Title: You'll Never Be Alone Again

By: Heather

Disclaimer: I Do NOT own any of the Twilight Saga characters.

Chapter 1- I'm all Alone


I watched as the rain streamed down outside my window. This type of weather was not uncommon in this town. In all my seventeen years, there was probably only a couple dozen times that there wasn't any dark grey clouds to threaten to pour down cold water at any second. Guess that's what happens when you live so close to Seattle, Washington. I don't live in Seattle, I live in a small one-horse town of Forks, Washington. The population of Forks is a whole three thousand. I have never been outside of the city limits my whole life. The next city over is called Port Angeles. Port Angeles is where everybody from Forks goes to shop and eat at a more upscale restaurants. It also is the most common place to find the younger crowds from Forks on the weekends. Everybody at my school like to talk about their times there when at school and then like to make fun because they know that I never go. Not that I don't want to go, it's because I can't go. The other place that the kids of my school like to go when not in Port Angeles is the beach in La Push. La Push is a reservation that is owned by a tribe right outside of Forks. I have never been there either.

Not all the kids in my class are mean to me. Ben and Angela are the only ones who will show any type of kindness. My biggest threat of classmate wise are Mike, Tyler, Jessica and Lauren. The four liked to make fun of the way dressed and the way my hair was always simple and flat. They love to tease me about how I don't have a penny to my name. But the biggest laugh that they have about me is that when I was a baby, I was dropped off on the steps of an orphanage with a note that said:

This is Isabella Marie Swan.

Her father left me when I was pregnant with her

and I never wanted a child and can't keep her.

Please find a good home for her.

I don't know how Lauren got a hold of the note, but they made fun of the fact that I was never wanted by my parents and that nobody ever adopted me.

That's right. I'm an orphan. Little orphan Bella.

And I'm all alone.


I promise to make the next chapter longer if u tell me what u think so far;P