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Chapter 36: The Tale of Two Earthlings

"This whole time I have been a spy."

Nemesis felt her jaw hit the floor in shock as Vivian spoke. "Wait. What? Did you just say what I thought you did?"

Vivian rolled her eyes. "Yes smart one. Your ears are working correctly. I am a spy for a group of magic-welding humans. We are known as The Alliance."

"The Alliance of what?" Nemesis stared.

"It's just 'The Alliance'."

"Well that's original."

"Shut up. I'm trying to tell you my life story." Shooting a glare at Nemesis, Vivian began with her tale again. "For centuries the Alliance has protected the existence of magic and made sure that the public remained unaware of magic."

"In most humans there is a gene that triggers magical abilities. In most people this gene has remained dormant. Occasionally some scientist or nerd, like you, manages to discover and activate the gene," Vivian continued. "Normally we monitor them some way to make sure that they do pose a threat to society, or we convince them to join the Alliance."

Annoyance began to seep into her veins as Nemesis interrupted Vivian. "Let me guess, you were sent to 'monitor' me."

"Bingo. I first posed as your friend to get an overall idea of what you were like. Then I posed as a Sith to see what your reaction and actions would be. I tested you with the kidnapping, the invasion of Middle-Earth, and when I sent you and Wolf to the virtual reality that was in the form of Star Wars. I was planning on giving you one more test before I made my final report, but as you can see, the circumstances have changed a bit."

Nemesis clenched her fist in anger. How could she have been so stupid not to see it! The whole time the truth had been right in from of her nose. Vivian's turn had never made sense, but only lately had she actually began to think about it! She had been so absorbed with her own messed up priorities that she had never thought about digging deeper.

Taking a deep breath, Nemesis attempted to calm herself. "I don't suppose that you can tell me why mine, Wolf's and Darth Fishstick's powers have…diminished?"

"Actually I can," Vivian had a knowing look in her eyes. "Before a human reaches a certain stage of puberty they have full magic, but after that their power fluctuates until it reaches its true form in the individual. Darth Fishstick has empathic powers, Wolf has metamorphic abilities, Blaze is able to transfer her power through her remote, I'm able to manipulate fire, and you are telekinetic."

"That actually makes sense." Nemesis remarked. "But why do I still feel like you are hiding something form me?"

"You are correct in assuming that I am hiding something for you; however, I also know for a fact that you are hiding something from me."

"I am?" a bamboozled Nemesis replied. On the outside she had created her most confused expression that she could. But on the inside she had the sinking feeling the Vivian was going to ask the dreaded question. It was the type of question that would make a full-grown man quiver in his socks and underwear. It was the type of question that Nemesis had never hoped to answer, especially when Mara and Obi-Wan were in the same vicinity. Then again, this couldn't be as bad as the time that Anakin and Luke decided to go surfing. That incident had been very amusing…Especially when Anakin landed on the crab…

Vivian's face was now plastered with a sickly sweet and deceptive smile. "Tell me Nemesis, how did an obnoxious thirteen year old manage to discover the magic gene? I know that you are smart for your age, but you are not that smart."

Nemesis gulped and looked over at Obi-Wan and Mara, who were staring at her with interest. "First off, I didn't make the pitchfork, I found it one day when I was hiking in the Cascade Mountains. Being the inquisitive child that I was, I decided to take it home and take a closer look. When I was tinkering around with it, I discovered a diagram of the magic gene."

"So you used the diagram to activate your gene?" Mara questioned.

"Pretty much." Nemesis admitted. "It took some work, but after about five months I had it all figured out." She turned back to Vivian. "But tell me Pyro, why did you spend so much time spying and testing me? Surly you could have figured out if I was a threat fairly quickly. It's not like I'm the female incarnation of Victor Frankenstein, or Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz; though the latter is probably a bad example of a mad scientist…"

"Well yeah." Obi-Wan rolled his eyes. "He gets constantly defeated by a blue platypus."

"But it's not just any platypus!" Mara countered. "It's Perry the Platypus!"

"It's still a platypus." Obi-Wan shot back.

"You just don't understand how epic he is!"

As Mara and Obi-Wan continued with their argument, Nemesis turned back to Vivian. "I'm not sure whether I should be concerned or worried."

"I think that I actually agree with you."

