment in time, and motioned for the boy to get under the covers. "What's your name lad?" he asked the boy after he was sure he wouldn't let his anger get away with him. The young boy looked confused for a moment before he said "Harry Boy…or Freak I'm not sure." That was it for the Captain. He let loose a growl as he stood and paced the room angrily much to the confusion of the young Harry.

Captain Jones proudly considered himself a heartless man, and he had also believed himself to be the cruelest being in all the realms! However, as much as he enjoyed death and misery, violence and disappear he had never taken pleasure in the hurting of children, and was known to avoid it if at all possible. His dilemma was watched by the silent Bootstrap and by Harry's curious gem like eyes. Harry got up and quietly came over to the captain. Bootstrap moved to warn the boy away, he knew his captain would never harm a child, but in his current mood he knew it was best not to push his limits, however Harry just sent him a sweet smile as he turned and gently embraced the Captain's leg, which was all the higher the boy could reach. "Don't be angry…please? I deserved it, only bad boy's get punished…" he said softly.

Jones realized that his reaction was scaring the child and he sighed as he leaned over and picked up the small, almost, Faye-like child. "Nay child, bad children aren't the only ones punished." He ran his hand which was mostly a tentacle against the boy's hair. "Time to get you to bed Harry…" The boy looked doubtful at the captain's earlier words, but he wisely said nothing as he was guided back to the large bed and was soon fast asleep, safe inside of its protective warmth. Jones watched him silently for a moment before he turned to bootstrap "Since yer the only one on this twice forsaken ship to know anything about children I'm assigning him into your care." He paused and narrowed his eyes at the other man "And I'm warning ya Bootstrap…if anything…and I mean ANYTHING should happen to him under your care…well…let's just say that serving on this ship for a mere century will look like a holiday." He growled before he stalked off to the upper level. Jones didn't know much about the boy he had saved, but he knew that the glimpses of what he had suffered before told a much deeper and darker story. Already he could feel emotions that he hadn't felt in centuries itching under his skin. Lucky for him whipping some sailors always put him in a better mood.

Bootstrap watched as the small child slept fitfully. He was grateful to Jones for allowing him to watch over the child. It was true he was the only one on the crew with any history at all with children, even if it had only been fleeting glimpses of his son will he knew his way around them well enough, though he knew he'd have to be careful with the damaged boy. He sighed as the boy …Harry….he mentally corrected whimpered and whispered something inaudible under his breath before some silvery tears trailed down his cheeks. He carefully whipped them away, he couldn't help but wonder if Poseidon had brought this child to them for a reason, and if there was one, he could only hope for the best out of all of this.

Life aboard the vessel had certainly changed with the arrival of the young Harry. The once menacing crew soon learned there were certain difficulties that had been unexpected when raising a child. For example they found that it was very difficult to terrify and pillage as they normally did when the boy was underfoot. A prime example of this could be found a week after Harry had joined them, there had been a hurricane and several ships had been taken by the Gail force winds. It was on such an occasion when the Dutchman was summoned to a wreaked ship, the crew was attacked and rounded up, though of course there was no real struggle, the men had crossed over into Davey Jones's territory. They were dead one way or another.

The crew was lined up for inspection, the cursed sailors formed a ring around them, sneering and mocking them as they waited for their captain's arrival. They were too busy to notice the small emerald eyes form that had snuck up to find out what the commotion had been about. Jones made his grand entrance where one sailor promptly fell to his knees begging for mercy, mercy which would of course be declined, Jones had gone through each man, killing a one who kept muttering a prayer under his breath. Nothing bothered the captain more than when a sailor, a superstitious creature by nature, tried to suddenly convert in order to make the afterlife more pleasant experience. He was currently antagonizing a weak looking man by bringing up his claw and bringing it uncomfortably close to a sailors face when loud giggles broke out.

Everyone froze at the sound all briefly wondering if the time on the sea had finally cracked their tenuous hold on reality. They turned as one to the impish form of Harry who was sitting on the wheel "Wow this is a fun game! Is it like Red Rover? I've never played it myself, I've only seen my cousin play it, but it looks a lot like this…only no one's crying and…" here Harry paused as he looked at one man in the line suspiciously "No one pisses themselves." This reminded the crew what they had been doing before they had been so strangely interrupted. Captain Jones cleared his throat slowly and said "Aye lad it's a bit like that…now if you don't mind we have to continue playing, we have several friends who are waiting for us and we can't dally too long with the likes of these. " The damned crew quickly agreed with their captain and the events were hurried, much to the disappointment of the more blood thirsty, but all agreed that it wasn't the same to kill and threaten with their young charge so eagerly watching. So as the Dutchman hurried along to her next victim Jones went down and put Harry to bed. All of the men trying to forget the little 'moment' that had been ruined by the arrival of the child.

