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The next two and a half months past without complications for the small family until two days before the end of the school year...

Minerva was sat at the high table between Albus and Severus. She picked at her lunch with he fork, while Severus held on tight to her free hand. The previous night had been hard for Minerva and only hoped that she'd get through the day without any more pain. Unfortunately, the little one had other plans ...

Just as the lunch break was drawing to an end, Minerva gasped and squeezed Severus' hand with more strength than she knew she even possessed.

"Tabby?" Severus asked as he brought her quickly into his arms.

Tears ran down Minerva's cheeks as she whispered frantically that her waters had just broken.

Severus lost his entire colour and called Poppy over from the side door just as she opened it. Poppy ran over and she too went as white as a sheet for a second. Nodding at Albus who had also come over to help, Poppy instructed Severus to take Minerva to the Hospital wing.

"No Poppy! I told you I want to be at home!" Minerva protested through gritted teeth as she let another contraction pass.

"Well what are we waiting for then? Severus, get her down to your chambers." Poppy ordered as she called the head house-elf.

Quickly but gently, Severus scooped his beautiful wife into his arms and walked through the back door, hoping his feet would carry him quick. Minerva rested her head on his chest with one arm around his neck and the other on her stomach. She let out another scream followed by hard panting. She concentrated all of her energy to listen to his loving words and rushing heartbeat as he himself concentrated on calming his love and getting to their rooms before either worried about the birth of their second daughter.

Little known to them though, Hermione was already panicking about what would happened to her and the life she had just gotten used to with her parents once the new little girl arrived. Hermione sat in her room in their chambers and cried as she shrank things and placed them once more into her trunk, not bothering to organise them, just wanting to be ready for when Minerva and Severus told her she wasn't wanted anymore, just like the Granger's did.

Minerva cursed as Poppy checked her over once again.

"She's an eager little one, Minerva. You fully dilated."

"Then hurry!" Minerva screamed through gritted teeth as another contraction hit. When it had passed, Minerva rested her back against Severus' chest and he held her close. "Where's Hermione?"

"In her room tabby."

"I want to see her." Again, it was gasped out.

"Poppy, could you please go and get Hermione from her room?"

"Are you sure Severus?"

"Poppy, please." Minerva pleaded.

Poppy nodded and walked briskly out of the room and knocked softly on Hermione's door. "Hermione, your mother wants to see you."

Silently, Hermione placed a concealment charm on herself and opened the door to find Poppy already walking back into her parent's room. Hermione halted in her tracks when she head a scream flow into the living room. Quietly, Hermione went into her parents room and sat on the bed next to her mother and father.

"Mom? Dad?" Hermione whispered.

"Kitten." Minerva gasped.

"Push Min." Poppy ordered.

Minerva pushed as hard as she could squeezing one of Severus' hand and one of her daughter's.

"That's it Min. One more and she'll be with us."

A long scream made Hermione's ears ring, but then a deep sigh and a babies squeal made her smile and the tears of sadness started to fall again. Poppy handed Minerva a little bundle of pink.

"A pink blanket Poppy?" Severus inquired and immediately turned it into an silky emerald green with a Gryffindor red lining.

"She's so perfect." Minerva whispered as her little angel fell to sleep.

"She is indeed." Severus agreed. "Hermione?"

"Yeah?" Hermione's voice was choked and filled with sadness.

"Do you want to hold your baby sister?"

Hermione shook her head and left the room.


"I'll go and speak to her."

Minerva nodded and watched her husband go and find their eldest daughter.

"Hermione, sweetheart?"

"Dad!" Hermione was surprised that he had followed her and hastily placed her shrunken trunk into her cloak pocket.

"What's wrong baby?" Severus sat next to Hermione on her bed and held her close.

"Now that the baby's here you won't want me anymore."

"Don't be silly. Your mother and I still love you and we still want you." Severus gently wiped away her tears and kissed her hair.


"Of course. Now, how about you take off that cloak, put your trunk on your bed and come and see your mother and sister."

"Okay." Hermione whispered, a little uncertain.

Severus held her hand all the way to the master bedroom and sat her on his lap once he had sat next to his wife on the bed.

"Aww, she's so cute." Hermione cooed softly at the sleeping child in Minerva's arms.

"She is indeed." Minerva agreed. "But you'll always be my kitten."

Hermione hugged her mother as best she could and asked what the little angel was called.

"We were thinking ... Teresa Jean." Severus answered.

Smiling, Minerva asked, "What do you think?"

"I love it."

Together the little family laughed and cooed over the new addition to the Snape family. Hermione soon forgot that she was once unloved because she now had all the love in the world. Minerva and Severus forgot about the rise of the Dark Lord because they felt like they were the happiest and luckiest people alive.

Little Teresa gurgled at her family causing them all to smile and laugh as they gave her their entire attention.

The end