Nemesis felt a smirk spread across her face. "Wow Darthy, this surly must be a record! This is the fifth time you've agreed with me in the past few hours. Are you feeling ill?"

The look on Vivian's face could have made even Voldemort pee his pants.

"Do you have a five of hearts?"

"No. Go fish."

"This game is so stupid." Leia muttered crossly as she reached for another card.

"That's only because you are losing." Wolf replied smugly from her cross legged position on the floor in the middle of the bridge. "Do you have a three of spades?"

"Yeah," Leia glumly handed the card to Wolf. Taking a moment to look around the bridge, Leia noticed how empty it was now on the bridge since the Legend of the Seeker and TMNT characters had left. Wolf's face was still a little red from the tearful goodbye. And soon they would also leave. "Do you have an ace of clubs?"

"No. Go fish." Wolf turned to Luke, who was sitting in the captain's chair. "Have we lost them yet?"

"I don't know." Luke shrugged. "I've been watching you and Leia play Go Fish." He turned backwards so that he was facing Han. "Have we lost Ninja Spoon yet?"

"I don't know! I don't even know how work the weapons!" Han said with exasperation from his position at tactical.

"Does anyone know where we are?" Leia rolled her eyes as her question was met by silence. "I am surrounded by idiots."

Wolf gave Leia a piercing glare that was very un-wolf-like. "Give us a break! We're using twenty-fourth century earth technology that only Nemesis knows how to us, and the only reason that she knows how to use it is because she's watched so much Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes!"

Leia glared at Wolf, who glared back at her. For awhile it seemed like the staring contest would go on forever as their eyes did not even began to water…

"Hang on a second! I think that I figured it out!" Luke's joyful shout startled Wolf and Leia, causing them to blink. "According to our scanners, there are no ships anywhere near our vicinity. And if we decide that that conclusion is correct then we can deduct that it is safe to go back to the planet and that we finally have the opportunity to rescue Nemesis, Obi-Wan, and Mara from the company of the nefarious Darth Pyro."

Wolf gave Luke a scathing and bemused look. "What in the name of Merlin's pants was that? You sounded like a mixture of Nemesis and William Shakespeare without all the thee's and thou's."

Luke stuck his tongue out at Wolf. "So, tell me Oh-Mighty-Captain, what is your brilliant and darning plan?"

The look that came onto Wolf's face made Leia want to shiver. "Well, Lieutenant Sarcasm, my plan goes like this…" Wolf launched head-on into her monologue without even pausing of a breath.

Bored, Leia lazily began fiddling with the of deck cards. Flicking the queen of hearts against her thumb, she left off a high pitched scream when the card suddenly enlarged to the size of a human.


Wolf turned and gaped at the life-size card that was holding an axe. "When in the name of Merlin's most baggy Y-fronts did I fall down a rabbit hole?"

"Ring, ring, ring…Bananaphone!" An obnoxious voice sang out from Nemesis's pants pocket. Startled, Nemesis fumbled a few moments before she was able to grab her cellular device. "Hello?"

"Congratulations Dr. Drakken; you have won the lottery!" Wolf's cherry voice greeted Nemesis.

She sighed. "Wolf, you know how I feel about gambling and lotteries."

"Oh brighten up Medusa; we're here to rescue you!"

Nemesis would have glared at Wolf if she could have. "The thing is Wolf; I don't recall needing to be rescued. I'm just waiting her for Ninja Spoon to come back and return my pitchfork."


"No you moron! Of course I want to get off this planet!"

"Clam down! Don't get your undies in a twist!" Wolf said perkily. "We'll get you in a few minutes."

Nemesis rolled her eyes at Wolf's vocabulary. "What took you so long anyway? Surely it couldn't have taken that long to lose Ninja Spoon."

"Well…About that." Nemesis could almost picture Wolf's embarrassment. "We had a bit of a problem with a homicidal deck of cards…"

"A what?" Mara came over to Nemesis's shoulder.

"Never mind. We're just about ready to-" Wolf suddenly cut off her sentence. Nemesis could hear yelling as she inferred that the Enterprise was under attack. "You'll have to wait for that rescue. It seems that Spoony is back!"

"Shame; and here I was hoping to be able to greet you first." Nemesis spun around and found herself facing the Napoleon sized teen.

