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Chapter 1

The Transformation

The Strawhats had arrived at the island this morning. Brooks stayed to guard the Sunny. Everyone else went to explore. It was a Spring island, nice and warm with flowers blooming everywhere.

Zoro walked through the streets of the town trying to find the ship. Later that afternoon Zoro found himself in the woods wondering where the town went. He found a path and followed it. Zoro came across an old lady sitting in a rocking chair on the porch of an old cabin with a cat in her lap and several by her feet and in the yard. All the cats were strange colors: reds, blues, purples, oranges, yellows, blacks, and a lot of browns. Of normal colors only blacks, browns, and oranges.

"Oi, Obaa-san. Do you know where the harbor is? I think I'm lost", said Zoro scratching his head. He was not happy about admitting that he was lost, but he was glad Sanji wasn't here to rub it in.

"Obaa-san? My, aren't you rude!", spat the old lady.

"Do you know or not?", said Zoro not caring if he was rude or not.

"Do you like cats?", asked the old lady.

"What does that have to do with anything?!", said Zoro.

"Do you want a cat?", said the old lady with a knowing grin. "Yes! A big bounty has stepped right into my trap! Roronora Zoro, you'll make me rich!", thought the old lady.

"Nevermind. I'll ask someone else", said Zoro thinking she was a old crazy person. He turned to walk away.

"Oh, alright, I'll tell you" said the old lady. "Go down that street, turn right and keep going straight. You'll come to the harbor after a while", she said while pointing to the street.

"Thanks", said Zoro looking over his shoulder at her.

As soon as he turned back around she tapped him on his shoulder. "Are you sure you don't want a cat?", she asked with her right hand still on his shoulder and the left hand holding up a light purple cat.

"Yeah, I'm sure", said Zoro while looking at the strangely colored cat. But he started to feel funny. Dizzy and tingly. All of a suden he shrunk. He tried to say, "What's going on?!", but all that came out was, "Meow?!" He looked down to see green paws, and he rememberd all the strange colored cats. He glared at the old lady realizing she turned him into a green cat. He tried to say, "What'd you do to me?!" But all that came out was, "Growl, hiss!!"

The old lady laughed at him. Then the light purple cat in her hands attacked her, scratching and biting the old lady until she fell to the ground. The light purple cat turned to Zoro and said, "Run! Don't follow her directions! Go left, not right!"

Zoro looked at the light purple cat for a minute before he said, "Why are you helping me?"

"Just go, now! Before she catches you!", the light purple cat said.

But it was too late, the old lady grabbed him. Zoro tried to get free but he was no stronger than any other cat now. The light purple cat launched herself at the old lady again and Zoro was free. "Run! Now!", the light purple cat yelled.

Zoro took off running down the street and turned right.

"Left!! You idiot! Left!", yelled the light purple cat.

Zoro turned around and ran the other way. Soon he came to the town. He decided to take a shortcut and headed down an alley. "I can't believe that witch turned me into a cat!", thought Zoro. He heard growling from behind him and saw a huge dog.

"Get!", said Zoro with his back arched and tail puffed up. Well, he tried to say that, but all that came out was, "Hiss!"

That didn't bother the dog one bit and he started barking.

Zoro started to grab his sword to knock some sense into that dog, and remembered he was a cat. "Shoot, my swords are with that old hag! How am I going to beat a dog if I'm a cat?!", thought Zoro. The dog jumped at him and he turned and ran. "I can't believe I'm running from a fight!! Well, I can't be the greatest swordsman if I get eaten by a dog", thought Zoro as he ran. Zoro rushed through the crowd to get to the ship without getting stepped on - or getting caught by the dog. Going around a corner fast he ran right into something. Looking up he was horrified to see it was the huge dog. The huge dog growled, and Zoro took off running again. "Shoot! This dog is pretty smart!", thought Zoro. Running through the crowd again with the dog close behind he saw someone familiar. It was a tall skinny man wearing a black suit with a blue shirt. He had blond hair and hearts for eyes as he talked to some ladies. It was Sanji! Running toward Sanji he leaped into the air.

AN: "Obaa-san? My, aren't you rude!", spat the old lady.

Obaa-san means grandma for those who don't know.

I keep forgeting that not everyone knows the Japanese words I know. I still have a LOT to learn before I can speak Japanese. :P