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Hermione's POV

I always expected his skin would be cold to the touch, like ice. It only seemed natural, I mean, you could practically see the frost on the floor from where he had stepped. We were all required to dress in black robes but his appeared unnaturally black and seemed to lack any of the warmth the thick material usually provided. His pale skin did not look unhealthy though it gave no indication of being soft and warm. The features of his face were sharp and angular and did nothing to minimize his cold demeanor. His piercing gray eyes lay slightly hidden behind long strands of platinum blonde hair, shielding the world from his icy stare.

Eyes, the window to the soul, the one thing most people would agree to being one of the most beautiful features of a person, showing true emotion, yet his were different. They were beautiful, there was no denying that, but they had changed over the years, more guarded. As cold as he was his eyes had always held a fire that could be seen when he was excited or enraged. Giving it a moment of thought I realized it had been quite a while since I had seen any spark in his eyes. It explained why he seemed so cold lately, or colder then usual anyway. Other emotions could be seen, though it was hard to tell what they were because of the sheet of hair covering them. Maybe that was his intention, a way to keep people from being able to read him. Once or twice I was sure I could see fear in his eyes but he would shake his head and the hair would cover them more. I pondered over this for another few minutes, wondering what had happened, what would make him change. Whenever I would catch a glimpse of him walking the halls of Hogwarts, which was becoming less often, he looked more angry and hateful then he did months ago. Was this just a cover for the fear he was really feeling? I didn't know the answer and I didn't know why I was suddenly wasting quality study time thinking about him. The only thing I seem to know at this moment is warmth of Draco Malfoy's touch.

I leaned back into my chair, abandoning all pretense of studying, and let myself think of something besides the books laying open in front of me. Dropping my pencil I studied my hand, the one Malfoy had touch earlier today. It was by complete accident of course, we hadn't even realized that we were in the same room let alone right next to each other. I just placed my hand on the last book I needed for my report when I felt someone's hand close over mine. I had turned just in time to see Malfoy's eyes, wide in shock, narrow then he muttered something before walking away. I just stood there in shock for a few seconds before shaking my head and pulling the book off the shelf. His hand was so warm, his touch was feather soft but his hand was strong. Being completely honest, I hadn't been able to stop thinking about it, I wasn't sure if I wanted to too. But this is Draco bloody Malfoy after all, the rational side of my brain screamed at me, the foul creature that called you a mudblood and constantly made life hell for you and your friends. His father's a Death Eater who tries to kill Harry time and time again, he's a follower of Voldemort and it's only a matter of time before he becomes a Death Eater as well. And you've decided to look past all this because he has a warm hand, this is ridiculous, get a grip on yourself Hermione.

Taking a deep breath I dropped my head into my hands, I could feel a headache starting to form, I needed to get my mind off him. Deciding to relocate I quickly ran through my options, it was much too cold to go outside, the common room was off limits because due to the cold weather most Gryffindors were there avoiding homework. My room obviously wouldn't do, seeing as how I've accomplished nothing in the past hour. Gathering my books I decided the library was my best (and well, my only) option, hopefully the amount of books would help me concentrate on my work rather then remind me of a certain blonde Slytherin.

The hall were mostly empty as I made my way to the library, and upon entering it I noticed it was even emptier. When I didn't recognize anyone I felt a pang of disappointment, Malfoy was obviously not here. Just as I was trying to understand why I was upset that the loathsome cockroach was no where to be seen I felt someone's warm breath on my neck.

"Hoping to find me here Granger?"

I turned to face the tall form of Draco Malfoy. He was looking down at me, his mouth pulled into a tight smirk, amusement and hatred both apparent on his flawless face.

"Quite the opposite Malfoy, I was hoping you would be elsewhere and I could study in peace."

"Then what were you looking for?" He questioned, pulling his eyebrows together and relaxing his smirk in mock curiosity.

"I was trying to find an empty table to sit at." I replied with the first answer that came to my mind. Malfoy's eyes lifted from me to scan the large room then settled back on my face. Grinning and without a word, he walked over to the nearest table, raised his hand and proceeded to tap the air with his index finger. I watched curiously as he then lowered his head and said in a soft voice, but loud enough for me to hear.

"Excuse me sir, would you and you friends mind moving for this young lady here, it seems the rest of the library is full and she has no where to study in peace."

I could feel myself blush profusely as I stood there at a loss for words. Malfoy was now doubled over, laughing hysterically, as I turned on my heel and dashed out of the library. Just as I was nearing the Gryffindor tower I heard footsteps behind me, then Malfoy calling my name. I stopped, against my better judgement, and turned around, my cheeks still slightly pink.

"I thought you wanted to study?" he asked, catching up to me, still grinning.

"Which is why I'm returning to my room." I rolled my eyes and turned to leave, wishing I was already back in the comfort of the tower.

"I won't be in the library tomorrow." He said as I began to walk away.


"Well tomorrow's Saturday, I never go to the library on Saturdays, Sundays yes, but never Saturday, just thought I should let you know so you don't waste half you day waiting for me to show."

"I don't care if you're in the library or not, actually no, I'd prefer if you weren't."

"Right," He took a step towards me, lowering his head and his voice. "I'll see you Sunday Granger." He finished, giving me a cocky smile, a smile that reached his eyes for just a second, before turning and proceeding back down the hall, leaving me stunned and very confused. After a moment I shook my head both mentally and physically and continued towards Gryffindor tower, unable to understand what had just happened. Boys.

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