Nemesis brushed a hair out of her face. "Oh, it you; and here I was thinking that it was going to be someone important." She leered as she eyed her pitchfork; which rested in Ninja Spoon's slimy left hand. How she wished that she could just reach over and pull the pitchfork away from Ninja Spoon. But no, that would be giving into her pet peeve. No; attempt negotiation first. Words are one of my true loves. I might as well use them. If that failed, then it was time for aggressive negotiations. Very, aggressive negotiations.

But still, seeing the item that she had put so much work into nearly drove her up the wall. She has been so close in discovering the origins of the pitchfork. So close that it was madly infuriating! Nemesis just wanted to find some random pillow and punch it until it bled foam and feathers.

Wait a millisecond; Ninja Spoon knew all about Nemesis's race to find the secret of the pitchfork! Through Spoony didn't completely understand it, she knew that it was important. Nemesis stared at the pitchfork and then Ninja Spoon and then the pitchfork again. It was so simple! Why had she not seen it sooner! Spoon had taken the pitchfork because she too wanted the secret that it hid!

"Earth to Nemesis! Evil mastermind trying to gloat here!" Spoon's annoying voice broke her thought line.

"Huh? What were you saying?" Nemesis paused. "Wait, did you just call yourself an evil mastermind? You're about as smart as Anakin Skywalker when he got his limbs severed on Mustafar!"

Obi-wan glared at her crossly. "Why did you have to bring that up?"

Nemesis and Ninja Spoon ignored him." Enjoy the last of you witty comebacks since they will be your last." Spoon grinned nastily. Then in a quick move, she pulled a cylindrical object and then a blade of white light shot out from it.

Nemesis coldly regarded Ninja Spoon as she truly faced her for the first time in months. Spoon had changed her lightsaber from black to white; which seemed very ironic. "Now Spoon, think carefully about this-" Nemesis screeched the last few words as Ninja Spoon slashed at her. Quickly she ignited her own green lightsaber and blocked Spoon's lightsaber. Well, that was an epic fail. Gritting her teeth, she used her height and weight as an advantage and pressed her lightsaber towards Ninja Spoon; causing Spoon to stumble backwards from the pressure.

Dodging another attack made by Spoon; Nemesis noticed that Spoon's army of aliens was coming out of the shadows. There were probably at least fifteen of them; and they were all gray, multi-armed and furry. Nemesis had to admit, Spoon could probably win the award for "weirdest army of the year."

In a very ungraceful maneuver, Nemesis managed to trip Spoon with a smirk and then retreated over to where Obi-Wan, Mara, Vivian and the other villains were. Everyone had already taken out their weapons of choice, apart from Obi-Wan; who appeared to be frantically searching his pockets.

"Where in the name of the force is my lightsaber?" Obi-Wan cried out in frustration. A look then came to his face. "I'm so going to kill that stupid Skywalker."

Nemesis grinned in spit of the situation. "Here, borrow mine." She handed him her green lightsaber and then pulled out her spare and ignited the black blade. "So, I'm guessing that we fight?"

"You're almost right, Nemesis," Palpatine said as he crackled coldly. Slowly he and his group of ragtag villains surrounded Nemesis, Obi-Wan, Mara and Vivian. "Sorry, but we have decided to go in favor of the group with more favorable chances of winning. And besides, it is time to show this traitor," he spat at Vivian "that we don't appreciated spies."

"Any cleaver plans this time, Soong?" Vivian hissed into Nemesis's ear as they backed into each other.

"Hey, I'm a genius, not a miracle maker." Nemesis watched the villains warily as they closed in on the four heroes.

Vivian grew silent for a few moments. Then suddenly she hissed into Nemesis's ear almost cheerfully. "Of course, why didn't I remember this sooner?" Nemesis watched out of the corner of her eye as Vivian pulled out her commlink. "Aragorn get over here. We're in serious trouble." Vivian quickly shut off her commlink.

"What was that about?" Nemesis inquired in confusion. Aragorn? Then, almost like it was planned, Aragorn, Faramir, Gimli, Legolas, Eowyn, Frodo, Sam, and a bunch of other Lord of the Rings characters raced into the clearing and began to attack the villains and the aliens.

