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Harry leaned against the railing as he looked out on the vast and endless sea. The weather had been fair for these past few weeks, leaving the crew with little to do but attend to their posts and wait expectantly. Harry had once again made it his habit to avoid James; it wasn't that he didn't want to see the man. It was that he didn't know what to do with these new emotions inside of him they were unfamiliar, though not unwelcome.

Thankfully he no longer had to worry about Jack Sparrow. The twins had come along to help with the upcoming danger of Voldemort, and until they were needed apparently were satisfied with wasting their time shagging the Captain senseless. All this did was remind Harry of the fact that he may very well be reverting to a virgin.

James was soon able to move about the ship once again. The injury would leave his arm and shoulder sore for a while to come, but most of the healing was behind them at this point. He smiled as he saw Harry leaning against the railing. His long wild hair blowing in the wind as his various trinkets twinkled and flashed in the light. The boy's clothes were loose to allow in the sun's rays and revealed a good amount of his darkening chest. James sighed and hoped that his words were working to convince Harry. It was becoming very difficult to hold out.

Beckett was pacing madly in his room at the Inn. He had heard about his ship's destruction and knew that it was not the natural work of the ocean that had pulled her to her death. There were no survivors but the wreckage that was found told the tail clearly. Beckett knew that he was the target and didn't even think about the innocent men he had led to their deaths. True he wasn't aware of it at the time, but even while he was safe in the cabin he spared those men no thought. To him they had fulfilled their purpose.

Unfortunately for Beckett someone else was having the same thoughts about him. Voldemort did not appreciate when the pawns he used failed to fulfill a specified task. He was working on his own plan to get the boy and retrieve the stone that his father had taken. He slowly approached the Inn and said nothing as he gave the Innkeeper a small pouch of gold. There would be a lot to clean up.

Beckett turned and stared as the door opened with a small whine. His eyes widened when he saw that it was Voldemort. He swallowed as he slowly gathered together his pride and straightened. He planned on explaining to the Dark Lord exactly why he had failed to kill the boy. However, he never had a chance to open his mouth before a flash of light shot towards him.

Voldemort had not killed Beckett instantly, he liked to play with his prey first. And as much as he liked to do that he also knew that Harry Jones was the type that you had to strike lethally on the first blow. Beckett however was a normal man who had failed to meet his expectations. A cruel smile grew on his face as he prepared to take out his frustrations.

Harry felt a chill go up his spine and looked around the ship. He knew that the danger was not on board, but the distance didn't mean he was safe. He wondered what he would do if this Voldemort decided to come after him directly. He frowned lightly at the thought; if the Dark Lord was all that other's made him out to be there was a dangerous fight ahead of him.

James had not missed the subtly change of emotions on Harry's face and his eyes narrowed as he came forward. He knew that there was reason to be concerned when Harry did not immediately react to his presence, or the fact someone had joined him at all. James saw that Harry's dark green eyes were staring off into the distance, and the small frown on those lips made him wonder what the young man was seeing.

Harry pulled out of his train of thought. It would do no good to continue mulling over possibilities, that was something that not even Tia Dalma with all her wisdom chose to do and so he saw no point in doing it either. It was then that he noticed he was not as alone as he was previously but could not be displeased to find that it was James whom had come to keep him company.

James smiled when he saw that Harry's face was now focusing on his own and that the young man couldn't even try to pretend to be displeased. James's smile faded as he remembered the look that had been on Harry's face only seconds ago. "What's happening?" He asked, wondering what could be bothering Harry so deeply.

Voldemort boarded his boat and motioned that the ship was to be leaving with the tide. His crew obeyed him wordlessly. Voldemort turned and looked to the Horizon and smirked as he said "I'm coming little Potter."

Tia Dalma threw her stones and her eyes widened when she saw the danger heading towards her Harry. She shook her head and wondered how she could warn him. Normally she preferred to watch as fate played its games. This time however was different; this was her boy in danger. She looked out her window the small glimpse of the sea and knew what she had to do. She had waited far too long already just for the sake of pride. That pride had cost her years with the one she loved but she would not let it cost her the life of her son.

