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Chapter 4

The New Name

"Sanji-kun how long until dinner's ready?", Nami asked as she walked into the kitchen with the cat in her arms.

"In about 20 minutes, Nami-swan!!", said Sanji without turning from cooking.

"Don't forget to feed the cat, Sanji-kun", said Nami petting the purring cat.

"Hai! Nami-chwan!", said Sanji turning around from cooking to look at Nami. He saw the cat in her arms and asked, "How did you get him happy about being held?"

"He's not that bad, you just have to be gentle with him", said Nami. "Here I'll show you", she said as she set the cat on the table.

"Nami-chwan is so sweet to show me!", sang Sanji as he danced over to Nami's side waiting for directions.

"Idiot Love Cook!", thought Zoro with a snort.

"Okay, Sanji-kun. Pet him like this", said Nami as she began petting the cat, starting at his head and going all the way down his back to his tail.

Sanji started petting the cat like Nami had shown him.

"Okay, now scratch him behind his ears", said Nami.

Sanji did what he was told and the cat closed his eyes.

"Okay, Sanji-kun, scratch him under his chin", said Nami.

Sanji started scatching under the cat's chin and the cat started purring. "Wow, Nami-san, it worked!", said Sanji smiling.

"See, I told you he wasn't that bad", said Nami smiling, too.

"You're so good with cats, Nami-chwan!!", said Sanji with hearts for eyes.

"That will be 500 beri for teaching you how to make a cat purr, Sanji-kun", said Nami holding out her hand.

"Hai, Nami-chwan!", said Sanji as he stopped petting the cat and pulled out the beri for Nami.

"Wait! Why was I letting Sanji pet me?! I was even purring!!", thought Zoro after Sanji stopped petting him.

"Oh, Sanji-kun", Nami said as walked to the door to go back on deck. "Don't forget, cats need more than just food and water. They need love and attention, too."

"Hai, Nami-chwan!! I won't forget!", said Sanji as he watched Nami leave. He went back to finish dinner leaving the cat on the table.

"Oh, great! Thanks, witch!", Zoro thought as he watched Nami leave. "Now how do I get down?", he thought as he looked over the edge of the table. "There is no way I'm asking Curl-brow for help!" Zoro jumped down into one of the chairs and curled up to take a nap until dinner was ready.


Sanji finished dinner and called everyone in to eat.

"Nami-chwan, Robin-swan!! Dinner is ready, my angels! Oi, the rest of you idiots hurry up before Luffy eats your shares!", he called as he held Luffy back.

As the crew filed in, Sanji noticed one missing. "Oi, where's Marimo?", he asked.

"He's not back yet, Cook-san", said Robin as she sat down in her chair.

That Seaweed-head's probably lost", said Sanji as he let go of Luffy.

Franky sat down in his chair and heard an angry meow. He jumped up and said, "Sorry Neko-bro."

Zoro glared at Franky for sitting on him before jumping down. He headed to his chair so he could eat, too.

Zoro looked around to make sure no one was watching. He swished his tail back and forth while he aimed and jumped into the chair without falling this time. He raised up with his front paws on the table and was shocked to see he didn't have a plate. He looked over to Sanji and tried to say,"Oi, Cook! Where's my plate?", but all that came out was, "Meow!!"

Sanji heard the loud meow and turned his head to see the cat sitting in Zoro's chair demanding food. The rest of the crew looked at the cat seated at the table, too.

Nami and Robin said how cute he was, while the guys just laughed.

Sanji walked over to the cat, picked him up and said, "No cats at the table while we eat", and put the cat on the floor.

Zoro hissed at Sanji for taking him out of the chair he had just jumped into.

"Your food's over there", said Sanji pointing to the two bowls against the wall.

Zoro walked over to the bowls and sniffed them. His nose wrinkled up in disgust and he thought, "Uh! Cat food!". Zoro turned back around and meowed loudly to let Sanji know he wanted real food.

"You can eat that, or go hungry", said Sanji without turning from serving the ladies.

There was no way Zoro was going to eat that cat food-even if it meant going hungry. Zoro tried to think of a way to get food. He thought about begging, but Roronora Zoro does not beg!

Zoro sat down about five feet away from the table and watched Sanji. As soon as Sanji went all heart eyed serving the girls, Zoro took off running to the table. He jumped in the air and landed on the table. He headed for Usopp's plate thinking he would be the easiest one to steal food from.

The crew was defending their plates from Luffy, and Usopp was scared of the mean cat that was eating his food when Luffy grabbed the cat thinking he was food. Luffy stuffed the cat into his mouth, head first with its butt sticking out.

Zoro scratched and bit trying to keep from being eaten.


Nami had seen the cat jump on the table and attack Usopp for his food. She even stopped Sanji from going and getting the cat.

"Sanji-kun, leave him. It's funny", said Nami giggling.

"Hai! Nami-swan! If it makes you happy!", said Sanji doing that noodle dance thing only he can do.

When Nami saw Luffy mistake the cat for food and stuff the cat in his mouth, she got fangery.

"Luffy! Don't eat the cat!!", Nami yelled as she hit Luffy on the head hard enough that he spit the cat out.

As soon as Zoro was out of Luffy's mouth, he ran and hid under the couch. He didn't come out even when dinner was over and everyone left the room, or when Sanji had finished cleaning up.

Sanji knelt down by the couch and pulled out the cat. "Oi, Kaisou-neko, it's bed time", said Sanji as he tried to calm the still frazzled cat.

Sanji, carried the cat to the men's quarters. He put the cat on the foot of his bunk and laid down to go to sleep.

Zoro looked around trying to think of another place to sleep. He knew there was no way he could get to his bunk to sleep on it, so that was out. Just as he dicided to sleep on the couch, Sanji spoke.

"Kaisou-neko, you might want to stay close to me so Luffy dosen't try and eat you again", said Sanji with his eyes closed, almost asleep.

Zoro decided Sanji was right. It was too dangerous with Luffy in the room to wander off.

Zoro jumped when he heard Luffy talking in his sleep on the bunk right above him.

"Sanji. I'm hungry. Fix me meat", Luffy mumbled in his sleep.

After hearing Luffy right above him, Zoro decided it would be safer by Sanji's head. He walked up the bed and curled up on Sanji's pillow by his head and thought, "Great, now I have a new name!", and he fell asleep.

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"Oi, Kaisou-neko, it's bed time", said Sanji as he tried to calm the still frazzled cat.

Kaisou means seaweed and neko means cat, so it's Seaweed-cat.

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