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Shinigami + Vampire

"AIEEEE!!!" At Youkai Gakuen a certain perverted wolf was getting his ass kicked. He was caught peeping under Moka's skirt. Which lead to Kurumu beating the shit out of him for being such a perv. After the wolf got what was coming to him the newspaper club began working on their newspaper. When Miss. Nekonome their adviser walked in.

"Good new's everyone! The Headmaster is giving us a trip to the Human World, to do research!" Miss. Nekonome announced.

Really! Where to?" Tsukune asked he couldn't wait to go back to the human world. Not that he didn't like Youkai Gakeun, It's just he was human, so he would much rather be in his own world than the monster one. The only reason he had stayed in the school so far was to be with a certain pink haired vampire.

"A place called 'KaraKura Town' if I remember right." The cat teacher replied. Her tail began to swish back in forth, dreaming about the Delicious fish in the human world.

"I hope we don't run into any trouble." Tsukune remembered the last time they went to the human world. Moka had gotten kidnapped, and Fairy Tail had attacked the hotel they were staying at. The only good thing about that trip was that their relationship and grown.

This made the group shudder as they too remembered the last time they went to the human world.

"Well be at the bus stop in the morning. It will be a three day two night trip, so pack accordingly." Miss. Nekonome said. Then the room to go to another so called 'teacher's meeting.

"ICHIGOOOOOOO~" A brown haired boy yelled running down the hallway.

Ichigo stepped out of the way as the boy dived at him.

"What do you want Keigo?" Ichigo asks. He had gotten used to Keigo enough to usually ignore everything the boy said.

"Ah! Don't be like that Ichigo! I have big news! Big news I tell ya! They say that there have been some strange thing's going on , bla, bla bla, bla" Keigo chattered away like a music box.

Ichigo continued walking down the hall, ignoring Keigo who continued to chatter.

"Hey listen to me! I'm not finished!" Keigo whined latching onto Ichigo's leg.

"Let go of me." Ichigo began to punch Keigo in the face, trying to get him off. Then he saw one of his other friends texting on a cell phone.

"Hey! Mizuiro" Ichigo waved. Then continued punching Keigo in the face. Until Keigo finally let go of his leg.

Mizuiro waves back while still texting on his phone. Ichigo opened the door to the classroom, Chad was blocking the entrance.

"Yo! Chad" Ichigo said sliding past the giant.

"Hey.. Ichigo" Chad said moving from the entrance.

Orihime waved at Ichigo from across the room. She was talking with her best friend Tatsuki. Who also waved at Ichigo. He waved back to the two girls. Then he looked over to Ishida who had his face in a book.

"Yo... " Ichigo mumbled.

Ishida ignored him and continued to read his book. This ticked Ichigo off.

"Hey! You can at least say hi back." Ichigo slammed his hand on Ishida's desk.

Which the Quincy continued to ignore him flipping another page in his book. Ichigo grabbed him by his collar. The bell rang, making Ichigo let go of Ishida. Ichigo quickly took his seat before the teacher came in. Then he looks around the room to realize someone is missing.

"Hmmmm... Where's Rukia?" Ichigo thought looking over at the empty desk next to him. It felt strange whenever she wasn't there like something big, most of the time bad was about to happen....

Just to make things worse it began to rain.

"Great.... I forgot to bring an umbrella." Ichigo stared out the window, completely zoning out the teacher. He continued to stare out the window for the whole class period.

The rain had gotten even worse after school. Rukia never came to school either.

"Sigh.... Might as well see if someone will share an umbrella with me." Ichigo frowned. He looks around, no one was there.

"Eh... When did everyone leave?" Ichigo shrugged.

He walked through the rain getting soaked. Ichigo hated rainy days when he was alone. It made him think to much of the day his mother died. Oh how he used to blame himself for her death, until he found out, it was a hollow that had killed her. All of a sudden it felt like time stopped as a green bus drove past. It gave off a strange aura. Ichigo watched the bus as it slowly drove past. Inside the bus was six girls, each with a strange hair color like his. Then there was two boys, one seemed to be trying to stop the girls form gaining up on the other boy. The other boy was backing away to the back of the bus. For some reason the girls on that bus gave Ichigo a bad feeling. He couldn't pinpoint why though as the bus drove away. As soon as the bus had gone the rain stopped.

