Anno Domini

(Magdalena de Sang and her story are the only things that belong to me.)

Special thanks to Javanyet. No better beta reader could ever be found.

Summer 1190…

A calm moonlit night greeted Magdalena de Sang as she left the small home after exchanging good-byes, and imparting final advice to the family within to nurture the new life she had helped to deliver. No offer was made to see her safely home, and Magdalena was glad for it.

The nature of her occupation coupled with her rather unique upbringing had instilled within the young woman a fierce sense of pride and independence something the common people she served didn't condone, but made no move to object. Besides as far as they were concerned the younger daughter of Naomi de Sang was far more fearsome than any beasts that lurked in the old dark woods.

The cool air of the late summer night encouraged Magdalena to lower the hood of her cloak, and let the gentle night breeze caress her face. The silver light of the full moon glistened off the beautiful carnelian cloak pin her father had long ago fashioned for her before she set off to begin her apprenticeship.

Shaking away those memories Magdalena resolved to savor this perfect summer night before the colors of autumn, and the bitter winter cold cast it aside. The merry rushing of the nearby stream, the soft chirps of the night creatures along with the smell of smoke from the nearby dwelling made Magdalena breathe a rare sigh of contentment. How she treasured nights like this.

Her breath had barely escaped her throat when Magdalena found herself abruptly yanked back, and pulled against what felt like a solid wall of muscle and fine fabric. Powerful arms as hard as the chest were quick to hold firm against her waist and mouth. Magdalena let out a muffled growl of indignation as she was dragged off the worn beaten path into the dark abyss of the old woods.

The fingers of the hand over Magdalena's mouth tenderly stroked her cheek. Magdalena's nostrils flared with furry as she felt a wet warm tongue slide up her throat. With her nails she furiously tried to claw and pull away from her attacker, but Magdalena somehow knew that she would be better off trying to wrestle a bear.

Forcing herself to calm giving her attacker the illusion of submission Magdalena closed her eyes, and silently uttered a few choice words.

LaCroix's desire peaked as the woman's body grew still her breathing slowed. The lingering scent of blood clinging to her clothes was intoxicating, the smell of her fear, the sound of her racing heart, and the blood coursing just below her warm skin held much promise. The vampire quickly resolved to savor this treasure.

Rolling the taste of her in his mouth LaCroix happened to glance down at the small dull red stone crudely fashioned to the pin of the woman's dark cloak. Something about the small grubby stone captivated him.

His brow furrowed in confusion as the color and brightness of the stone seemed to grow the longer he gazed upon it. The soft glow of the stone steadily grew sharp with an intensity rivaling that of a long forgotten sun.

Magdalena smiled as the attacker shrieked with sudden pain his hands fleeing her body to tend to his overwhelmed eyes. With a yelp Magdalena was shoved forward her hands barely stopping her head from colliding with a thick tree.

Turning to glare at her attacker who was still howling like a frustrated child Magdalena allowed her power to wash over her; intent on teaching this pig a lesson.

LaCroix furiously wiped the tears from his eyes relieved that his healing power had banished the damage that vile stone had caused. What manner of woman wore a stone that possessed the power to blind? LaCroix had guessed she was peculiar from the moment he had seen her traveling alone along the dark path, but he'd never truly suspected anything more. She was after all a mere woman.

Yet as LaCroix's gaze focused back on the figure stalking towards him he began to wonder if that was an appropriate assumption to make. The whites of the woman's eyes now glowed a deep amber and the air seem to crackle with the might of her unearthly power. Her cloak pin glowed, and the folds of her cape flared like the wings of a great bird. What in the depths of Hades had he unleashed?

With a cry Magdalena threw her arms up thrusting a strong rush of air straight at her surprised attacker knocking him off his feet, and sending him flying through air. His shoulder becoming impaled on the sharpened trunk of a recently fallen tree brought an abrupt end to his fall.

LaCroix snarled his eyes bleeding to crimson his fangs dropping as the wood thrust through his shoulder, and burst out the other side in a plume of blood. His very sanity was threatened as wave after wave of intense pain coursed through his body. Part of him wished that this was truly the end, and prayed that news of his demise would never reach his daughter. Janette would never outlive the shame.

LaCroix suddenly found himself yanked off the tree, and raised off the ground by uncaring hands. Through the haze of pain and fury both attacker and victim locked gazes neither one able to hide their shock as they gazed upon each other.

LaCroix couldn't hold back a pained moan as he was lowered to the ground and the grip on his clothes relaxed. Before LaCroix could form a response the woman's knee connected with his groin. The vampire sank to his knees passed out from the pain long before he hit the ground.