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The Senator in the Fireplace

An AU Doctor Who/Star Wars Crossover


A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

War has engulfed the GALACTIC REPUBLIC as the CLONE WARS dictate the future of the galaxy, under the direction of the cruel Sith COUNT DOOKU and his mysterious master, DARTH SIDIOUS. Heroes fight on both sides. Evil is everywhere.

As the CONFEDERACY OF INDEPENDENT SYSTEMS fight an increasingly losing conflict against the Republic and the JEDI ORDER under such warriors as OBI-WAN KENOBI and ANAKIN SKYWALKER within the Outer Rim, a possible solution to undoing this turn of events has presented itself under the aged Geonosian Scientist SCRATTER THE ELDER, who has put forward the creation of a Temporal Fission Generator, allowing for the possibility of TIME TRAVEL technology for the Confederacy.

Travelling in secret to the Diagmar Cluster in the Outer Rim with Trade Federation Chairman NUTE GUNRAY, Dooku himself prepares to dock at a specially constructed Space Station where Scratter will present a working prototype of the powerful technology...

There was a hiss of gears and steam as the Separatist Vessel touched down in the Hanger Bay of the space station, a squad of Battle Droids standing to attention. Just in front of them and leaning on his stick - two other, younger Separatist Loyal human Scientists by his side – Scatter the Elder waited patiently for the Sith Lord to exit and make his presence known on the project he'd been undertaking ever since the Clone Wars had begun and his flight from Geonosis, some two years ago.

Scatter was by nature a rational and scientific man, but it would not be a lie to say that he was feeling more than a twinge of fear at this moment. Count Dooku was not a man to cross lightly and whilst the Temporal Fission project was well under way, it hoped such results would match up to the leader of the Confederacy. If not... he did not complete that thought in his mind.

Of course Nute Gunray would be present as well, but Scatter cared little for him – the Chairman of the Trade Federation was of an even more feared mind than himself around Dooku. Outside their leader, the only two men who Scatter held respect for was his fellow Geonosian escapee Poggle the Lesser - representative of the fallen planet on the Separatist Council – and the Droid Commander General Greivous, who Scatter had only met once but had quickly seen the command and respect that this chilling specimen held amongst the ranks of the CIS armies, droid or otherwise.

The others... well few if any of them seemed to see results for victory within the fields of science and technological supremacy, preferring to see droids as vast armies of junk to throw in desperation at the flesh and blood Clone Troopers, themselves products of carefully thought out research. It would be treason to say out loud, but there was something to admire in the long-necked Kaminoians and their impressive technology, and Scatter often wished such creatures as the renowned Lama Su and his brethren might be on his side, rather than that of the enemy.

The doors to the vessel completed their opening procedures and six shining Super Battle Droids marched their way expertly down the gangway, making Scatter become uncomfortably aware how dirty and worn his own troopers upon the main station were in contrast. With such needs coupled with the desire to keep the Republic from learning the location of such a valuable possible weapon by the Separatist Council, transport from and to the facility and as such supplies was being kept at a bare minimum. Even Dooku's visit had been an argued one, but the Scientist was on the verge of success and a demonstration seemed feasible enough to warrant the attention of the Council... though hopefully the Separatist one rather than the Jedi.

As the new Droids completed their file and rank the honourable form of Count Dooku strode down to meet him, the nervous Gunray skulking just behind in his shadow. Scutter the Elder managed a bow of respect to the CIS Leader, despite his frailty and small statue – he and the rest of his insectoid people were short after all, and Scatter himself barely came to Dooku's waist.

He spoke to the Sith in his own native tongue, happy in the thought that the Count was able to follow the language as well as he himself understood Basic. "Count Dooku, welcome to the CTRS. I trust your journey was suitably pleasant?" The Scientist flapped his wings and began to move level with Dooku's striding steps. "The space of this region is covered with pockets of temporal interference; perfect for research and lack of detection by the Republic, but sadly a strain on transport and its occupants itself." He resisted the urge to smile at Gunray, who had certainly felt the effects of the Diagmar Cluster and seemed to be greener than usual.

