Hi to all my readers:

So I've decided that I'm going to keep posting my story at FictionPress (link directly to "I'll Be There" will be posted in my profile page) and here's a sneak peek to Chapter 6.

At 8 pm sharp she saw a man appear and walk toward her car. As she got out of the car, the man started talking to her.

"Alexandra Byrne?" The man asked.

"Yes, who are you?" Alex asked.

"I'm Phil Doyle… Jr. and I know that you're my half sister and that you hired a detective to search up my father."

"But… how?"

"Well let's just say that I have my ways. But that's not what I'm here for Alexandra; I'm here because I've seen my dad acting really weird lately and a few days ago I followed him a saw him… following you to the hospital and that's when I asked him and he told me everything."

"And what exactly is everything?" Alex asked.

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