Harry smiled as he gazed out at the peaceful sea, it was rare that he got to see the mortal realm's ocean in such a state, usually when his father came up here it was because a recent storm had claimed another ships life, either that or it was calm but they were in the far less pleasant areas of the sea, the entire crew seemed excited to day, both excited and terrified. He understood that he lived on a cursed vessel, though he was spared of the curse because of his 'innocence' though several crew members who had been victims of his more 'playful' pranks often wondered how innocent the child really was. He also understood that today was a big day for his father because it was the one day that he could go on land. It had been almost five years since his father had found him cast adrift in the sea, though he looked to be around four at the time he was found he was really six he had turned eleven, and strangely enough for his Birthday dinner they ate stuffed owl. He shrugged off the thought; he had more important things to think about like wondering where his father would go to spend his one day in a decade on shore. As if summoned his father appeared behind him chuckling "Hush Lad I can hear your thoughts below deck." Harry giggled and hugged his father lovingly.

Davey Jones looked down at the boy silently; he had changed so much since he had come on board the Flying Dutchman. He no longer was sickly or malnourished, the sun had kissed his skin to bronze, the sea wind had giving extra curl to his hair which went past his shoulders, there was a braid with beads on the left side, that covered a strange lightning shaped scar he had, though it was hard to single out scars on the young body. His ears were pierced, with simple studs to start with, Jones said he would earn gold rings when he got older. He wore typical pirate garb, although the crew tried their best his clothing remained a size or two larger then he was, but even that was wonderful compared to the clothing he had been found in. Harry smiled and Jones swore he saw his eyes light up with another devilish idea that would torment his crew. Jones watched him go off and smiled, making sure that none were around to witness the event.

Jones turned and went back below deck, currently his study was filled with map after map, courses marked left and right, one mapped the winds on a certain day, and one mapped the known tides. Bootstrap soon joined him and the men continued to confer. "Are you sure captain?" Due to his position as Harry's 'Guard' Bootstrap had become Jones's unofficial second mate. Jones looked up, if it had been anyone else he would have had them whipped simply for questioning him, but he knew the real question Jones was asking "Aye…one day ought to be enough to find those who were responsible for Harry's care all those years ago…I've been planning this for a long time." Bootstrap looked up at his captain when he knew that he would be back to the maps. He knew that his captain had carved out his heart decades ago… but it was moments like this when he wondered if he had carved it all out.

The ship came towards the shore, disguised through magic so that those who weren't pirate would only see a simple ship, the crew could not disguise their forms however, and so only those who were closest to being human were allowed into the town, and then they covered their forms with shrouds and cloaks.

Davey Jones was covered in a thick cloak that only allowed the shadows of his face to be seen, anyone who saw him would assume that he was human, as long as his tentacles didn't move too much that is. Bootstrap Bill was also part of the land party; he too was covered in a cloak. Harry giggled as he watched his father and crewmates enter on land, he was happy that his father could enjoy his day on land, but he thought it was amusing that the people passing them on the streets had no idea who they were brushing shoulders with. Davey Jones noticed Harry's amusement and cracked a small smile "Well lad, you've been ashore before so why don't you go enjoy yourself and stay outta trouble? My crew and I have some…business to attend too." Harry had been on the ship long enough now to understand that when there was 'business' to be done he generally didn't want to be around, after all, he was a pirate, but still a child and he did not crave the sight of blood. He nodded and smiled happily embracing Davey Jones before rushing off to familiar shops. Davey Jones watched him, he wanted to be with the lad of course on his day off, but there was something else that he'd been burning to do since he found the child. The crew behind him was trembling with anticipation, Harry was one of them and they would do anything for him…although the idea of getting some revenge was an added bonus.

