A Little Moment

*Meddlesome Old Coots*

(Scorpius's Moment)

It's been a while since I wrote one of these huh? ^^ But I had a thought the other day and well this is what came out.

Fifteen year old Albus led the way to the Headmasters Study. Fifteen year old Scorpius followed close behind. Scorpius had no problem with the Potters, case in point his best friend was Al. And he'd come to understand over the years that Harry Potter wasn't some egotistical hero with a Malfoy inferiority complex, as he'd heard his mother once say. Still, the feud between Weasleys and Malfoys would never be completely resolved, on either side it seemed. Ginny Potter was good and polite when he was over, but he was sure she muttered just as much under her breath as Astoria Malfoy did when Albus visited Malfoy Manor.

Which was why he clung to Albus whenever the whole family was in the house. Today though only Harry Potter was at home. It seemed Ginny had taken James and Lily to visit with their Weasley relatives. Harry had to catch up on some paperwork for his latest Auror case, and so had cheerfully cooked them breakfast then disappeared to his work study.

Today instead of suggesting something mundane like playing chess or going out into London, Al had turned to Scorpius and asked, "Wanna meet the Headmasters today?"

Scorpius had felt excitement well up in his chest. Although it was ture his own father had a portrait of Severus Snape in Malfoy Manor that Astoria was specifically told "Will remain on this wall until I damn well decide it needs to be moved" by Draco, he'd never met the man in the Headmaste's Study. In Malfoy Manor Scorpius was always watched by his grandparents and mother, who would correct even the slightest flaw. They pushed him to ask only sensible things of the Headmaster and would make stinging comments when Scorpius asked something 'childish'.

Draco would take Scorpius aside then and tell him he could be as childish as he wished, but that he knew Scorpius was more curious than childish.

Yet another lure about the Headmasters Study was the fact that Albus Dumbledore was there. Scorpius had some questions for the famous old wizard as well.

"Ready?" Al asked and Scorpius nodded, making Al smile as he opened the door.

Scorpius didn't take note of them at first. At Malfoy Manor Professor Snape's portrait was framed in obsidian and had silver runes etched all over it. Here, his portrait was framed in elegantly carved dark wood. The same for Professor Dumbledore's portrait, except in a lighter wood.

"Headmasters." Al called as he sat down in the only chair facing the portraits. Scorpius looked around for somewhere to sit then gave a short squeak as Al pulled him down onto the armchair with him. Scorpius blushed and punched his arm lightly.

"Punching Scorpius?" Scorpius turned to the portraits and flushed more as he watched the two men settle into their chair.

"Al asked for it." Scorpius replied with a toss of his head. Al snickered and Scorpius punched his thigh this time. Professor Dumbledore chuckled at the sight.

"So that's the man you're named after." Scorpius said after a few seconds of readjusting himself on the seat. Al nodded, leaning into the cushions much like Harry liked to do and letting Scorpius take center stage.

Professor Dumbledore gave a bow from his seat. "It is a pleasure to meet you face to face young Scorpius. I have heard much from you from Al." Scorpius turned and Al was suddenly staring out the window.

"How much?" Scorpius demanded to know. Dumbledore laughed pleasantly.

"Simply some more of your memorable exploits during your school days. Such as the time you both jumped into the lake on a dare from young James." Dumbledore said and Scorpius turned a little pink as he saw Severus was giving him one of his half-amused stares that he often gave the boy when he was home.

"Why were you named after him again?" Scorpius asked, turning to Albus and pointing at Professor Dumbledore.

Al rubbed his nose then shrugged with a cheerful look. "Dad says he wanted me to have just as strong a name as James but one that honored two very brave and important people in his life." Al shrugged again.

"But he's...is that candy?" Scorpius asked as he turned back to the portraits to find Dumbledore unsticking lemon drops.

"Yes." Severus replied. "And if it weren't for the fact that we're bound to these portraits he would be offering you them." Severus added with a twist to his lips that had Scorpius blinking. Al laughed.

"See, told ya he's different here at home." Al said and Scorpius nodded.