"That was strange." Ichigo thought. He walked home still thinking about the people in the bus, wondering why they bothered him so much. Ichigo opened the door to the house.

"Welcome home ICHIGO!!" His dad said. The old man tried to kick Ichigo in the jaw.

"Hey Yuzu, Karin" Ichigo said to his sisters and he walked past his annoying father, dodging the kick.

"How mean Ichigo! Ignoring you father like that." Isshin whined, grabbing Ichigo in a bear hug.

This ticked Ichigo off.


Ichigo sent his father flying out the door. "Well I'm going to my room to work on some homework."

"Ok." Karin said. Then went back to reading her magazine.

"Ichi-Nii do you know where 'Bostov' is? I can't seem to find him anywhere." Yuzu sobbed. She loved dressing the teddy bear up in strange cloths.

"Yeah his probably in my room. I'll go get him for you." Ichigo said.

"Thanks Ichi-Nii!" Yuzu hugged her big brother.

Ichigo went to his room. "Kon where are you?"

A lion shaped stuffed animal crawled out from Ichigo's bed. "Ichigo save me your crazy sister has been looking for me all day! I can't stand being dressed in those whack job cloth's."

"Sure I'll help you. Yuzu I've found him." Ichigo called out.

"Be right there Ichi-Nii." Yuzu called back.

"Eh! I-Ichigo no s-s-s-save me.... You Trader!!!!" Kon yelled. Then stopped moving as Yuzu entered the room.

Kon glared at Ichigo as Yuzu carried him out of the room. Ichigo gave a wave, saying have fun.

"Now to get to work." Ichigo sighed. He stretched until his bones made a nice cracking sound, then went over to work on some homework. After finishing his homework he began to worry.

"I haven't seen Rukia all day. Where the hell did she go. Guess I should try Urahara's shop"

"Bzzt, Bzzt" The Shinigami Substitute badge went off. "Damn not now." Ichigo groaned.

He quickly switched into his gigai, placed his lifeless body on the bed, and jumped out the window. Ichigo jumped from building to building heading toward the hollow's reiatsu.

"Wait up Ichigo." A familiar voice from behind him said.

"Rukia where the hell have you been all day?" Ichigo asks.

"I was at Urahara's there have been some strange reiatsu going around town today. So I asked Urahara about it." Rukia stated.

"What strange reiastu?" he asks.

"No need to worry. Now let's go take care of this hollow." Rukia replies.

The jump from building to building.

Earlier That Day

"Great it's raining." Moka pouted.

"It's ok Moka-Chan. I'm sure the rain will stop soon." Tsukune said trying to reassure her.

The group had made it to Karakura Town only to have it start raining. So far the day had not gone well at all. They had driven all around town, because the vampires couldn't get off of the bus until it stopped raining.

"I'm sorry everyone for not being able go out in the rain." Moka said. She hated the fact that water would sap her powers possibly killing her, since she was a vampire.

Kokoa snorted. Why say sorry to a bunch of low class monsters? She could never understand her pink haired sister.

"At least we get to see the town this way. Desu" Yukari said.

"That's right Moka-Chan." Tsukune said.

"No worries Moka-Chan yours truly will do something about it." Gin said while groping Kurumu's chest and Mizore's ass.


"Hehehe Now no reason to get violent." Gin said backing away from the girls. He rubbed the red hand print's Kurumu and Mizore had left on his cheek.

"Oh no I believe the perverted wolf deserve a good beating." Kurumu said while cracking her knuckles.

"Yes I believe that is a good idea." Mizore agreed as her ice claws began to form.




"AIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" The wolf screamed as the girls beat the living day lights out of him.

"Your right you did make it stop raining." Kurumu smirked as the sun came out.

"From now on all we have to do is beat the pervert up. Then it will stop raining." Kokoa smirked. She liked that idea.

The bus pulled over to the side to let the group off.

"Where should we go?" Tsukune asks.

"I saw an arcade a couple of blocks back. Desu" Yukari chirped.

"That sounds like fun." Moka said.

"Ok let's go to the arcade." Tsukune smiled, glad that Moka was her usual cheery self now that the rain had stopped.

Tsukune paid for all of the girls game coins. He looked down his wallet and began to cry anime tears. All that money he had saved up over the school year was gone.

"Well as long Moka is happy I don't care." Tsukune sighed.

"You ok Tsukune?" Moka asked giving him a worried glance.