Harry laughed happily as he sprinted through the summer sunlight. He went from shop to shop looking eagerly at all of their wares. There were a few that interested him, but he was saving his coins for the end of the day so that he could be sure of his purchases, he didn't like rushing into decisions. He was looking at a book about myths of the sea when he heard a commotion. He turned and saw a young lady, wealthy, telling from her clothing, she seemed to be in a bit of trouble, and some ruffians were surrounding her and egging her into giving their purse. He looked around and saw that some men were yelling at them to stop, but no one was actively trying to stop them. It was the woman against four of them he saw that one woman ran off to go get the soldiers that were based there. He sighed, he really didn't want to spend the day playing hero, but he knew that he couldn't just walk by when she was pushed to the ground and gave out a cry of pain. He growled and charged forward pushing one of the older guys into the ground "Leave her alone!" He shouted. Moving fast knowing that he had to use the element of surprise to his advantaged he kneed one on the groin and managed to land a solid punch in another's jaw, but unfortunately for him that's when his surprise attack no longer was a surprise.

He gave a groan of pain as one of the larger thugs struck him in the stomach making him land to his knees, he went to wrap his arms protectively around himself, hoping that the girl was at least smart enough to get away, but then his arms were roughly pulled behind his back and he was lifted up into the air "Kids should know better than to get involved in other people's business. " Harry noticed that now the crowd was getting a bit more active, telling the thugs to leave the kid alone. Harry rolled his eyes, no one still came forward to help him, but he didn't have much more time to think as one fist landing again in his gut and another immediately after struck his face. He struggled but soon was focusing all his energy on not crying out, knowing that it would be a small victory, he only hoped that they would stop before he was seriously hurt. He groaned as blackness started to swarm his vision, and at that moment he heard the whistles coming.

He gave a weak laugh, of course they would wait till now to come and be of use. He vaguely noticed that the woman he had saved was with them. He was dropped harshly to the ground as the thugs tried to leave, but were soon stopped by the soldiers. He felt the woman's soft hands on his hot face as she picked him up and laid his head in her lap "Captain Norrington!" She called. Harry winced, for such a pretty face and soft hands she sure did have a loud…annoying voice. "Yes Miss. Swan are you hurt?" Harry, if he could have, would have widened his eyes. Swan…Governor Swan…his daughter. He groaned now he was definitely in for it when his father found out. He could only imagine the demon pirate's reaction when he found out that Harry not only got involved in a fight, and got seriously injured, but all of it was for some rich spoiled brat!? He opened his eyes slowly and looked up stunned at the handsome face before him.

When he heard Elizabeth…Miss Swan, he firmly reminded himself, call for him he had rushed to her side worried that she might have been injured by those thugs who had attacked her, instead when he looked down he saw the boy that she had been talking about, the one that had come forward to help her when no one else had. He felt remorse stir in his gut that they had been unable to come to the boy's aid sooner. His face was swollen and red with bruising, his eyes only able to partially open, the rest of his body not much better, he gently slid the boy's shirt up and was horrified at the green and purple bruising that met his eyes. "They didn't hold back at all…did they?" he murmured to himself. He heard the boy cough and looked up to see that he was laughing softly. "This is no laughing matter young man." Harry shook his head; he supposed the humor would have been lost on a Captain who had never had a hand seriously raised against him. He groaned as Captain Norrington picked him up and carried him to a nearby medic.

It had taken them almost the entire day to hunt down their prey, but the information that they found out during their quest only made them more determined to carry out their revenge. The Durselys that was the name of young Harry's 'family' they had found out through questioning people on the street that Harry had lived with that family since he was only a babe, his mother and father had died in a tragic accident, they heard that besides the day they found the boy he had never been allowed outside unless it was to run errands or do chores. One elderly woman shook her head as she told the strange men all she knew "He was always such a good boy, he would come by my shop often since his Aunt preferred my supplies, he always tried to get the best deal for them and I would have to talk him into accepting a single piece of candy, his Aunt and Uncle always spread around what a horrid boy he was, but he was the most well behaved child I've ever met, all the shop keepers tried to keep an eye out for him, but we could do nothing against his family. Then that one horrible night…" She trailed off with tears in her eyes. Jones gently urged her on "Go on…that night?" The elderly woman nodded "Yes, that night about five years ago, there was a storm and we heard his Uncle shouting at him as usual, his Uncle punished him severely for any disobedience he imagined from the boy." She shook her head "It was early morning I was awake tending to my plants when his Aunt came out of the house he was in her arms, the poor boy was bleeding and unconscious, I saw her leave and thought she was taking him to the doctor for once in his miserable life." Tears came down her cheeks openly "When she came back he wasn't with her, I haven't seen him in over five years…I can only imagine the worst." Davey Jones said nothing as he nodded quietly and gave her a few pieces of gold for her information "Thank you M'am, and rest at ease knowing that he is safe now" Her eyes lit up at this knowledge "Now we must be going, some business to attend to if you understand." The old woman nodded silently, she did understand, and turned and went back into her shop, not wanting to be a witness for what she was sure was about to happen.