The locket next to his heart warmed and Davey Jones took a minute to close his eyes as he remembered what that meant. The Goddess who had created him and the woman who had turned him into this monster were calling him. It was not something that he could deny and he didn't know if he would want to even if he was capable of it.

Voldemort used his abilities that were so similar to Harry's to close in on the Black Pearl with an abnormal speed. He smiled darkly. By the end of this day he planned to both have the location of the stone and a certain young man. He dug his nails into the black wood of his ship as he barked for his minions to go faster.

Harry turned sharply when he felt a subtle change in the wind and his eyes widened when he saw a pure black ship coming up on them. The man in the crow's nest seemed to have realized that they had company when he called out. But it was too late to gain distance from them or even fully prepare. There was a thunderous cry from the other vessel as the Pearl was boarded.

Those on board the Pearl fought bravely but were soon out powered and found themselves tied to their masts. It seemed that the black ship's captain was not the only one capable of strange abilities. They used magic that was similar to Harry's, and though it was a far weaker version they were not able to succeed against it. Harry had been busy trying to protect the vessel, the Pearl was not in the best condition and it was stressful for the structure as it struggled to contain the power of both Harry and Voldemort as their magic infused it. Harry's magic was trying to protect the structure while Voldemort was trying to force the elements apart.

Voldemort smirked darkly at the young man before him "Impressive, none have ever been able to protect their ship against me…quite impressive indeed. As a token of my respect I shall leave your ship intact…however your crew is another matter entirely." He motioned to the bound crew and Harry realized that he had been tricked into distraction.

For now he had not only been too focused on the ship to save the crew, but he was also a little tired from the enterprise. He watched as Jack was dragged out of his cabin with both George and a half dressed Fred. He looked around and was surprised to notice one former Commodore was missing from the ranks.

James would have to thank Beckett for his injury, during the attack he had been working on his arm and so had not been drawn into the fight, he had also known that he would be more of a burden than a help when it came to hand to hand combat in this type of situation. Instead he had hidden himself and looked for a chance to come to Harry's aid. He was just waiting for the opportunity to prove himself to the nymph and earn a place by his side.

Harry wondered what James was up to but was distracted when he suddenly had Voldemort at his side. The man had long black hair and burning red eyes. Harry felt a shiver go up his spine, those eyes were the ones who had gone to hell and back. He wrenched away when Voldemort placed a hand on his shoulder but he was grabbed roughly and forced to stay by the man's side.

Voldemort was impressed by the fire burning in those emerald eyes. It seemed that the boy was not as stupid or weak as his father had been. He hummed as he thought of the possibilities that could be had with such a beautiful boy, and then reminded himself that there was business to attend to first. "Our little game is over, now tell me…where is the stone!?"

Harry smirked and shook his head "You've wasted a lot of time, I can hardly remember my Aunt and Uncle, I can't remember a thing about my parents and never received anything from them." He seemed to think this over and then amended it "Well not from my biological parents anyway…."

Voldemort raised a brow at this and said mockingly "Oh…? Who would your other parent's be?" He felt unease in his spine when Harry looked back up at him with a dark smile on his face "Turn around and you'll find out. I have a feeling they'll be wanting a word with you anyway."

Jones did not appreciate being called to Tia Dalma's hut like some lap dog, however when she explained why she had done so he was more than eager to comply. He would do anything for his son, even if that meant releasing Tia Dalma from her human form. And truthfully he had to admit it felt good to have her by his side again, even for such desperate reasons. He heard Harry's words and brought the Flying Dutchmen out of water where he had been waiting for the right moment and revealed to all exactly who Harry's 'Parents' were.

Voldemort turned and was face to face with not only the Flying Dutchman and the infamous Davey Jones, but there was a woman at Jones's side. Her eyes were dark and the power he felt coming off of her as waves rather than the hum that came off of he and Harry. That magic was wild and chaotic, it only need an opening to explode.