Severus gave a soft snort. "Being in the presence of so many Weasleys and Potters has deteriorated my good sense." Scorpius laughed then along with Al.

"Oh you love us." Al said and Scorpius blinked at the conviction in that tone. Also at the fact that Snape didn't deny it.

"Al! Where'd you get to! Your mum's at the Floo! She wants to talk to you!" Harry called from downstairs. Al got out of the seat and waved to them as he ran out of the room. "I'll be right back!"

When he'd gone Scorpius settled into the middle of the seat and found himself under two intense stares. "Er...what?" Scorpius asked after a few seconds.

Severus snorted delicately while Albus just chuckled and ate another lemon drop. "You would do well to simply admit it to the boy already." Severus said and Scorpius blinked at him a few moments.

"Admit what to who?" Scorpius asked in imitation of the way Al had spoken to his mother on occasion, when he'd caught Astoria insulting a Weasley relative or friend. Astoria would always lie, and Al would always know she was lying but it worked to avoid the subject well enough for Al.

Severus looked down at Scorpius with such a dark look that Scorpius understood now what Draco meant when he mentioned Severus's legendary glares.

"My namesake is not a complete idiot, no matter his lineage." Severus replied.

Albus chuckled then and studied Scorpius in a way that Scorpius knew from how his grandparents would look at him from time to time. Searchingly, as if there was a secret buried in the lines of his face or the shade of his gray eyes.

Scorpius felt his cheeks flush, something Astoria always blamed on Draco, and then simply tossed his head again, nose in the air. "I have no idea what you mean."

"Would it help if you knew Al felt the same?" Albus asked while playing with a Chocolate Frog. Scorpius choked on his breath and Albus merely took a bite of his candy with a smile on his face.

Severus chuckled then and Scorpius turned to him with a half-smile. Hearing Snape laugh was a rare occurance at the Manor.

"I can already imagine Weasley's face if he were to hear that." Severus said dreamily, making Scorpius burst into bright airy laughter, the kind that was discouraged at home except by Draco, who encouraged and often joined into it.

"I can imagine what James's face would look like if he heard that." Scorpius muttered before he could help himself. Severus's face becoming darkly gleeful and Scorpius had to marvel at what the man's face was possible of expressing, considering he looked like carved stone at home.

"Oh yes, that is also an amusing picture." Severus murmured while Albus laughed now.

"Well for either of those things to occur, young Scorpius needs to gather his wits-" Albus began.

"More like his courage headmaster." Severus replied and Scorpius's laughter died. He hated being called a coward, either outright or implied like Snape had just done it.

"Malfoy's are not cowards." He spit out, gray eyes glittering. Severus arched one eyebrow then snorted.

"Prove it." Severus demanded and Scorpius leapt up from his seat just as Al returned.

"Sorry about that." Al said cheerfully as he walked over to the seat. "Mum wanted to know if we'd like takeout for dinner tonight and- What's wrong?" Al asked, looking from the smiling Dumbledore to the smirking Snape to the fuming Scorpius.

Scorpius glared at the two men then put on his best Malfoy smirk and sniffed delicately while taking Al's hand and beginning to tug him out of the room. "Nothing's wrong Al. The old coots were just having their fun with me." Al looked puzzled. Scorpius paused at the door to level the two highly amused old men a vicious grin. "It was a pleasure speaking with you Headmasters." He gave a stiff bow of his head then yanked Albus out of the room.

"Well now this was a very product afternoon." Albus said as he shut his eyes and allowed himself a laugh.

Severus chuckled as well. "I was tired of seeing Albus pining here and Scorpius pining while at the Manor. They're both idiots."

"Young love is often stupid Severus." Albus said with a meaningful inflection in his words that had Severus chuckling for all sorts of new reasons. They both knew just how stupid love made you when you were young.

"Well I'm off. I should be fair and prepare Draco for when Astoria discovers her son's relationship." Severus said, getting up from his seat with another chuckle.

And there ya go, Scorpius's moment. Ha! I love meddlesome old people, they're so funny! ^^.