Dooku nodded warmly, ignoring Gunray completely. "My travels were difficult, but I believe they shall be worth the effort." A slight glare crept into the aged man's eyes. "I trust I shall not be disappointed, Project Director?"

The Geonosian chuckled wholeheartedly. "I think not so, Count. The temporal fissures in this region of space are difficult to control, but not impossible for such a mind as myself. After two years of research, I may have come up with a scheme which will alter the course of this war for us extensively. Just think sire what we could achieve with the carefully structured usage of time travel at the hands of the Confederacy! Battles lost will be won, allies saved from sudden death, traps set for our strongest enemies at their weakest moment... with control over time, the Republic will have little hope of success-"

"-unless they achieve the same result." Dooku finished darkly. "I must say, though Poggle the Lesser spoke very highly of you and your assistance on the Ultimate Weapon, I fear your side project into the field of so-called 'temporal engineering' poses certain risks. I would not care to be wiped out of existence due to a minor fault as part of some... 'Time War'. The Council has agreed to thus require a test – a demonstration of the Temporal Research Station's power. Thus a thing could be... arranged?"

Scatter reached the hallways and passed through some relatively deserted hallways before reaching the central control room and then answering, frowning as he did so. "If the Council were not so simple minded to recognise that such a scheme as this will render the need of the so-called 'Ultimate Weapon' of Poggle's mute, and you had given me far more resources than the ill few I have been graced with, you would not need such a test, for the Republic might have been crushed already." The pair of younger scientists looked horrified at Scatter's insult to the Count, and even Nute Gunray managed to appear bitter for a matter of moments from being ill.

But Scatter felt himself secure, and Count Dooku laughed warmly. "Perhaps you are right. You are one of our greatest contributors to the Separatist Cause after all, and I have been unfair in ill-considering your own results. Still, a test would put I and the Council to ease."

Scatter the Elder fluttered to the ground and hobbled on his walking stick, scratching his furry head as he glanced at first the masses of temporal dials and levers, then the prize itself, situated just beyond the range of the main station out through the main viewing port out into space – the Nexus, as he called it. It was a smaller ship-sized vessel, containing a series of 'windows' which were covered with a thin webby membrane; Cronium, a substance Scatter had found be to essential to achieving movement through temporal shifts on the bodies of those required to travel through time. And within a section of passageways, there would be the means to exercise his authority in this early stage of time travel; past or future; a whole squadron of specially created 'Temporal Droids', their shells coated with Cronium and armed with numerous and murderous weaponry.

He turned his attentions back to Nute and the Count. "Time Travel is still a learning art, my Count. I have yet to fully eradicate the need for Cronium in the casing of our specially designed Droids, and under then humanoid life like yourself or I would be ill advised to try temporal shifting. But if it is a test you desire, you shall have it Gentlemen." Determining to amuse himself the Geonosian turned his attentions to Nute Gunray for the first time. "Tell me Gunray... if you could see anything in this war changed... any alteration – what would you go for?"

The Nemboidian seemed startled for a moment as Scatter and Dooku turned to look at him, before a smile appeared on his vain face. "Amadala... Padme Amadala! She has been a thorn in my side for years, long before we started this war. If she was executed at just the right time... victory in our Clone Wars would be assured!"

Dooku seemed to concur. "It would be nicer if we could simply insure that the foolish Republic Senator fell on our side before the war commenced. But if the Trade Federation Chairman desire her destruction so greatly I have little objection."

The Geonosian smirked, then began to order his under-staffed scientists into position. "Very well Gentlemen, you shall have your execution. It is just a matter of locating the right time window and location, and then in approximately forty-five minutes... Padme Amadala dies."

He laughed with the others, knowing fool well there was none who could oppose his plan within the Republic, even if they knew of his plans and were all the way out here. No, none save someone or thing with greater access to time travel than himself (which he knew to be impossible) could save the former – perhaps soon-to-be, he chuckled – Queen of Naboo from temporal execution.

And where by the force would such a man come from anyway? Another universe entirely?






The Senator in the Fireplace by Derek Metaltron