Tia Dalma smiled slowly as she purred "Harry…I hope we have not been keeping you waiting?" Her smile faded, and her face darkened as she turned to Voldemort and pointed a claw like finger at him "And you…" She hissed, she said nothing more but there was no need to.

Voldemort wondered how he had missed this information. When he found out that Harry Potter was going by Harry Jones he had thought it was merely an alias that the boy used to protect himself. He also knew that the boy was powerful but had no idea. When he turned back around to face Harry he found the boy smiling coolly as he pressed a blade against Voldemort's chest in warning. The crew from the Black Pearl was released and Voldemort had to wonder how things had gone so wrong.

James came and stood by Harry's side, while Voldemort had been busy realizing who the new arrivals were he had helped Harry to subdue the enemy pirates and free their crew. He had noticed that Harry seemed a little weak on his feet and wordlessly pressed against him to give support. When Harry turned and looked at him with a small scowl on his face all he did was return it with a smile. He was pleased to note that there was a light blush on Harry's cheeks when the young man turned away, and James reminded himself there would be plenty of time to investigate that little blush later.

Voldemort growled as he turned hissing, his red eyes flashing with power "No…I have come so far I won't be stopped now!" His power hummed around him, lashing out as his anger started to build. Harry narrowed his eyes and called on his own magic as well to stop him. He winced in pain but continued to try and subdue the other man's wild energy. If not he was afraid of the possibilities.

Tia Dalma saw what was going on and reached for her stones, if energy could not be controlled it had to be contained. She smirked, and Voldemort had proved that he deserved none of the power he was blessed with. He used it only for force which created and imbalance. She quieted her mind as she linked her magic with Harry's, the boy was weakened already but she needed help in channeling Voldemort's magic so that he would not be able to use it again.

Voldemort realized too late what was happening "NO…NO!" He shouted twisting and trying to pull free, but it was no use denying the combined power of the sea Goddess and the powerful young man behind him. He hissed as his power was forced out of him. He felt hollow and weak as he fell to his knees. He looked up and saw that his magic was trapped within the Sea Goddess's stones. Never to return to him.

Harry smirked and shook his head at the foolish man before him. All of this over a little stone? He was glad he knew nothing about it in case it did such strange things to his mind as well. He smiled darkly as he pulled the weakened man to his feet and dragged him over to the railing. "Don't worry about your magic…where you're going you'll have no need of it." Then he pushed Voldemort into the water below, a fate that was deserved by someone who had attacked not only a ship that he was on, but the crew and himself as well. His father would enjoy the new member of his crew he knew; he waved to his father and answered the man's silent question "Not yet, but soon."

Tia Dalma waved back at him and then the Flying Dutchman returned to beneath the sea. It had not escaped Harry's notice that Tia Dalma's hand had been resting on Jones's. He wondered if this meant his father was realizing that love was not so foolish after all, and then shook off the thought. Love was foolish, but that didn't mean it was worthless. He caught himself eyeing James as he thought that and smiled softly.

James caught the look and forced himself not to appear flustered as he asked gently "Are you hurt anywhere?" He knew it was a foolish question, even with Harry drained and exgausted it would be a hard feat to injure him. He was surprised when he received no answer and was instead grabbed by his shirt and pulled into a fierce kiss.

Jack was watching and sighed nostalgically, he had figured out a while ago that he had no chance. Not between Harry's will to be independent and James's desire to win him over. He smirked as he turned his attention to the two lovely red heads who were smiling at him invitingly, well he wouldn't say that it was a total loss.

James moaned softly into the kiss and then slowly pulled away. He wanted to continue so badly that it burned him; but he had to know. "Is this getting your 'jollies' or something more?" At one point he had been perfectly fine with Harry using his body to sate his lust, but now…now he didn't think he would be able to handle it if that was the case.