Taking advantage of the villain's surprise, Nemesis attacked Saruman while Vivian began to dual Count Dooku. Fighting side by side, Nemesis asked her burning question of the hour. "How did you get Lord of the Rings characters here?"

"It's elementary, my dear Nemesis." Vivian blocked on of Dooku's stabs. "The Alliance was able to figure out that you have brought your characters out from your imagination into the real word. Once we figured out how you did it, we decided to test it out."

Nemesis nodded. "So you brought Aragorn and the gang out of your imagination like I've been apparently doing this whole time; and then you convinced them somehow to join the Alliance?" Though Nemesis hated to admit it, bringing the characters out of her imagination did make sense. If they had actually come from the books or another galaxy, they would probably be a lot more normal. But instead they reflected the place that they had come out of, which was her imagination, so they were a bit…odd.

"Pretty much."

"But why are they on this planet?"

"They've seen exploring the planet for research. The Alliance has been very interested in this planet for a while. It has some fascinating features…" Vivian finished with a smile.

Nemesis was about to further inquire when she noticed Ninja Spoon heading her way. Looking frantically around, Nemesis noticed the trees again, and more importantly; their branches. Just as she remembered from her previous observations, the branches were large enough to stand on, or to even fight on. And then there were the vines. Nemesis could easily swing on one of them. Even as she made these reflections a plan was quickly forming within her mind.

Shutting off her lightsaber and clipping it to her belt, she made a running jump and leaped onto the nearest branch. Pausing for a moment, she regained her balance. Gathering her strength again, and using her telekinetic abilities, Nemesis then jumped onto the next branch. Using this strategy, Nemesis soon found herself about forty feet up in the trees. As she stared down at the dots that were her friends and enemies, she failed to notice the new arrival in the tree tops.

"Aren't you afraid of heights?"

Nemesis nearly jumped in shock when she heard Spoon's voice from behind. Turing carefully, she glared at Spoon. "I am. That's why I avoid looking down."

"Pity." Spoon said simply. Then without another word Spoon slashed at Nemesis with her lightsaber.

In an almost reflexive motion, Nemesis turned her own lightsaber on and her black blade met Spoon's white one.

"Well, well, isn't this ironic." Nemesis smirked at the colors of their lightsabers. "Good verses evil, right? I'm guessing that I'm evil and you're good?"


"The thing is," Nemesis lowered her voice as if about to give away a secret. "Everyone knows that it's the scientists who are the least predictable or the most unpredictable. They either follow the model of a scientist, good or bad to heart, and do the predictable thing; or they stray away from the rules and you never know quite what they will do. Me, I'm predictably unpredictable. You probably can guess most of the time that I'm going to do something unpredictable, therefore it becomes predictable. But, it is still unpredictable since you never know quite what I'm going to do…""

Ninja Spoon just stared at her of a few seconds. Spoon had the expression of utter bemusement and confusion. "What did you just say?"

A smile crept up onto Nemesis's face. "In simple terms, so that you can actually comprehend: don't get to cocky. I still have a few tricks up my sleeves. There is a reason that my role model is Jack Sparrow."

"We'll see about that." Ninja Spoon flipped over Nemesis.

Nemesis ducked and brought up her lightsaber to block Spoon. "I would probably try a stunt like that if I wasn't worried about falling or getting my limps cut off. If there is one thing that I have learned from Star Wars, is never to jump over your opponent when they have the high ground." As Nemesis spoke she noticed that her pitchfork was strapped to Spoons' back. If only she could get behind Spoon…

As she let her attention waver for a moment, Ninja Spoon attacked her again. Startled, Nemesis fumbled with her lightsaber, trying to block the strike. She felt herself losing balance as she attempted to back up. Ninja Spoon then sent out a slight force shove, and Nemesis found herself falling to one side. Dropping her lightsaber, she reached for anything to grab onto to as she began to fall.

Just when Nemesis thought that it was the end, her fingers latched onto a large vine. Digging her fingers into it, she noticed that she had fallen only a few feet and she also noticed that the vine that she was currently holding onto for-dear-life was situated directly under the branch that Ninja Spoon was still on. She could hear Spoon's gleeful laughter as she assumed that Nemesis has fallen to her death. Sorry old friend. It takes a lot more than a push to kill me. Next time you might want to look down before you celebrate.

