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Minerva snuggled closer to Severus and sighed as he held her protectively in his arms. Minerva hadn't been feeling well over the past week or so and was glad that it was the weekend. She's been looking forward to her lie in with her husband and was thankful that Rolanda and Pomona had offered to take the students to Hogsmeade.

"How are you feeling, Min?"

"Like I'm going to throw up." Minerva slid from between the sheets and quickly made her way to the bathroom, where she emptied the little that was left in her stomach.

Severus sat by her and held her beautiful raven black hair out of the way and soothingly rubbed her back as she knelt over the toilet. Feeling exhausted and cramped, Minerva sat back against Severus and closed her eyes.

"Min, I think it's time we went to see Poppy about this."


"Yes, Minni. I'm coming with you." Severus kissed Minerva lightly on the lips, picked her up and carried his beloved to the hospital wing.

"Poppy?" Severus called as he placed Minerva on a bed.

"Severus?" Poppy came running out from her office and as soon as she saw Minerva lay on the bed, a ghostly white, she started casting diagnosis spells. She stopped suddenly when the tip of her wand glowed purple. Minerva gasped and turned her head away from Severus.

"Poppy, what is it? What does that mean?" Severus squeezed Minerva's hand and nodded at the wand in Poppy's hand.

"Minerva's pregnant." Poppy smiled and left the pair alone.

Severus sat on the bed next to Minerva and pulled her gently into his arms. "It's brilliant, Minni!" Severus pressed a kiss to Minerva's hair and smiled the widest smile he could.

"Really?" Minerva whispered.

"Yes, Min. Really." Severus held Minerva tighter as he felt a tear or two fall from his wife's eyes. "What is it baby?"

"Isn't it too dangerous for us to have a child? Especially when You-Know-Who is rising again?" Minerva lent back against her husband and closed her eyes.

"You've always wanted a daughter Mina. I know who have. There are way we can protect her, my dear. The ancient bonding we went through as part of our wedding will keep all of our children protected and shield them from the dark arts until they are of age, Min."

"I know. I just don't want to lose her. Or for her to get hurt."

"She won't Min. I promise."

Minerva rested against Severus once more and rested a hand on her stomach. Severus placed one of his hands on his beloved's and kissed her neck.

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