"Just fine Moka-Chan. Which game do you want to play?" Tsukune asked smiling at her.

"Hmmmmm I don't know. Which game do you like to play Tsukune?" Moka asked.

"Oh then follow me." Tsukune said walking toward the fighter games.

Kokoa walked off to go play 'House of the Dead 4.' Yukari followed Ruby over to the racing games of the arcade. Kurumu and Mizore were making a big scene at the 'Dance Dance Revolution' game in the back of the shop. They had a huge crowd of boys gawking at the girls as they moved with ease threw the steps.

"Damn! look at how big that one girls boobs are."

"I know. The other girl ain't to bad either." The boys chattered amongst themselves.

After the group was finished at the arcade they went to a pizza shop across the street. They ordered a large peperoni pizza, with an order of cheese sticks.

"What should we do now?" Tsukune asked the girls. He took a piece of pizza from the the tray.

"How about we just walk around, to look at the scenery" Moka said. She to took a piece of pizza.

"Didn't we already see enough of that on the bus." Kokoa whined.

"We didn't see everything though." Tsukune stated, sticking up for Moka.

"Thank you Tsukune" Moka said.

"Let me ask where the best scenery is." Tsukune walked up to one of the waitresses. He chatted with the waitress for about ten minutes getting directions on where to go. Then back over to their table, sitting down next to Moka.

"So did you find out anything." Kurumu asked.

"Yep. She said that if we go to the graveyard on top of the hill, you can get a really good view of the town. Only she said it takes about an hour to get there." Tsukune replied .

"That's not to bad." Mizore said.

"Alright so let's go. Desu" Yukari said.

Tsukune paid the bill for the pizza. Then the group walked out the door. It had taken the group two hours just to get to the top of the hill.

"Phew! T-That took longer than I thought." Tsukune said. He was laying on the ground trying to catch his breath from walking up the gigantic hill.

"This view better be worth it." Kokoa grumbled.

"Sniff, Sniff'.....tasty 'sniff' very tasty smell. Must eat the tasty human." A dark figure loomed over the group.

"This is amazing Tsukune." Kurumu yelled.

From on top of the hill they could see the entire town. The sun was setting making the view even more beautiful.

"I'm glad we came up here." Moka said. She stared into Tsukune's chocolate brown eyes. He stared back.




"Eh did you guys just hear that?" Tsukune asked.

The group nods their heads.


"RUN!!!" Tsukune shouts.

They take off heading back the way they came.

"Yes run..... All the more fun for me...... Run my tasty little snack.." The figure dashed toward it's meal. It runs right in front of Tsukune. The creature wraps its tongue around Tsukune's neck and throws him into one of the grave stones.

"AARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!" Tsukune screams out in pain.

"TSUKUNE!!" Moka runs after him. Only to be sent flying in the other direction.

"M-Moka r-run." Tsukune gasped. He looked in horror as a monster began to form in his vision. The Monster was black with a white mask covering it's face, a hole in it's chest where it's heart should be. The monster was on a fours walking toward Moka.

"What the hell is going on. I can't see anything." Kurumu yelled. She was already flying in the air trying to find the invisible enemy.

Moka could also see the monster as it loomed ever closer to her. It's tongue swaying back in forth. This reminded her of that bastard Saizou, the first year at school when he tried to rape her.

"Hehehe....time to eat...." The monster lunged at her. Moka closed her eyes and braced herself for the pain. It never came.

"......." She slowly opened her eyes. In front of her was two people dressed in black kimono's. One was a male with orange spiky hair. He was holding off the monster with an oversized blade. The other was female with black hair. She to held a blade only it was a lot smaller than the boy's. Moka heard the girl start to speak.

"Ichigo!! Why don't you just kill the hollow already?" The girl with black hair sighed.

"SHUT UP!! Just give me a minute." The boy now called Ichigo yelled. He pushed the hollow back, sending it flying through the air. He looked back at Moka then the others. "What the hell these are those people from earlier. This better just be a coincidence."

"Shinigami...... My am I just going to have an all you can eat buffet of delicious food today." The hollow charged at Ichigo.

"This is your lucky day! Substitute Shinigami Kurosaki Ichigo is here to kick your ass!" The Substitute Shinigami yelled.

"Hahahaha let's see you try. I'm going to eat you. Then your partner over there." The Hollow laughed.

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