Quickly calculating the necessary force that she would need to use, Nemesis began to quietly climb the vine; while making sure that Spoon was looking the opposite direction. Slightly grimacing, she soon reached the branch. Keeping on hand on the vine, she stepped onto the branch and drew out her blaster. "Hello there."

Ninja Spoon spun around with an expression of furry on her face. "What! You fell!"

"Obviously I didn't." Nemesis said snidely. "Next time make sure your opponent is dead before you gloat."

"Don't worry, I won't need to." Spoon leered as she struck out as Nemesis again with her lightsaber.

Not bothering to even shoot at Spoon, Nemesis jumped off the branch, with the vine still in her hand and swung over to another branch. "So tell me, my furry friend: are you still a failure at poker?"

Ninja Spoon seemed to grow more enraged at this. With a dark red face of furry; Spoon grabbed another vine and swung over to Nemesis's branch, while holding her lightsaber in her free hand.

"Oh dang." Nemesis muttered. Grabbing back onto her own vine, she jumped to create momentum and began to swing. Taking aim at Spoon, she fired. To Nemesis's despair, Spoon merely deflected the shot with her lightsaber. Quickly Nemesis realized that if Spoon was to get too close, she could cut Nemesis's vine. With that in mind, Nemesis began to swing in random patters away from Spoon's swings.

Dodging an arrow, Obi-Wan sunk his lightsaber into the chest of one of the furry aliens. The alien promptly collapsed to the ground and began to trembled and whither.

"I'm melting!" It shouted as it slowly melted into a puddle of sticky gray gloop.

Obi-Wan grimaced as he looked down at the sticky gray puddle. "Now that's nasty." With an expression of disgust spread across his face, Obi-Wan carefully back away from the puddle of nastiness.

Just as he was about to decapitate another alien he felt a sudden warning from the Force. Turning on his heel, Obi-Wan raised his lightsaber and blocked the blue blade of Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber. Shocked, Obi-Wan nearly dropped his own lightsaber.

A feeling of déjà vu sank into his stomach as he fought his best friend. What the heck is Anakin doing? Then suddenly he remembered what Spoon had told them while Vivian was distracting her. Anakin has a bug on him! And sure enough, Obi-Wan could see the metallic dot on Anakin's arm. Looking around for help, he noticed Aragorn decapitating an alien. Waving his freehand wildly in the air, Obi-Wan attempted to gain Aragorn's attention. Luckily, Aragorn seemed to understand what Obi-Wan was trying to communicate.

Obi-Wan jumped out of the way as Aragorn thrust his sword at Anakin. Surprisingly Aragorn's sword did not break when it met Anakin's lightsaber. Using the distraction to his advantage, Obi-Wan grabbed Anakin from behind into a bear hug in order to stop him. Quickly, Aragorn removed the mind controlling device from Anakin's arm and threw to the ground and stepped on it.

With a dazed expression, Anakin swayed. "Huh? What happened? Where'd all of the cobwebs go?"

Obi-Wan sighed in relief. As he looked at Anakin, he took a closer look at the lightsaber that Anakin was holding. "Anakin, why do you have my lightsaber?"

"Um…Well you see." Anakin grinned nervously. "I kind of lost mine so I decided to borrow yours…"

"I hate to break up the reunion, but I could use a little help here!" Aragorn shouted at the two Jedi as Sauron and Palpatine attacked him.

Obi-Wan and Anakin grinned at each other. "Just like old times, eh?" Anakin raised his lightsaber in an offensive position.

"Unfortunately, yes."

"This is only delaying your demise!" Spoon shouted as Nemesis swung out of range.

Nemesis smirked. "That's what you said back when you would try to kill me with an algebra textbook. You were always a fail at math."

"Are you insulting my intelligence?" Spoon roared in anger.

"No, I'm insulting your stupidity, you moron! You have the brain capacity of a Ferengi and the cunningness of a goldfish!" Nemesis rolled her eyes. "And you're as scary as a tulip!"

Ninja Spoon seemed to be even further enraged by this comment. With a wild look in her eyes she attempted to swing closer to Nemesis. "Prepare Soong to enter into a world of pain which you are not familiar!" Spoon shouted with an insane expression on her face. She seemed to be almost desperate.

