Arashi: Ok here I am again but in a new area for now. Here is my new story for Naruto. It's going to be my first story for this. I hope I do alright.

(scuffle in the background, something pops out of no where. A fox like creature comes behind Arashi.)

Kyuubi: Yo Arashi, about time you write something about the kit instead of your usual Yugioh stories.

Arashi glares: Very funny stupid fox! I'm going to embarrass you one why or another, you baka. Don't make me write a Sasunaru story with you and Itachi get together. Maybe a should write one eventually.

Kyuubi: You wouldn't dare!

Arashi: Better me then my darker half, Kyuu. Besides I got to get ready for the story to get started. (smirks evilly)

Kyuubi shivers uncontrollably: Alright I get it.

Arashi: Kyuubi can you do me a favor for me?

Kyuubi: What that would be?

Arashi: Do the disclaimer for me

Kyuubi: Alright, Arashi doesn't own Naruto and let the show get started!


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Team seven friendships.

My true family

Summary- Naruto walks around Konoha thinking over the events after getting Tsunade to be the fifth hokage. He feels as if no doesn't care about him as he looks around and sees families all around. He doesn't know what it is like to have a family and all he has is those that are his precious people. Au. Sasuke doesn't leave…


The leaf village's hyper active ninja, Naruto Uzamaki looked at the ground sadly as he hears children laughing and parents comforting their little ones. He always wonders what it would feel like to have a family instead of being an orphan.

If anyone asks him what he thinks of the fifth hokage, he just grins and says to them. "She's just granny Tsunade to me."

Naruto thought over what Tsunade said about protecting the village starting with him first. He found out by Shizune the same night after the battle between Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru that she was protecting him and wouldn't let Orochimaru hurt him after he passed out.

He never told anyone this but he felt loved and gave him a slight idea of having a family feels like.

Of course she cares about you brat. That woman was worried sick when you passed out it took that pervert to calm her down. Kyuubi scolding Naruto through their mind link.

Naruto sighed as he answered the fox. Are you sure? I mean no one really did care about expect for a few people like the old man when he was alive, Iruka. Then later came Kakashi-sensei, Sasuke, and Sakura. I just don't get the concept of having a family; all the people I know have families that loved them. Heck Sasuke may still have his older brother alive some where but he knew what it is like to have parents to love him. I didn't have the opportunity for that Kyuubi.

God damn it brat, why don't you expect that you teammates care about you and stop questioning yourself. There are people wanted to see you happy and I personally would like to see you happy. Let the old woman Tsunade and that pervert Jiraiya in your heart. They treat you like you are their own child or grandchild in their own way. It doesn't hurt to tell them that you want them to be your family. Kyuubi said softly despite him being the Kyuubi no kitsune.

Naruto gave a small smile at the fox's words and knew that he means them to be well. He should give the pervy sage and granny Tsunade a chance but a part of him fears the rejection that would hurt him. Sure he had Kakashi-sensei and the rest of team seven to count on but there are some things that he wishes to have a family to talk about.

He shook his head as he headed to the hokage tower hoping the two people he really want to talk to can give him some advice on love and family. And little did he know that Jiraiya and Tsunade were talking about him in her office.


In the hokage office, Tsunade paced back and forth biting her nails as she felt some one watching her.

"Stop staring at me you darn pervert!" The blond sannin growled at the white hair man leaning against the wall.

"Hime, calm it down. I sure Naruto will like the offer we are going to ask him. Besides we are going to give him the one thing he wants in the entire world beside his dream to think of." Jiraiya replied as he watched his old teammate starting to turn red in embarrassment then smiled at the one person they both cared about Naruto.

Tsunade sighed as Jiraiya closed the gap between the two, he hugged from behind as he comforted her as best as he could. She leaned against taking in his warmth as the two watched the normal life of inside the leaf village.

From a distant they heard a voice that is very familiar to them…."Granny Tsunade!"

Tsunade flinched at the dreaded nickname but knew he meant no harm of it and only called her that in endearment showed that he cared. It same for Jiraiya with Naruto calling him pervy sage. Sure the two only aloud the boy to call them that but they care about him and wanted him to feel accepted and loved.

Tsunade and Jiraiya both had something they wanted to talk to the blond about his family and who his father is. They were scared of Naruto's reaction of their secret and they hope he would accept & forgive them from keeping it away from him for so long.

They do care about the boy as their grandson but the truth is that they are Naruto's grandparents and didn't know until Tsunade found a letter from the third hokage for both Jiraiya and Tsunade in case if they should come back to the village.

Arashi: I did it! I actually wrote a Naruto fanfic. I hope you like the story please r and r. I had an idea of Jiraiya and Tsunade being the fourth hokage parents and so forth. This is dedicated to my friend who goes by Lee since he reminds me of Rock Lee. Thanks man for giving me this idea before school was out.