Beginning of September was the most dreaded time of the year after the beginning of exam season. School has started once more and the teenagers were not pleased to be back in the cold sterile building they called hell. Gwen Cooper however enjoyed school more than most not because she was academic but because she would be with her friends more often than she would be in the school holidays.

Pale white skin and deep dark black hair, she had been casted as Snow White one time too many during her primary school years. She had sea green eyes and preferred to wear black jeans and dark coloured t-shirt with her black leather jacket. The brightest colour that she ever wore willingly was red.

Ianto Jones, her best friend leaned against the locker next to her wearing his usual suit despite the fact their sixth form allowed them to wear whatever they wished (within reason). Ianto had yet to lose his baby face but otherwise was rather handsome with his puppy dog eyes and brown hair.

"Have you heard what Owen Harper did?" Ianto asked taking Gwen's books for her without her asking.

"God what has that twat done now?" Gwen asked disgusted.

Owen Harper was the bad boy of the school. Gwen barely got on with him and tended to avoid him as much as possible. Rumours had it that Owen had been arrested by the police far too many times for drink driving, vandalism and mugging old ladies.

"I heard he snuck into the girls changing rooms, again" Ianto said wrinkling his nose up in disgust. "Only this time he stolen their bras"

"Urgh, that git makes me sick" Gwen snarled.

"Who makes you sick? Not me I hope" an American drawl came from behind them.

Both Gwen and Ianto blushed deeply immediately. Jack Harkness, captain of the boys football team. Jack Harkness was tall, broad shouldered, handsome, brown haired and blue eyed. He moved from America four years back and been on descent terms with everyone, mostly because he was the biggest flirt ever.

"Of course not you" Gwen said quickly. "We're talking about Owen Harper"

"Ah" Jack said. "Shame you two can't get on better, Owen's not that much of a bad guy once you get to know him. Besides the girls changing room? Priceless"

Gwen and Ianto rolled their eyes. "Its times like this I know why you and Owen are best friends" Gwen said.

"Yes it's very difficult to know why someone has handsome as me is friends with someone like Owen but lucky enough for the poor bugger I'm not a shallow person" Jack said grinning. "So I'll sit with you lot at lunch right? Owen's most likely not going to turn up"

"Sure, Emma, Andy and Carys like it when you sit with us" Gwen beamed.

"What about Rhys? He doesn't seem to like me that much" Jack said raising his eyebrow. "Wouldn't his wants come before the others since his your boyfriend?"

Gwen fidgets uncomfortably. "We broke up" she admitted, Ianto reached out and squeezed her shoulder comfortingly and she smiled up at him. "It was a sort of mutual agreement. The romance just fizzled out and Rhys no longer wanted to stay in school, he's got this internship with the lorry driver company, Harvards I think it's called"

"He's an idiot to leave someone so gorgeous behind" Jack said just as the bell rang. "Looks like I got to go, my teacher won't like me being late"

"Bye Jack, see you at lunch" Gwen called. The moment the handsome young man turned round the corner, Ianto bashed his head against Gwen's shoulder and groaned. "Yan? It's all right, you didn't make a prick of yourself like the last time" Gwen said reassuringly.

"Gwen I didn't say anything!" Ianto said despairingly. "Besides it looks like he's going to ask you out any time soon"

"Jack Harkness is a flirt" Gwen pointed out. "Doesn't mean anything"

Ianto smiled warmly. Both him and Gwen have huge crushes on Jack, Ianto never had much experience due to the fact his only girlfriend Lisa got in a car crush the week after they started dating. Ianto had only recently discovered he liked men and was keeping it a secret from his parents and sister. Gwen had always been with Rhys until recently and she's had a crush on Jack for the past two years though she remained loyal to Rhys. The two best friends made an agreement that neither will make a move on Jack, Jack will choose one of them and ask them out. The other will have to accept it.

Both Ianto and Gwen were confident that their friendship would survive it. After all they've been best friends since Year One and tell each other everything.


"Owen Harper I have had about enough with you!" the headmaster snapped. "First you disrespect your teachers, get into fights with your fellow students and played with spit balls"

"I was thirteen, so sue me" Owen said rolling his eyes.

"Then you started those pranks, gluing teachers into chairs, putting a real life tarantula in Miss Cooper's locker and so many more" the headmaster continued as if Owen never spoke. "And then you started to bring alcohol and weed for dealings, joined that stupid gang and vandalised the school"

Owen grunted. He knew he had done many bad things in his life that it no longer bothered him much to his teachers' displeasure. And his social worker. And his grandmother. His mother didn't give damn though.

