Unfortunately this is not a new chapter but a terrible author's note.

I know, I know, I hate seeing these things too, I always get excited hoping for a new chapter.

Anyway, this is just to let everyone who is interested in this story know that I haven't abandoned it, though it may look like it sometimes.

Actually what I've decided to do is not post any new chapters until I have this fanfic finished or almost finished. I'm doing this with my other fanfic "Green" as well, for any of you that are reading that.

Posting chapter by chapter obviously isn't working for me, I'm terrible at updating and, even though it may not look it, this upsets me greatly. I'm always hitting writers' blocks or am too exhausted from work to stay up typing.

So sorry to anyone hoping for a new chapter, I really do hope you will continue to read this fanfic when I start posting again (I'll post a new chapter a couple times a week means they're already done). I hope you realize I'm doing this mostly for you, my readers, because you deserve a story that has regular updates, which is why I'll never post another story before completing it.

Thanks to everyone for your interest in this story, I hope it won't take me long to start posting again, I have a break coming up soon so I'll get a lot written then.

Again, sorry for doing this (hopefully I won't lose many readers) and thank you for your interest.


(I'll be replacing this with a new chapter when I begin reposting)