Petunia Dursley sniffed haughtily at the bedraggled strangers at her doorstep "How can I help you?" she said, though her tone implied she would love for them to be on their way. Jones had to work hard to make sure that his tone was level so that she wouldn't suspect anything "Ah yes M'am we're here about your Nephew, Harrison Potter?" Today they had learned the boy's full name, shocked that the boy himself hadn't known it. He watched as her eyes widened but then narrowed quickly "That boy no longer lives here…" She paused as the men pushed their way into her house "Oh we're well aware of that M'am." The door closed behind them and only muffled screams were heard.

Harry woke up slowly several hours later. He blinked slowly his eyes adjusting to the light and he looked around slowly as he tried to sit up he winced in pain. "Easy there lad, those ruffians didn't go easy on you." Harry was happy that the swelling in his face went down so that he could clearly see the Captain who had saved him. He was handsome; his silver grey eyes seemed to have the sharpness of his blade as he gazed into Harry's own soft emeralds. "That was a very brave thing that you did for Miss. Swan." Harry snorted "I didn't know that it was the Governor's daughter, if I had I wouldn't have bothered." Captain Norrington's eyes widened at this statement, this boy had engaged his interest and he couldn't stop himself from asking "May I ask why? The governor wishes to give you an award for helping his daughter." Harry just shook his head "Yeah, why award me when I'm sure that people help each other out every day and rarely get more than a 'thanks' for their efforts, I thought that she was some middle class woman dressed up for an event, I thought that money was important to her with how fierce she was guarding it." He shook his head again " Those men probably needed the money more than she ever will, if she had been robbed they wouldn't have done anything more just taken the money and left, she would have gone home and gotten some more and I wouldn't have gotten the living daylights beaten out of me." Captain Norrington wanted to speak on Eliz…Miss. Swan's behalf when he thought about the boy's words and found that they were true. He gave a wry smile and said "You do have a point…" his admission surprised even himself. He wondered why this boy was affecting him so strongly. "Forgive me I've been horridly lax in my manners, I'm Captain James Norrington of the Royal Navy." Harry smirked and said "I'm Harry." He gave no more details than that, knowing it would only cause him more trouble. He then looked out the window and gave a short curse. "I'm dead."

The sunset was bright as it dipped into the ocean. Harry jumped out of the bed, wincing in pain as he did and he hurried to get his items together and make sure that he had everything. He noticed that his gold pouch was missing and could only assume that his money had taken the place of Miss. Swans. He sighed and was about to leave when Captain Norrington stopped him "I don't think it wise to go in your condition." Harry snorted and shook his head "Those who fall behind are left behind…" he rushed out, not wanting to be later than he already was. "Those who fall…" Norrington's eyes widened "That's the Pirate's Code!" He rushed after the boy, wanting to save him from the life of corruption, for some reason the thought of the emerald eyed boy hanging for acts of piracy left a bad taste in his mouth, but when he got out to the street the boy was gone. Norrington stood there gazing at the empty street, there were blood drops from Harry's open wounds, but with darkness falling it would be impossible to follow them to Harry. "Good luck and fast winds Harry." He murmured turning and wandering to the Governor's mansion to tell him of this new development.

Harry ran up the deck and made it aboard the boat in time, he collapsed as soon as he knew he was on safely, his breath panting and shallow as darkness swam his vision. He saw his father's boots before him and looked up smiling softly "Those who fall behind are left behind." He gasped before passing out on the sun warmed wood. Jones leaned down and tenderly picked him up "We'd never leave you behind lad." His eyes didn't miss the injuries on the boy's form, and he knew he'd talk to Harry about them tomorrow, but he couldn't help but be grateful that Harry hadn't had a chance to notice the bloodstains that was on Jones and several other's of the crew. "Launch off you scally wags!" He barked as he took Harry below deck to get some rest. He'd need it for the tongue lashing he was going to get tomorrow.

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