"And after last summer I thought you would have learnt to be a better citizen" the headmaster finished his rant. "Have you not learnt anything in community service?"

"If it bothers you that much why not expel me?" Owen demanded.

"Despite your bad behaviour Mr Harper" the headmaster sniffed. "You are one of our most intelligent students"

Owen narrowed his eyes. Yes he got one of the best grades, yes he actually does all the work and hands it in on time but he skips a couple lessons here and there, did awful things and he still never been expelled. He has no idea why and it irritated him.

"Whatever" he muttered.

"Now Mr Harper, there's an old student returning to St Mary's and I would like you to keep her company and help her fit in" the headmaster said sitting back down in his chair. "It might teach you a little something"


"Toshiko has had a hard time recently and she's a bit vulnerable. Now she's waiting outside would you like to greet her and take her to the canteen, lunch will start shortly"

Owen rolled his eyes. "Sure but no promises" he grumbled before leaving the office. Outside like promised was a young girl, roughly Owen's age. She was Japanese, petite and reading a book. She was rather pretty. "Oi Bookworm, I'm meant to show you around" she looked up surprised. "Come on then or I'll leave you behind"

He rolled his eyes at the sound of hurrying footsteps. Something told him this was going to be annoying.


Gwen, Jack, Ianto, Andy, Emma and Carys all sat down at the table with their lunch. Emma and Carys were discussing their beauty Betek course while Andy and Ianto were complaining about their business studies teacher.

"I feel sorry for you" Gwen said nibbling her pizza slice. "Mr Watson has awful garlic breath"

"He doesn't know my name!" Ianto complained. "He's taught me for, what four years now? And he still calls me Rhiannon"

The whole table snorted and Ianto flushed in embarrassment.

"Well you don't have your sister's sexy curves but you're pretty enough" Jack said in his usual flirtatious way.

"Christ Jack who don't you flirt with?" Andy asked interestedly. "Do you still flirt with pot plants and pillows?"

"No because unlike you Andy I actually date" Jack said grinning.

"Charming" Andy said his lips twitching in amusement.

Ianto sighed enviously. Like Gwen, Andy and the others can talk to Jack easily while Ianto still got a little tongue tied. It was moments like this that made Ianto wondered if his friends were blind, after all Jack Harkness was equal to a Greek God like Adonis or Zeus. Powerful, sexy, charismatic and gorgeous.

Just then Jack Harkness' best friend walked in. Someone, in Ianto's opinion, who doesn't deserve the affection Jack, gives to him. Owen Harper is a weasel in appearance and a rat in attitude. Behind him followed a shy and very pretty Japanese girl, someone who Ianto remembered vaguely and knew was coming back (having connections to the school office was very useful).

"Who's that following Owen?" Gwen asked curiously. "She looks familiar"

"It's Toshiko Sato" Ianto said. "Remember her? She left in Year Eight for that prestigious private school"

"Oh yeah Tosh" Gwen smiled as she remembered the lovely Japanese girl. "She tutored me in Maths. Jack invite Owen over they should sit with us"

Jack nodded. "Oi Owen, you and your new girlfriend can sit with us" Jack shouted waving a hand.

Owen rolled his eyes. "She's not my girlfriend, she's just some new girl that was dumped on me for punishment" he said pushing Gwen to the side so he can sit next to Jack.

Gwen glared at him but didn't say anything to him. "Tosh, it's been so long, how are you?" Gwen asked beaming up at Tosh.

"I'm fine" Tosh whispered monotonously.

"Why are you back? I thought you would have been in university now, Ms Child Prodigy" Gwen teased lightly.

"I needed a break" Tosh whispered, looking down at the floor and clutching her book tightly.

Gwen frowned, something was wrong and she could tell. "Are you ok sweetheart, you're not acting yourself"

"I got to go" Tosh whispered before running out of the canteen. They could all hear her clattering footsteps running down the hallway.

Everyone frowned.

Owen shrugged and turned to Jack. "Let's get some chips, the chick obviously knows her way round here and if not Cooper will start mothering her any second"

Gwen stomped on Owen's foot causing the boy to screech. Ianto and Andy snickered while Emma and Carys swapped evil smirks.

Jack only rolled his eyes.