Harry shook his head and said softly to himself "Of course love is foolish if I fall in love with a foolish man." He didn't give the poor Commodore time to think over this statement as he pulled the man into one of the few cabin's on board and yelled out in warning "Anyone who comes into this room before we come out is subject to an instant and humiliating death." With that he slammed the door shut.

James was startled at such a rapid turn but soon found he had no time to think as his arms were filled with Harry. The young man's body pressed sensually against his own, those lithely muscled thighs rubbed against his groan and he almost let his knees buckle in pleasure. Harry pressed against him more to help support him as he gave a husky laugh and pulled James over to the bed.

Harry smiled amazed at how sensitive James was to his touch. He led the dazed man over to the bed and fell back on it pulling James down on top of him. He smiled when he saw the cautious look in the other man's eyes. He leaned forward and kissed James softly "I've been waiting so long already…how much longer will you force me to wait?"

James smirked as he remembered what a lustful man he had for a lover. Taking care of Harry and his demanding needs would be quite the project, but one he would never let another man take on. He kissed Harry deeply and murmured "Not a second more." He brushed his tongue against Harry's lips and was delighted when he was immediately allowed in. Their tongues stroked tenderly against each other getting a small moan from Harry as James began to pull away his clothing.

Harry wondered at James's speed when he found himself bare before the military man. He laughed and tugged playfully at James's shirt "A bit unfair don't you think?" He said with a small pout. All he got in return was a moan and an eager kiss as he pulled the Commodore's shirt off revealing a finely muscled chest with a small dusting of hair. Harry licked his lips in appreciating before his tongue was once again asked to do other things.

James could hardly believe that the tanned and willing body spread out beneath him was really his for the taking. He wasted no time in removing his own clothes as his rough hands gently stroked against Harry's member. He felt pride with every mewl and moan he managed to pull out of the young man beneath him and swore that from now on he would be the only one who heard such sounds.

He prepared Harry as best as he could given the situation. He wished that they could have done this in a Hotel with proper supplies, but in their life such luxuries were rare and far between. He made sure that Harry was aroused but not in danger of climaxing as he prepared his smaller lover. He wanted to claim, not hurt.

Harry panted under the Commodore's skillful hands and whimpered as he felt the fingers move inside of him. Sweat lined his hair as he whispered "I'm…not that delicate…" reminding the man of his prolific sex life. There was a small growl from above him and the fingers were pulled out.

James did not need to be reminded he was not the first to do this. He cupped Harry's flushing face and forced the beautiful young man to look at him "I may not be the first, but I promise you I will be your best, last and only." He smirked as Harry's eyes widened before he slid his cock home arching his back as he pulled Harry closer to him, joining their bodies at their very cores.

Harry gasped as he was filled and found he was very glad he had been so carefully prepared. He gritted his teeth and thought evilly 'it wouldn't have hurt this much if he had let me get laid!' but that thought was burned out of his mind as that thick heat inside of him started to move.

Sirius looked at the cabin that Harry and James had disappeared into hours before and said to Remus "When he said a humiliating death what do you suppose it meant?" Captain Jack had put out a money reward to whoever was brave enough to enter the cabin. The rest of the crew had laughed and said that no amount of gold was worth their lives and/or dignity. Remus shook his head and whispered what he thought it meant in Sirius's ear. The man paled lightly and said "I don't need the gold that badly."

Harry felt his climax coming and buried his fingers into the thick shoulders of his lover as he looked up at him gasping "I-I can't…" He shook his head making his hair dance wildly around him. He was given a tender kiss as the Commodore's deep voice whispered lovingly in his ear "Then don't hold back, cum for me."

Harry moaned and cried out as he came, covering their chests with his cum as James slid home one last time and marked Harry as his in the most important of places. When Harry fell against his chest, catching his breath he smiled proudly and said "I told you." Harry shook his head and smiled "Bloody Git…" But he couldn't deny that the Commodore had definitely been his best, would be his last, and from now on, his only.

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