Chapter 4- First school day EPOV

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Edwards POV

My family and I just moved back to Forks, Washington…again. It has been awhile since the last time we had been here. Being vampires and the fact that we don't age, we have to make sure that there is nobody here that would recognize any of us still living in the town. We don't make friends when we attend school so nobody will try and talk to us or even take pictures that will continue on after their gone from this Earth.

I waited out in my car for my siblings. Rosalie and Emmett were going in his jeep but Alice and Jasper were going to ride with me to our second first day of school at Forks High.

On the way there I listened to Alice go on and on about a shopping trip that her and Rose were going to go on that weekend. I loved my sister like no tomorrow. Just watching how excited she gets over shopping makes me smile.

I pulled into the student parking lot and followed the rest of my siblings to our first class. Alice and I are both juniors while Emmett, Rose and Jasper are all seniors. On the way to class I can hear all the other students thoughts and their whispers out loud.

"Did you see their cars?"

"Yes. They all have to be at least a hundred grand."

"Did you see how cute the three guys where?"

"I hope at least one of them is single."

"I wish I was half as good looking as either of the two girls that were with them."

"I wonder if it's to forward of me to ask the Bronze haired one to marry me."

All I could do was roll my eyes. It's not the first time to hear these comments. Looking over at my sister she turned and gave me a small smile, hearing every word that was spoken about us from our peers. The bell rang before we reached the class but being as it was our 'first day' we going to be okay. All we had to say was that we got lost.

We entered the class and the room fell silent. The boys drooled over Alice and the girls over me. Some things just never change. I handed both mine and Alice's slips that had to be signed to the teacher before saying:

"Hello, I'm Edward Cullen and this is my sister Alice Cullen."

The teacher looked as though he had just remembered that there were suppose to be two new students in his class.

"Oh. Yes, Edward and Alice Cullen right. Well welcome to Forks high. Have a seat in the last two open seats in the back."

I nodded then grabbed my sister's hand and walked down the center aisle and made our way to the back of the class room. The last two seats were on the right of a girl that had her head lowered and then right in front of her. Alice sat in front of the girl and I sat to her right.

The teacher started the lesson. I noticed that a girl near the front keep turning in her seat to look back during the lesson. I acted as though I didn't notice her at all. I really wish that the girls would just get a hint that I'm not interested.

Further into class I noticed that Alice started to have a vision curious I looked into her thoughts.

There I was kissing a girl with long brown hair and brown eyes. After the long kiss we separated and I told her I loved her and she told me it back.

I looked confused at Alice when the vision was over. Why would I ever kiss a human for? I didn't even know who that girl was. I never had seen her before. Then the girl to my left that had her head lowered looked up at Alice then over at me.

It's her. It's the girl from Alice's vision. I was shocked either way. I still didn't know her. When she noticed me looking at her she lowered her head really quickly. Then for the first time I realized…I can't hear her thoughts. This confused me even more.

Alice turned in her seat after she had her vision to look at the girl behind her then at me with a wink before turning back again.

'Annoying pixie'

After class I jumped up out of my seat and pulled my sister with me and rushed out of the room.


I didn't see that girl from first period again in any of my next three classes. But knowing that this school is small, all the grades will be in the same lunch period together. I walked into the lunch room and found the rest of my siblings sitting at a table in the back walk.

As I got closer I noticed that Emmett had a goofy smile on his face.

'Eddie as a girlfriend. I thought this whole time that he was gay.'

I hated when he called me Eddie. But the fact that he knew about the vision, I assumed that Alice had all ready told the rest as while.

'I don't know if this is such a good idea to be close to a human like that man.'-Jasper

'I can't believe that he would kiss a human. It jeopardizes the whole family.'-Rosealie

'I can't wait for them to get together, we will be such great friend.'- Alice

I shook my head and sat down in front of the tray that one of them had bought for me for looks. After a few minutes I heard Alice whisper to the others.

"That's her now."

We all looked up to the lunch room doors to see the same brown haired girl from first period walk into the room. We watched with our eyes as she walked past the lunch line to the vending machines to get what looked like a package of crackers and a can of soda before heading to a table alone.

When she got there she pulled out a book, Pride and Prejudice. A classic. Most students wouldn't read that unless it was a school assignment. But first period was English and there wasn't an assignment for it. The is an unusual girl.

'I wonder why she doesn't seem to socialize with the other students.'-Emmett

'There's so much pain coming from her'- Jasper

'She's alone? How sad.' Alice

She looked up at times and noticed us looking at her and had to stop the smirk that was threatening to come on my face when she pulled the book higher to block us out.

At the end of lunch we stayed seated as she got up and walked to the trash then left.


I walked to Biology after parting with my siblings and when I got to the door I was hit with the same smell of the girl that I was watching all day.

'So she is in this class with me too.'

The bell rang and I walked into the class. I noticed wear she was sitting and also noticed that the only empty seat available was right next to her. I gave a small smirk. When I sat down I continued to stare at her and she turned away.

'This girl really is something. I can't seem to stop looking at her. But why?'


I didn't have any more classes with the girl so decided that I would talk to others at home about her. I met up with the others after school to head home. As we started to the parking lot the wind picked up and all of us caught her sent.

We looked over and noticed her hunched down in her seat of the school bus.

'She rides to bus?'

Just then the bus took off and I headed to my car leaving Alice and Jasper to ride with Rose and Emmett. I jumped into the driver's seat and head to find the bus. For some reason, I just needed to see and find out as much as possible about this girl before I went home to discuss the visions with my family.

I noticed when the bus stopped that she got off not at a home or street corner near housing but in the down town part of Forks.

I watched as the Girl made her way to a small dinner and walk around the building. She stopped with her hand on the door and looked around, like she was looking for someone before heading inside.

'Can she sense me?'

I watched as she worked the afternoon and evening away as a waitress. That was the first time that I saw her smile. When she was serving the customers, but this wasn't an always happy smile but a forced smile.


At eleven o'clock that night she left the building and started to walk. Since it would be noticeable to see a car drive slowly behind somebody I parked the car and followed her in the shadows. I kept following her until she stopped in front of an orphanage.

'She's an orphan? Is that why the other students don't like her?'

I watched as she slowly let herself into the building then turned and ran back to my car then raced home to tell my family.


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