Chapter 1

It has been seven months since that kiss with Sesshomaru in the garden. About five months ago my mother and I had our double wedding, I remember it so well. Sesshomaru standing there in his beautiful wedding garment, his handsome eyes ever more enchanting, the sun's rays shining upon his elegant silver hair like magic. Oh, how proud I was to be his beloved wife and mate.

Clearly the wedding was absolutely beautiful, despite my obsession of how my husband looked. My Mom recently found out that she's pregnant. We all are so happy for her and Andrew. Sango and Miroku are still at the castle. (Sango and I love annoying Sesshomaru and Miroku together.) I asked Kaede to move here to the castle, because I wanted her to deliver my twins.

Sesshomaru and I have already decided on what the twins' names will be. The boy will be Maru Toga Taisho and the girl will be Matsurika Jen Taisho. Their middle names are from Sesshomaru's parents, which I think is very cute, and suitable for both my son and my daughter.

Rin and Shippo both have learned how to wield swords and a bow and arrows. I had two swords made by Totosai for them, asking for both of them to have manageable demonic powers encased within the blades. He scarcely obeyed, after Sesshomaru threatened to rip his head off and hang it upon a spear if he did not do as I asked, I almost laughed when the demon's eyes bulged in fear and surprise at my mate's words.

Thankfully, Inuyasha and Kikyo only bothered us a couple of times, which I didn't mind. The peace remaining was a good sign, in my opinion.

Kouga and Ayame have come to see us a couple of times for a visit, their stays were a lot more open, warm, and humorous, especially whenever Kouga would perv. at a passing maid, Ayame's temper made Sango's seem tame in comparison.

Other than that, I am very close to my due date. I'm not up on my feet as much, this because of my belly. It is as swollen as a whale! I remember when once I had cried, early in the morning, it took Sesshomaru three hours to calm my emotional depression about my round appearance. Sesshomaru, thankfully, does not want me walking around much, since I am in a delicate state, I am very lucky I have such a loving husband.

Today he is working in his study, Rin and Shippo are in their lessons, so it meant that I would be all by myself...

'I wonder if it would hurt, if I got up and walked out onto the balcony.'

'Don't do it.'

'But I am bored out of my mind!'

'Okay be overly-brave and hurt yourself.'


Man! After living with Sesshomaru for so long, I was starting to talk and think like him!

Swinging my legs over the side of the bed I carefully got up, trying to remain steady on my feet. Turning, I faced the illuminated doorway. I breathed in deeply, inhaling the floral scent that drifted into the room. Walking out onto the balcony, I started to feel a little back pain but thought nothing of it.

When I made it to a warm, wooden bench, I sat down, my legs sighed in relief from the release of extra weight. I looked out, over the balcony, my eyes drifted across the palace's gardens, the gentle wind blowing was soothing and seemed to signal how beautiful this summer afternoon was.

I had already eaten lunch, which was really good thing. Because if I ate anything at the moment, I don't think it would remain in my stomach….. let alone my mouth. The pain in my back didn't get any better, in fact, sitting down made it worse.

I heard the door to my room open, and I soon saw Sango standing beside me her eyebrow arched in curiosity.

"What are you doing up Kagome?" she asked, a small lopsided grin appeared on my face.

"I just wanted to get out of that bed." I replied, suddenly feeling the pain in my back increase.

"Really?" She said, faking skepticism.

I curled up into a ball as the pain in my back became excruciating.

"Are you okay Kags?" she asked in concern, I laughed bitterly.

"No Sango, I don't think I am. You see... my back is currently on fire." I stated in irritation, I wasn't angry at Sango; it's just that I found out that the words spilling from my mouth could not remain positive.

"Oh. Are you sure it's just back pain?" she asked, her concern growing.

"I don't know Sango." I finally answered, the pain came in prickles streams along the lower part of my back.

"Well we better get you checked out." my best friend stated, her arm reaching around my waist, and she helped me to stand up.

"Okay." I replied quickly, a fierce gasp leaving my mouth.

Sango and I walked away from the balcony and out of my room, now heading towards Kaede's room in North wing.

We eventually got there, and a little while later, Sango knocking on the door as I leaned against the wall.

A faint cry of 'come in,' was heard and we entered.

Kaede looked upwards, concern coated her face at the sight of me.

"Lady Kagome what are you doing?"

"Sango brought me here…. Because…. I am having….. bad back cramps," I replied, panting from the pain which was still, slowly growing.

"Well why don't you lie down on my bed and I will check, and see if I can find out what's wrong"

"Sure," I managed to mutter before lying down.

The elder miko, whom was my friend, came over and started to check my back.

When she finished I saw her whisper something in Sango's ear and then Sango ran out of the room. I started to get a little scared.

"Kaede what's wrong?"

"Lady Kagome, you are not having back pains." she stated, "You are in Labor."

Once I registered what she said, my eyes widened in shock.

"WHAT!" I screamed, before clutching my side, in an attempt to ease the pain.

"Yes, my Lady. I just sent Sango to get Lord Sesshomaru so that we can take you to the delivery room and get you ready for the birth of your twins."

I lay there, awaiting my mate's appearance, unable to believe that I had been in labor this whole time without even knowing it.

Soon Sesshomaru came running into the room, his body now standing beside me.

"I cannot believe this is really happening, my love." he whispered to me, and I agreed.

"Me either, Sesshou."

Then Kaede interrupted us,

"Lord Sesshomaru?"

He looked at her,

"Yes Kaede?"

"Please pick up Lady Kagome and carry her to the delivery room, for me."

"Of course"

He gently picked me up bridal-style, and walked out of the room, into the Eastern hall, heading towards the infirmary, Sango and Miroku following after us.

Once there Sesshomaru laid me down on the birthing bed. Kaede called for her assistant, Hope.

Between Kaede, Hope and Sango I was soon ready. Kaede turned to Sesshomaru and Miroku and said

"Could you two please step out?"

"Sure Kaede," responded Miroku politely, right before he led my agitated husband outside.

Their steps were muffled as I grunted, the pain in my back demanded attention.

Once the two of them left, I went into the process of delivering our twins; this was going to be a long night...

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