"I hate to break it to you, honey," Nemesis began with false sweetness. "But I'm already in a 'world of pain' from having to listen to your annoyingly high-pitched voice."

Spoon let out an enraged snarl. "Would you just shut up?"

"I would love to, but I'm mentality incapable of doing so." Nemesis said cheekily.

"You are such a smart-aleck!" Spoon glared.

"You're a zealous moron!"

"Cocky bastard!"

"Backstabbing traitor!"

"Selfish nerd!"

"Idiotic attention seeker!"


Nemesis glared coldly at Ninja Spoon as she swung past her. "I am not a jerk!" Then noticing a black dot on Spoon's forehead, Nemesis peered at it closer. "Ew, you have a spider on you."

"What! Where! Get it off!" Ninja Spoon screeched as she raised her hands to whack it off her. In the brief second, Spoon seemed to have forgotten that she was forty feet up in the air, holding onto a vine. She instantly began to fall as she took both of her hands off the vine. With wide eyes, Ninja Spoon fell through the air for only a few seconds, and then with a thud and a snap, she landed on the forest floor. Her limbs were all spread awkwardly on the ground and neck was bent in a nasty position. Even from Nemesis's position in the trees, she could easily see the truth.

Ninja Spoon was dead.

"How are our shields holding?" Luke asked as the ship took another hit.

"Almost depleted, they are." Yoda answered him from tactical. In another situation this might have been funny since Yoda had to use a stepping stool in order to operate tactical. "In bad shape to begin with, they were."

Luke was about to respond when the ship rocked again from another hit.

"Be destroyed we will if the ship takes another hit." Yoda announced.

Quickly thinking, Luke sighed. "Alright, we all need to evacuate now!"

Han, Leia and the others all began to race for the transporters. Only Wolf and Luke remained on the bridge.

"Luke, go." Wolf said somberly.

"No! I'm not leaving you to do a suicide mission!" Luke stared at Wolf, aghast.

"Yes you will" Wolf suddenly shouted at him. "You must." She added with a pleading look. "I know what I'm doing. You must trust me. Spoon's ship must be defeated."

Though Luke hated to admit it, Wolf was right. Turning his back on Wolf, he raced out of the bridge to the transporters so that he wouldn't have to say goodbye.

Once Luke had left, Wolf turned to the controls. "Right, so how do I work this?"

As soon as his son materialized, Anakin Skywalker leaped over and gave Luke a suffocating bear hug. "Thank the Muffin Man that you're alive!"

"Uh…Dad. I can't breath." Luke gasped out.

Quickly Anakin let go though he still felt excitement running through his veins from their victory. Nearby, all the surviving villains were tied up around a tree while the heroes all chatted. Even Nemesis was smiling, though she still looked a bit disturbed by Spoon's death. Anakin then noticed something. "Hey, where's Wolf?"

Luke's face turned somber at this. "She stayed behind."

"WHAT?" Everyone in hearing range quickly turned and looked up into space at the battle. It was completely silent as they watched the Enterprise plow into Ninja Spoon's ship. In an explosion of fire, both ships blew up in a blazing inferno of burning metal. No one spoke as they stared at the graveyard in the sky in shock. Then a cry of anguish was heard.

"No! no! NO! WOLF!" Nemesis collapsed on the ground in grief. "Why did you have to be so stupid?"

The clearing was completely silent as everyone bowed their heads in sadness.

"Hey, I'm not a complete moron." An obnoxious voice suddenly said from behind them. Jumping up, Nemesis turned around as her face split into an expression of disbelief and glee.

"Wolf!" Nemesis shouted. Standing a few meters away was Wolf, with a disposable wormhole device in her left hand. Without hesitation, Nemesis raced over and hugged her partner in crime. Soon, Obi-Wan, Luke, Anakin, and the others, even Vivian, came over and joined the group hug.

Wolf looked at the mod that surrounded her. "What is this, a hug fest?"

So ends Therapy. But never fear; there is a sequel which will be posted on April Seventh. Here's the summary:

Therapy, The Sequel: In which Anakin is a monkeys uncle, Obi-Wan has glasses, Palpatine's grand schemes always fail, Nemesis is a mad scientist and the characters learn that being stuck in space isn't very enjoyable.

I hope that you enjoyed the chapter!